PVC Coated Wire

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China (Mainland)
10000 square meter
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Welded Mesh
Fence Mesh
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Galvanized Iron Wire
Wire Gauge:
Hebei Herun hot sell PVC coated welded wire mesh
Up to customer's requirement
hot-dipped electroplate galvanizing, plastic-coated
garden,road,gym fence,egg basket,filter

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Moisture-proof brown paper or PVC film or at your request.
Delivery Detail:7-15days afert receiving the deposit


Hole shape:square
Material:galvanized iron wire
many sizes

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Q:wiring for a chevy small block starter?
Your looking for a drive ,but if you would like to look for a starter try Competition Sales online.They deal with mostly Chevy performance parts. Good luck
Q:Need help from ceiling fan/wiring expert??
The solid black wire on the fan is power to the fan motor. The black wire with the white stripe is power to the fan light. I assume that your fan has two pull chains. One turns the light on and off, the other turns fan motor on, and repeated pulls selects speed. You have three choices; 1.You can connect the black wire from the ceiling, the black wire from the fan and the black/white wire from the fan all together using an electrical wire nut. Now when you turn on the wall switch, both the light and fan have power and you can control them by pulling the chains. When you turn off the wall switch, you will not have light or fan. 2. You can wire as in 1 above and also connect the two wires which currently go to the wall switch. This will supply power continuously to the fan/light. You will operate the fan/lite entirely by the pull chains on the fan. The wall switch will now be inoperative. 3. You can buy a remote control fan unit at Lowes or Home Depot for around $30. This unit consists of two pieces, one goes into the fan, the other replaces your current wall switch. The wall mounted unit has buttons to turn on the fan light as well as to select the fan speed. It works by radio control similar to a garage door opener. This unit will not work with a hugger type fan mount.
Q:Is the neutral wire of the mains electricity dangerous to touch?
The electricity supply mains has three wires. They are called Live, Neutral and Earth The Live wire is connected directly to the generators of the electricity supply company. NEVER touch this wire, it carries 230 Volts and can kill you!! The Neutral wire returns the electricity to the generator after it has passed through the appliance, to complete the circuit. The Neutral wire is at approximately zero volts but you must NEVER touch this wire either!! If the wiring is faulty it may be carrying the same electricity as the Live wire. The Earth wire usually carries no electricity, it is there as a safety device. If something in the appliance goes wrong, or it is wired incorrectly, then the Earth wire may be carrying the same electricity as the Live wire. To be completely safe, NEVER touch this wire either!!
Q:can i use elmer glue to hook up wires?
Nope - Elmer's glue won't conduct electricity. You can simply twist them together and wrap some electrical or plastic tape around them. You won't get a good connection, but it's usable. The easiest way is to buy some twist-on wire nuts to connect the wires.
Q:guitar wiring help..PLZ!?
The bare wire is usually ground. Solder that to the ground wire that you should have wired to the bridge, and also to the sleeve connection on the output jack. The insulated wire carries the signal. Depending on the configuration you are running, whether it be a single pickup, two pickups, and global controls or dedicated controls, this can go in different places. Let's say, hypothetically, that you are using a single pickup. Then, the signal wire would go straight to the Volume pot. The tone pot would be an offshoot of the volume, which tapers the high end. There are multiple ways to wire a tone pot, should you install one, and the wiper of the volume pot goes to the tip connection of the output jack. For more information, look at some pickup wiring guides. Seymour Duncan has a lot of good ones, if you go on their site and search.
Q:Wrong plug wires? Whats the difference between brands?
cheap wires for cheap cars. keep them clean and away from metal and heat as best you can and they'll do the job
Q:connect amp wire to car battery?
Amp Wire
Q:Factors that affect wire?
1) How does the type of wire affect resistance? - This property is called resistivity changes from material to material very low for metals 2) How does the length of wire affect resistance? - If material and other dimensions are same it increases in the same ratio as the length.[If l doubles resistance doubles] 3) How does the diameter of the wire affect resistance?- If material and other dimensions are same itdecreases in the same ratio as the square of the diameter.[If diameter doubles resistance becomes one fourth] 4) For metals, the resistivity increases linearly with temperature. 4) How does temperature affect resistance?
Q:in a household wiring there are two wires neutral and live.the electricity comes in live wire then?
Any electrical circuit must have at least 2 wires for household service. These can be a hot leg and a neutral, or they can be two hot leads. This is typical for a split-phase 240/120 volt service. The neutral wire is the center tap of the transformer winding supplying the split-phase service. The neutral connection point at the transformer is the center tap of the transformer winding. The household system will carry as much of the total load in the 240 volt wires as possible, limited by the actual configuration of the wiring. And the only current carried in the neutral from your circuit breaker panel to the transformer is the unbalanced portion of the total load. The neutral wire in individual circuits from the circuit breaker panel always carries the same current as does the hot leg wire. The neutral is needed for single circuit runs from the circuit breaker panel to the loads. If you have a perfectly balanced load on both hot legs, you would not need a neutral from the circuit breaker panel to the transformer winding. But perfectly balanced conditions are seldom seen in the average home.
Q:What kind of wire do I need to make wire wrapped jewelry?
okorder.com are some of the sites I use.

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