Under Liquid Sewage Pump

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The second-generation YW(P) series under-liquid sewage pump is a new and patented product latest developed by this Co.specially for transporting various sewages under harsh working
conditions and made by way of, on the basis of the existing first-generation product, absorbing the advanced know-how both at home and abroad and using WQ series submersible sewage pumps hydraulic model of  the most excellent performance at present.
      YW series under-liquid sewage pump not only has  the all su-perior performances of the WQ series submersible sewage pump but also greatly opens out the applocable working conditions and fields of use of the latter due to its unique form of installation.


      Suitable for steel works,  power plant,  coal works, mine, ho-spital, municipal works, chemical industry,  medicine, building, hotel, sea-wat er suction and drainage etc. trades  to transport the  
industrial sewage with grains and fibres,  the citys lovong sew-age or rain water and pure water, and also for some flow processes of chemical  industry.


        The second-generation YW(P) series under -Luquid  sewage pump is designed by taking durability, easy use, stability,reliability and free of main tenance as the target an d has the
following merits:

1 High Efficiency Non-block up
        The uniquely designed single, doubl e-ge at imp eller, opening model, double leaf model impeller is high effectiv e without block-up, the pump casing etc. flow- through parts optimizedly designed for completing with the impeller can be selected with their materials and models upon the t ransported media and can be made sure of the exce llent hydraulic performance and working life in the transporta tion of the media containing suspended grains and long fibres,corrosive and abrasive.
        The geat is wide and sm ooth and is suitable to tr ansport the solid grain of a diameter abo ut 50% of the pump aperture.Double mechanical seals in series are used as the mechanical  
seal to provide a double protection and the frictional  secondary one is a spiral seal made of anti-corrosive sinteredtungsten carbide or silicon carbide and of  a special structure and can thus  be
ensured to continuously run without leakage.  
2 Stable,durable without  vibration
      The pump is vertically  structured, the  drive unit(motor stand, clutch, drive shaft,  connecting stand, bearing)is modular  designed and can be superposed at  will along with the variation of  the under-water depth. Both pump casing and impeller can be placed under liquid by 0.5-10m and the motor above the liquid surface, then, via connection with the drive unit, direct ly drives the nonblock impeller to stably run without  vibration.
       At the pumps inlet  a suck-in barrel  is set, its  exquisite  design makes the sucked liq uids level as deep as possib e, without block-up and with a good anti-twine sewage-removal property.  
      The integral structure of  the pump is designed comp act, st-able, durable and easily mountable.
      The pump can be used with common Y series  motor and,  if fitted with Y,Y2 series outdoor-type motor,  it can be avoided to build a pump house, reducing the investment for consturction,  
and the motor  can be mounted on the ground,  leaving a convenient operation, overhaul  and maintenance.seal ring is used as  the static seal,  it settles the problem of leakage and greatly enhances the pumps life.
     The motor is not placed under water and the cable as  well. Able to transport  and suck the sewage of a temperat ure 80 C and below, ultimately satisfying the applocable occasion or  
the requirements of  use of dirty and oil resistance,  wearability and with a higher temperature.

