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If lightning rods are to conduct the charge of electricity to the ground to prevent damage to say a barn. Then would the animals around the barn be in danger of conducting the electricity into there bodies from the ground?I know if animals are standing under a tree and lightning hits the tree, lightning can and will kill them.
move your bed to the other side of the room so that you aren't sleeping on the same wall as she is. then start using a little discipline and get up when your alarm rings the first time. or you could set your phone alarm but leave the phone in the kitchen. use the regular ring like you would if someone were calling. people are totally conditioned to wake up to their phone ringing so you're not going to sleep through that. geez, it's a good thing you're not getting laid, she'd really be complaining.
I have these ingredients:-Coconut Oil-Palm Oil-Olive Oil-Castor Oil-Wheat Germ Oil-Lye-Solid Fats-Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary Essential Oils-Dried Rosemary LavenderI just don't want to use the lye with the kids. Is there an alternative, do I have to use it? It is toxic, and I can't use that with the little onesany ideas?
Each manufacturer rates their extinguisher for optimal operating conditions which include high and low temperatures for proper operation of the extinguisher. Check with your manufacturer or their website to find these tamperatures. If you need to store the extinguisher in different temperature conditions there should be recommended devices for those environments.
Where do u get money a lot of money on runescape?
This could be a pain when parent knows Information technology. Type services on the Start Menu (if youre on Windows 7) and on the list of computer services, find anything that says remote access or remote desktop and disable those services by right clicking them, choose Properties and changing their startup type to disabled. I'm not sure but in theory, this should stop the services that allow your computer to communicate with your dad's computer. Also try the method suggested by the first guy on disabling another service. Everytime you surf the net, use private browsing by using CRTL+Shift+P on Internet Explorer or by CTRL+Shift+N on Chrome. This should rid off your browsing tracks and searches everytime you log off. Also install CCleaner and on its list of stuff to clean, make sure that you have the checkboxes related to your browsers checked so that they will be cleaned after you run CCleaner. This should wipe out your browsing history and other history of activities you did on your computer like clear the Recycle Bin so that he won't trace what you've been searching or doing on that computer.
hi, i would like to hear your opinions, what would be some safety in school require the dress code? and how dress code help reduce discipline problems at school?thanks for your answers.
When you feel yourself getting real sleepy try standing up for a little while. If that doesn't work sometimes I will go to the bathroom and while doing my business I will keep my eyes closed and just rest for a second. By the time I wash my hands and walk back I can usually make it another few hours. Also it will make you sound crazy but talk or read something out loud. Stand up and dance a little. I know it makes you look crazy but at least you are still doing your job. Good Luck!
i have a fire alarm in my house, but im curious if this will work, the alarm is downstairs..if i had a say coca cola bottle and held the cigarette inside the bottle, letting the ash fall and holding the cigarette there till its finished and i just casually smoke it without bringing it outta the bottle, will the alarm go off? i mean all the smoke will be inside and not coming out the top? just curious, it would help not having to go outside at 1am lol
When was the last time you inspected the suspension components or changed the A Frame bushings? You need to service the front suspension. Those parts are made of hard rubber and they don't last forever. They get especially brittle in the cold weather.
My dorm has smoke detectors in every room, hallway, etc. There's one in the laundry room too, but there's also something else on the celing and i'm not sure what it is. It's like disc shaped and in the middle it sticks out a little and it covered by a white cap. You can also see a blinking red light under the cap. Any idea what this is
Because church steeples are often the tallest structures in an area, and therefore the most likely to get struck by lightning. So, they ground the steeple with a lightning rod so that when it is struck, it won't catch fire.
doing a risk assessment for a chemical and boilogical testing laboratory, what are the possible hazards for HS?
There's rational fear and irrational fear. But when either is affecting basic things like your ability to sleep, it may be time to see your doctor or a mental health professional. Your doctor may prescribe sleeping pills to help you with that problem immediately. But for the deeper issues, it helps to talk about it with a professional counselor. Good luck.
and its leaking power steering fluid from the front, but i want to know what that loud metal noise is when i go over the speed bumbs, i have a feeling its the ball joints
Does she have any trail experience? it may be that she just isnt ust to trail rideing. Or just becuase it ws her first time on that trail. Next time you should bring some one with you 1. its safer to have some one with you when trail rideing and 2. if there horse is nice and calm most likly your horse will do the same.