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Product Description:

300kw Volvo power generator:

We can customize diesel generator set as your special demand.

Detailed introduction to Volvo Diesel generator set TAD1241GE(300kw):


The specifications of the diesel generator set: 

1.Diesel Engines: VOLVO

Arrangement-cylinder: Vertical

Type of Governor: Electronically

Model of Governor: PT fuel pump

Starting: By electricity

The rated speed:1500/1800rmp,

four strokes, inline. water-cooled system,

Max. output:300kw ( 375kva)

2.Alternator: Kaijieli/Marathon/Stamford

Type: brushless

Bearing: single/ double bearing.

Damping windings: full damping

Safety Guard Grade: IP22

Insulation grade: H

Short-circuit protection: Air switch

telephone interference: THF<20‰, TIF<50< p="">

3.The generator set:

a.basic specifications:


    three phase, four wires


   base fuel tank for 8 hours

c.Use:can be used for the open type and the soundproof type, automatic type 

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Q:if a car can run on biofuel or vegetable oil, can a generator?
I would suggest using a set of solar panels that will supply enough power to run the fridge and a bit more, with a battery storage to get through the night. This can get you through months of power outage. It will be much more costly than a gas generator to provide the same emergency coverage. But you do not use it just for emergency. It provides that power year round for 20+ years, cutting your electric bills. This is not a lot cheaper than just paying your electric bills. If you get the best, most cost effective solar panel system it will be a break even compared to the electric company.
Q:Question about Miller welder?
I don't remember, but the best thing to do is test it. Get some stock that's not worth anything, then do some test welds. Every machine is different, even if I knew the settings for a similar machine, that doesn't mean they would be right for you and your machine. I like to weld a little hotter and faster than most people, so I would be at a higher setting than you might like. Some people like to to colder and slower.
Q:What is the different between RV generator, mobile generator, home standby generator and portable generator?
Terminology may vary between manufacturers or dealers, but here is how I interpret the differences. RV generator is mounted internally to the RV. Remote start, feeds power to selected RV circuits only. It is supplied fuel from the vehicle tank. Typically up to about 8kW.
Q:how many cubic feet of gas is required to generate 200 amps of electricity in a generator??
assuming the generator is frictionless and converts all the energy of the burning fuel into electricity, you could find the answer by converting the fuel and amps into juels. I think.
Q:I have a 3 phase 30k 60hz generator what would I need to do to use this to power my home ?
You need a Transfer switch, either manual $350.00 or automatic over a $1,000.00 The switch will stop the possibility of back feeding power either from the utility to the generator or from the generator to the utility.
Q:Can you use red diesel in a generator?
Red diesel is agricultural, no tax or tax reduced. The Red is only a dye to distinguish it from tax paid diesel. However using it illegally can result in very hefty fines if caught. Used and cleaned vegetable oil can be mixed with diesel, actual proportions I'm not sure of, but I think 3:1 oil to diesel. There are probably sites that explain in more detail. However why it has to be used veg. oil I don't know.
Q:Is diesel fuel ever clear?
drain the fuel tank and refill it with diesel.I would use died fuel because there isn't road tax on it .That is why it is red. you can use home heating fuel in it to it will work the same.I use both in my generator.gas will make the engine run to hot and it will lock up .and a locking fuel cap is a good idea
Q:On modern Tourist Cruises, How is electricity generated?
Many modern cruise ships use a combination gas and steam power or COGAS plant to produce electric power. Much like you cars alternator in your car it converts other power sources into electricity. Unlike you car though the COGAS system does not directly power the ship but sends the electricity to electric turbines for propulsion and also provides the rest of the ship with electric power. The human body uses about 10 cups of water each day. No matter how it regains this water ( liquid or solid ) all these sources get it from nature. Contaminates in the water, though most tend to be filtered out, pass on to the food or water source that you get it from. Obviously, contaminates like weed killer use on a lawn, can contaminate rivers and streams causing other plants and animals to mutate and die. Though much has been done to keep contaminated water from reaching humans in more recent times some still make it through the filtering systems. Contaminated water has been found to be main contributing factors in plagues, cancer, mutations, as well as other things in humans. I hope this helps.
Q:Full Time Generator for a House?
Generators run on gasoline or diesel. There just isn't enough energy in a lead acid battery to run a house. You would need a bank of batteries and an inverter to convert the DC to AC,and some way to recharge the batteries. The cost would be prohibitive. Most backup generators run on gasoline and will power some of the appliances in a house. Don't expect to use an electric dryer, stove, washing machine or dishwasher. You might be able to run a TV, refrigerator, lights, a computer, and a radio.
Q:what is the relation between horsepower of a diesel engine and its fuel consumption?
Go to some diesel engine websites. They should have the fuel consumption in terms of brake horsepower hours.

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