Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees High Pressure

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Product Description:

Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees

Features standards and products of our butt welding fittings:

Features of Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees:

1.       High class materials

Our products only use high class raw materials of carbon/alloy steel pipes made from NKK or MANNESSMANN equipment for ordinary, high pressure, low/high temperature,boiler and other purposes.

2.       Uniform wall thickness and perfectly round

This can be achieved by our particular technical knowhow and our quality control program.

3.       Accurate dimension

Efficient piping work can be made only with fittings of correct dimensions and shapes. Our fittings are finished to have accurate straight/ plane ends, beveled angle...etc. to applicable standards by means of two or three spindle beveling machines.

Standards of Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees:

Our welding fittings are manufactured in compliance with the following appliance standards:

ASME B16.9   ASTM A234   MSS-SP43   WPHY60   JIS B2311   DIN2605

                      ASTM A403   MSS-SP75   WPHY65   JIS B2312   DIN2606

                      ASTM A420   WPHY42    WPHY70   JIS B2313   DIN2616

                      ASTM A860   WPHY52                                       DIN2615

Manufacturing method and process of Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees:

Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees High Pressure



Reducing Outlet Tees:

Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees High Pressure

Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees High Pressure

Packing of Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees:

Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees High Pressure

FAQ of Butt-Welding Reducing Outlet Tees:

1) Q: What’s your main product? Which kinds of products are more competitive in your product range?

     A: Our main products are steel flanges, pipe fittings and steel pipes.

     Competitive Items: flanges in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel  and punching carbon steel

     Butt welded pipe fittings in stainless and carbon steel

2) Q: what’s your largest size of flange and fitting? How long is the  production cycle?
      A: The largest flange we could produce is 80’’ and the largest fitting is 50’’.

      In general, we spend 20-25 days in a 20-ton order. If necessary, we  could make it shorter.

3) Q: Could you produce according to the drawings?

     A: Sure. We could produce according to the provided drawings, which  include forged and casted items.

4) Q: What kind of certificates do you have?

     A: We have ISO, TUV, API,SGS,BV etc. fittings in stainless and carbon stee

     Malleable Iron ,Stainless and carbon steel pipes

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No, because the wall thickness of schedule 80 is larger than schedule 40, so the two cannot connect together.
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Q:Is the joint of ground heating pipe and aluminium plastic pipe general?
Pb can only serve as the system supervisor, the pipe joint is hot melt joint, and the aluminum plastic pipe can only be the system supervisor. That is, the joint of PEX and aluminum pipe is universal. If your site pipe is PEX, the tube is generic and cannot be generic if it is PERT.
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Just clean the copper pipe ends with wire wool, flux all joints place all fittings together and strike up your blow flame, play the flame over one joint at a time until you see silver solder bubbling out of the joint, don't worry about the elbow bends you can sweat both joints together at the same time as the heat will travel through the copper pipe equally. Make sure the solder has caught all round the pipe in a continuous loop, when you see this you will know the joint is made, so play the flame away for that area. Don't overheat the soldering process or too much solder will run out.
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This usually occurs when the water chemistry is on the acidic side (low pH). It eats out the softer areas of the steel pipe and eventually makes a pinhole leak that will grow bigger in time. The hole is actually larger inside the pipe than the outside. kind of like a volcano shape. If it is one or two holes they can be patched by covering the hole with a piece of rubbery material held in place with a hose clamp. When the holes get to be too many or too large, then it is time to replace the pipe. This is odd that it is doing it to galvanized pipe. Either the pipe was poor quality to begin with or your water is really bad. If the situation is caused by bad water chemistry, then it will occur again if you use copper pipes as a replacement. The best way to go is to either use PVC if allowed by code in your area, or get out the check book and get 316 stainless steel pipes and fittings.
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