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1.Jichai diesel generator 
2.Optional alternator 
3.long-term spare parts 
4.low fuel consumption 
5.economic price 

1100kw/1375kva Jichai Reliable Diesel Generating set


Engine features :

1.China most famous brand diesel engine: Jichai engine 

2.Multi-cylinder in-line or veer engine,4 stork,direct injection

3.Naturally aspirated,turbocharged,water cooled or turbochaged  with air intercooler.

4.Machinery or electronic governing 

5.Fuel injection pump

6.Electric motor starting system

7.Forged steel crankshaft,cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner 

8.Low discharge,and low fuel consumption

9.Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1.World famous brand AC alternator:Leroy Somer,Stamford,Marathon.Engga ect.

2.Brushless,4 poles,rotation magnet

3.IP21-23 enclose is standard for all industrial alternators.

4.H class insulation system

5.AVR self-regulated,voltage regulation rate:±1%

6.Simple installation and maintenance with easy easy access to terminals ,rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

7.Moisture proof,sand-proof,dustproof ,salt-proof and vibration-proof.


Control system:

1.a) Automatic alarm system:the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat,the water is over temperature,

the oil pulls down ,over speed,over load and over current.

  b) Operation display:

    i)Unit voltage,tri-phase load current and frequency display

ii)Water temperature .oil pressure display

iii)Fuel level, fuel temperature display

iv)Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers

2.Starting system:DC alternator is used to start engine.

3.Short circuit protection :MCCB air switch

4.Cooling system:combined cooling water tank fitted to meet the requirement of radiation at ambient 

temperature 40°C

5.Filter system:oil ,fuel and air filter

6.Accessories:exhaust elbow,below,muffle

ModelOutput POWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power

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Q:silent diesel gensets in india?
i have seen Kirloskar unit in an office complex. Seems to be good. No idea about the other two brands.
Q:What are the faults of diesel generator
no excitation button with the battery to magnetize
Q:Need Help with a portable generator?
Look on the welder spec plate it should be rated in amps. it needs to run watts amps, X volts from a old timer
Q:Diesel 3 phase 100 Kva electric generator shuts down?
Its seems ur AVR circuit circuits not functioning or mal functioning check all glass fuses relays ( coil contacts of pcb mounted miniature relays ) healthines in AVR PCB isn't open type or sealed type ?,. Check all input plugs connection to speed sensor too.voltage monitoring relay should pick up (AVR pcb). go thro the manual if there any , what is the climate is ti too Humid chill windy , Is ur Generator is fitted out side or inside building ? some time certain environment AVR circuit may mal function , some time there won't be a fault at all .once after checking all those points -try again best of Luck - or pm me
Q:Diesel generator sets which good?
When choosing a diesel generator manufacturers should also pay attention to: diesel generator is composed of a diesel engine and a generator,
Q:How do you keep really, REALLY long term food.CHEAP!!!?
Well, if you're serious about it, you only need the rice and beans for a year or two. You need seeds, though, and a good book on farming. You and your friend can get a pretty good farm going on your own and grow more food than you need by yourselves while you wait for others to join you. You should look up sustainable farming and research into what the Native Americans were doing before we got here. There's no sense in starting up a new civilization with the same old bad practices of the one that just fell. You could also get some books on edible plants in your area and the areas around it. Global warming and pollution may kill off a lot of the plant life, but there will always be the perfectly edible dandelion. Anything that kills off all the plants is also going to kill you, so you might as well know how to supplement your diet with fresh stuff. With your surfeit of food in the new landscape, you'll probably want to invest in walls and maybe guns. For storage, you could always go old-fashioned. The link below has a lot of great resources for the pre-Industrial Revolution minded, but it also tells you how to make storage bins. You could also look up bell-shaped storage pits, which are another favorite method of storage, and one that was remarkably effective. Heh, I've thought about this a lot, too. Can I join your group if disaster finally falls?
Q:How to calculate capacity / rating of Alternator based on load?
If its a pure resistive load consider the efficiency of the alternator, de-rating factors to ambient conditions etc. etc. After considering all of the above you need a 1650KVA (with 10% safety factor
Q:What are the procedure of pre-start up of AC generator?
Before check all fluid levels and turn off all breakers before starting or stopping!
Q:Which sentence is correct?.?
These three are correct - 1. Both fans are running (are, because both fans is plural) 3.Both diesel generators were serviced (were, because generators is plural) 5.Both diesel generators had been serviced (you can also say have been serviced, if they've been serviced recently. EDIT.@Diane: None of them is singular; therefore is correct.and the question doesn't concern punctuation.
Q:Couple questions about backup generators for buildings?
Back up generators are kept as stand bye.In hospitals and other important places they take start immediately when voltage drops in the main. They Run with petrol or diesel oil or other fuels/

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