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Product Description:

300kw Volvo power generator:

We can customize diesel generator set as your special demand.

Detailed introduction to Volvo Diesel generator set TAD1241GE(300kw):


The specifications of the diesel generator set: 

1.Diesel Engines: VOLVO

Arrangement-cylinder: Vertical

Type of Governor: Electronically

Model of Governor: PT fuel pump

Starting: By electricity

The rated speed:1500/1800rmp,

four strokes, inline. water-cooled system,

Max. output:300kw ( 375kva)

2.Alternator: Kaijieli/Marathon/Stamford

Type: brushless

Bearing: single/ double bearing.

Damping windings: full damping

Safety Guard Grade: IP22

Insulation grade: H

Short-circuit protection: Air switch

telephone interference: THF<20‰, TIF<50

3.The generator set:

a.basic specifications:


    three phase, four wires


   base fuel tank for 8 hours

c.Use:can be used for the open type and the soundproof type, automatic type 

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Q:Gas stations during Sandy STorm. Why not use gas powered water pump to pump gas out of refil station tanks?
Yea. Drill by using the grate? Drilling through technique of metallic creates sparks and sparks makes gas fumes bypass strengthen. Plus the position are the metallic filing going as you drill? acceptable in to the tank with the gas. In needed Park that they had 2 turbines gigantic sufficient to capacity four hundred houses each and each and every for use for the lengthy island Marathon. Why now no longer hook considered one in each and every of them as a lot as a pair gas stations each and every. In places you've gotten some stations close together do no longer you?
Q:Could a steam locomotive need less maintance if it used a heater instead of a fire?
There are over one hundred lines interior the united kingdom that use steam locomotives. a clean steam locomotive 'twister' is being outfitted on the 2d interior the united kingdom. Steam locos might nicely be cutting-edge in Poland and on vacationer railways in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany.
Q:Industrial generators, how do they work?
You are asking about backup generators? They have a gasoline or diesel engine driving the generator.
Q:Under what conditions would an industrial Turbo generator need to trip. ?
I'm assuming by trip you mean shut down/off Plenty of reasons: 1) overheat, most common cause, could be lost water pump or water supply or cooling lines plugged 2) electrical, although diesel does not use sparkplugs there are electrical components. There are glow plugs that get the whole process started when cold, there is a starter motor that gets it all going and there is some method to keep the fuel warm enough to flow correctly 3) Starve for fuel, either fuel ran out, to low temp so its sludge 4) Loss of oil pressure that is used for lubrication 5) Ouput limits, there will be an overcurrent/overvoltage system regulating the output of he generator and if it gets really out of wack then it will kill the whole thing to prevent damage to everything That's all I can think of right now
Q:basic diesel generator question?
Phase is 3Φ 4W, which means three phase, four wires. Three wires for each of the phases and one wire for the neutral. There are two ways to connect 3 phase generators, ywe which looks like the letter Y (3 or 4 wires) or delta which looks like a triangle (3 wires). Voltage is 380/220V, which means a wye-connected generator with two voltages available. For heavy loads like heating and motors, a line voltage of 380V, measured across two of the phases, is available. For light loads like lights and outlets, a phase voltage of 220V, measured across a phase to neutral, is available. The use of 380V means smaller conductors can be used. When the generator spins at 1500rpm (revolutions per minute), the output frequency is 50Hz. N 120 f / P P 120 f / N 120 * 50 Hz / 1500 4. The generator has 4 poles per phase. Since it is an even number, the generator is a synchronous generator. Prime is the Apparent Power S in kVA that the generator set is capable of providing for an unlimited number of hours per year. In this case 600kVA. But as a Standby Generator (Emergency) operated less than 500 hours/year, the apparent power S is 660kVA. Current is 1003A. This is the rated current that can be supplied to the building at 380/220V. S √(3) V_LINE I_LINE I_LINE S / (√(3) V_LINE) 660kVA / ( √(3) * 380V) 1003A Power factor 0.8 lagging, which means at worst case the loads attached to it can have a power factor greater than 0.8. Power factor P / S. P S * pf 660kVA * 0.8 528kW The Real Power P or W loads the generator can supply are 528kW. So it can supply 5280 100W light bulbs, for example. If power factor is 1, 660kW could be supplied. There should be an electrical switchboard close to the generator, which will have labels showing how power is fed throughout the building. Everything else is specific to the device (Model, Serial, etc). Probably too much information for you, but when you are trying to understand something too much is better than too little.
Q:question on solar energy?
Lowers our needs for using fossil fuels
Q:is it a bad idea to store Diesel fuel in a can that formerly held gasoline?
Gasoline cans are Red, if you store Diesel they should be Yellow and labeled #2 Diesel. And as long as they are empty of gasoline they will be fine. Uncle Mike
Q:charging a marine battery with a car battery through a power inverter?
Just run heavy gage wire from one battery to the other, pos to pos neg to neg, no big deal, however your alternator ain't gonna like working that hard and will go see Allah in a very short period of time, so a high output alt will be needed sooner rather than later, and with the price of gas and seeing the shape some of those ice cream trucks are in, I see a lot of melted ice cream in your future. maybe a small generator would be more cost effective. almost forgot. if the wattage output of your inverter is not enough to power a freezer,which take quite a bit, you'll smoke the motor out of your freezer in a matter of days if not hours. yea lots of melted ice cream
Q:What would be the purpose of building a Hybrid-Diesel car for?
it can be ran on bio diesel and with electric thats one hell of a clean running car
Q:How to start Coleman Generator.?
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