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Product Description:

300kw Volvo power generator:

We can customize diesel generator set as your special demand.

Detailed introduction to Volvo Diesel generator set TAD1241GE(300kw):


The specifications of the diesel generator set: 

1.Diesel Engines: VOLVO

Arrangement-cylinder: Vertical

Type of Governor: Electronically

Model of Governor: PT fuel pump

Starting: By electricity

The rated speed:1500/1800rmp,

four strokes, inline. water-cooled system,

Max. output:300kw ( 375kva)

2.Alternator: Kaijieli/Marathon/Stamford

Type: brushless

Bearing: single/ double bearing.

Damping windings: full damping

Safety Guard Grade: IP22

Insulation grade: H

Short-circuit protection: Air switch

telephone interference: THF<20‰, TIF<50< p="">

3.The generator set:

a.basic specifications:


    three phase, four wires


   base fuel tank for 8 hours

c.Use:can be used for the open type and the soundproof type, automatic type 

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Q:Why do my lights flicker with my portable generator?
The generator would seem to be working above its recommended constant or optimum load. It could be too small for the demands it could be of lower quality it could be a defect it could be a dirty carburetor or injection system it could be dirty fuel or or ice in the fuel lines. All the things that can make your car run badly can also happen to generators. Most people install them and forget about them till an emergency without good preventative maintenance sometimes they fail when you need them most.
Q:An electrical generator without an engine?
There was much more success searching with terms like belt driven generator, generator head, or two bearing generator, than with just generator. A practical problem: An AC generator's output frequency is dependent on the shaft speed, so you'll need a governor to keep the speed constant, even as the applied load changes. The packaged engine-generator sets include a governor set-up, does the engine you have include a governor? Many of these generator heads run at 3600rpm, is your diesel going to be happy running for long periods of time at that speed? You could change the shaft speed with a pulley ratio if you use belts, but in any event, the shaft speed must be kept constant at the manufacturers specification to keep the output line frequency and voltage at the desired spec. You will also need a Generator Transfer Switch to transfer household loads from the utility to the generator, if you decide to go that far. In the third reference provided below, notice that some of the pictures show only a lay-out. Some sort of very sturdy mounting plate would be needed for those configurations. If the engine was started with the generator head just laying there, parts would be flying all over the place in short order. Obviously shaft and belt alignments would be critical.
Q:Can you burn Home heating oil in a diesel engine if in a pinch?
diesel as far as i know is basically the same as home heating oil. diesel is a bit more refined. my uncle has been driving trucks for about 20 years now and when he was still an owner/opp. he would run home heating oil when diesel prices got high. so It will be just fine
Q:Did The Tsunami Wash Over The Nuclear Reactors in Japan?
The Tsunami washed INTO the Reactors. -Short circuiting the Power supply much of the Instrumentation that runs Them. And THAT's Why the Japanese are struggling with Them NOW -It's almost as if You dropped your iPod into Sea Water- and really Messed it up !! Well, Salt Water Nuclear Reactors don't mix very well- either !! :(
Q:How to silence a very loud Diesel Generator ?
You need to provide a space with good air flow for cooling with baffles on the air path so that sound following the air path is absorbed. The walls need to be built with absorbing material between the inner and outer surfaces to reduce transmission that way. You need a good muffler on the exhaust. Unfortunately, all this adds volume to the generator. A properly sound insulated generator with air space maintained is likely to take up 3-4 times the volume of the generator itself just standing there - baffled ducts themselves take up twice the space of the inside volume or more. As others have said - inside is a bad idea.
Q:Fuel Oil Generator w/ diesel backup 150~250 Kw?
I dont get it are you buying selling or just telling us they exist.
Q:How does a generator work in a geothermal power plant? ?
Electrical power plants powered by geothermal energy are common in areas of high crustal heat flow, such as in Iceland, New Zealand, and the western US, including Beowawe, Nevada, and The Geysers, California. The basic principle is to drill a hole deep enough to tap into a water reservoir which is hotter than 100°C, ie, higher than the boiling point. The water is hotter than the boiling point due to the confining pressure, and the water is piped into a turbine where it is allowed to flash (boil) to drive the turbne. The steam is collected, condensed, and re-injected into the reservoir to keep the cycle going. The turbine spins a generator, which converts mechanical energy from the spinning turbine into electrical energy through electromagnetic conduction as the desired output. It doesn't matter that the generator is connected to a geothermal steam turbine, a water wheel, a jet engine, a diesel engine, or a hamster wheel. A generator does not actually ‘create’ electrical energy. Instead, it uses the mechanical energy from the spinning turbine to force the movement of electric charges present in the wire of its windings through an external electric circuit. This flow of electric charges constitutes the output electric current supplied by the generator. This mechanism can be compared to a water pump, which causes the flow of water but does not actually ‘create’ the water flowing through it. A generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831-32. He discovered that the flow of electric charges could be induced by moving an electrical conductor, such as a wire that contains electric charges, in a magnetic field. This movement creates a voltage difference between the two ends of the wire or electrical conductor, which in turn causes the electrons to flow, thus generating the desired electric current. Hope that helps!
Q:Hi I am building a generator I need to fit avr can you help with advice and componants. 4 cyl diesel 8 kw Alt.?
The alt is what RPM you will set the engine atMost 120-240 volt are 50 HRX and run at 1800or 3600 so if it's the 3600 back end your using the wrong engineUnless you use a pulley and belt to get the correct RPMMY 8K Diesel marine ONAN direct drive 3cyc runs at 1800 Rpm If your over loading the genset than no engine will workwhat is the load your pulling as 8K is 80 amps Max single 240V or 40 amp double 120V
Q:what are good topics to talk about concerning bottled water and tap water?
just okorder
Q:Tolong bantu ya ?
Yes mate, top notch genset that one.

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