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Q:Water Pump Doesn't Hold Presssure?
Tommy is correct in saying that a proper air bubble in the top of the water storage tank is needed to provide a slowly declining pressure on the system as water is withdrawn. But if no water is being withdrawn inside the house then a check valve preventing a backflow through the pump discharge and allowing loss of water in the pipelines to the individual wells is leaking. It needs to be replaced.
Q:Is something wrong with my water pump?
Sounds like a leaky gasket on pump...A suggestion : Remove lower raditor hose let old coolant drain..Maybe replace thermostat.. Refill with fresh Prestone...Check water pump bolts for tightness . Replace any hoses etc... if needed
Q:how to fix my water pump to my e34 525i its overheating no leaks?
dude its yur thermostat u need to replace it or it can even be yur coolant cap it can be on crooked or not on all the way look into both but ive had cars overheat on me for both reasons and ive had caars blow up on me due to both reasons so look into both
Q:Does the water pump effect the car AC?
It okorder.com Email me through my profile page if you have any more questions. OK, do it yourself instructions... you will need: -at least 2 (12 oz) cans of R-134a refrigerant -hose with piercing stem that attaches to R-134a can and to your low-side service port (never connect to your hi-side service port) -1 can of Super Seal (comes with basic hose...not with psi gauge) -gloves, long sleeves, pants, (you want to keep covered just in case) Directions: 1. Locate low side service port. 2. Turn on vehicle and set a/c to max cool. 3. Attach hose to can of Super Seal..
Q:What kind of water pump does the 5.5KW motor have?
With the motor pump are pump according to the actual need of work with you in the head, under the same water doubled, the motor is certainly not enough, you should this motor pump change together in order to meet the requirements of.
Q:Rover 75: When replacing head gasket should you replace the wet liners and water pump?
It seems excessive to have to remove the engine to replace a head gasket. But I typically work on American cars, and I've seen the inside of an Altima, it is quite cramped. If I were you, I'd search google for replace head gasket procedure nissan altima and see what it comes back with.
Q:where is the water pump located on a 2001 camaro?
Water pump will be at the front center of the engine usually about 2 behind the fan belt Please be very careful never to allow the vehicle to run low on coolant or serious and expensive engine damage will occur. If in doubt don't drive it until its fixed Take a flashlight and take a good look over the whole engine compartment giving close attention to all the hoses connecting the engine to the radiator its best to find the exact location of the leak and get it fixed.Coolant leaks usually leave a discolored stain so this may help in finding it. Also take a look at the carpet on both front floorpans of the vehicle its possible that the cars heater may have failed and this will leak coolant all over either 1 or both floor pans which can then leak out on to the ground below via a drain hole.
Q:what are the symtoms of a bad water pump?
Agree with motorhead. You (question asker) replaced the pump, did you see anything that could break? Only issue with GM water pumps is normally if the cooling system is abused and fluid never changed, which can lead to the impellers rotting away. If the water pump fails fails (not just a leaking seal, the normal failure mode) the engine will overheat. The waterpump is the only thing that moves coolant, if the coolant can't move, the engine will fail from overheating. Take the belt off and see what happens for yourself. Did you purge the cooling system if needed? Did you use a genuine AC Delco thermostat instead of whatever the parts store handed you (probably Stant)?
Q:Mercruiser 3L 4cylinder (water pump problem)?
I would be a little hesitant on using an automotive water pump on a boat. The may seem similar however there are several key differences in the way they are made. excerpt from the below URL: In regard to the cooling systems, one of the major differences is found in the water-circulating pump. This is especially noticeable when you have a raw water cooled engine. Unlike their automotive counterpart, a marine pump works in an open cooling system. This type of system is extremely corrosive to the pump. Therefore, the pump must be altered for longevity. A marine pump has a special ceramic seal, stainless steel backing plate, and a bronze impeller to resist corrosion. An automotive style pump, with its stamped steel impeller, would fail due to corrosion in a short time. I have done this before, I boat in fresh water and my boat was raw water cooled, the pump was leaking after 2 seasons, wasn't worth the savings. The extra hole may have been for an optional closed loop cooling system on the boat or like was stated a heater or bypass line in a car.
Q:How much to replace a water pump on 2006 Mitsubishi Raider?
Have you asked the dealer to send you the part at least? Call Mitsubishi and ask it that would be possible, you never know. You could send in the old pump and possibly get compensation. Keep your bills. Discuss it with them. Your dealer should provide you with the area Mitsubishi representatives contact information. The prices for those can be expensive. Ask the dealer, service dept, for the labour, how many hrs. to change the pump. They should tell you. Also for the cost of the pump. Add the two together and you have your ans. Join CAA, or AAA, get a gold card, wait two days for the card's towing to take effect, then have it towed in on the card. Done all the time. Or if you have a relative with a Gold card they can have it towed in as long as they are with the car with their card when the tow truck comes.

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