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1.Jichai diesel generator 
2.Optional alternator 
3.long-term spare parts 
4.low fuel consumption 
5.economic price 

1100kw/1375kva Jichai Reliable Diesel Generating set


Engine features :

1.China most famous brand diesel engine: Jichai engine 

2.Multi-cylinder in-line or veer engine,4 stork,direct injection

3.Naturally aspirated,turbocharged,water cooled or turbochaged  with air intercooler.

4.Machinery or electronic governing 

5.Fuel injection pump

6.Electric motor starting system

7.Forged steel crankshaft,cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner 

8.Low discharge,and low fuel consumption

9.Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1.World famous brand AC alternator:Leroy Somer,Stamford,Marathon.Engga ect.

2.Brushless,4 poles,rotation magnet

3.IP21-23 enclose is standard for all industrial alternators.

4.H class insulation system

5.AVR self-regulated,voltage regulation rate:±1%

6.Simple installation and maintenance with easy easy access to terminals ,rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

7.Moisture proof,sand-proof,dustproof ,salt-proof and vibration-proof.


Control system:

1.a) Automatic alarm system:the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat,the water is over temperature,

the oil pulls down ,over speed,over load and over current.

  b) Operation display:

    i)Unit voltage,tri-phase load current and frequency display

ii)Water temperature .oil pressure display

iii)Fuel level, fuel temperature display

iv)Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers

2.Starting system:DC alternator is used to start engine.

3.Short circuit protection :MCCB air switch

4.Cooling system:combined cooling water tank fitted to meet the requirement of radiation at ambient 

temperature 40°C

5.Filter system:oil ,fuel and air filter

6.Accessories:exhaust elbow,below,muffle

ModelOutput POWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power

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Q:what is the relative cost for diesel generators?
It is an engine, not a motor. What size, and relative to what, for what use.
Q:Quiete Generator in the balcony?
It sounds like a really bad idea. Not just noise-wise, but storing petrol or diesel in your apartment is a significant fire risk and possibly breach of your tenancy/lease agreement or giving an insurance company a let-out in the event of fire. Are you sure you don't mean 700va ? this is about the smallest, quietest generator.
Q:What is the different between RV generator, mobile generator, home standby generator and portable generator?
There is no significant difference. Any generator suitable for one of these uses could be used without change for any of the others. The term standby generator usually implies a machine which is too large to be easily moved.
Q:What kind of fuel does a honda generator use?
ask the people in the store where you purchase the generator. most generators use regular gasoline, but some bigger ones use diesel.
Q:1600 kwH per month how many Watts? Trying to go solar and figure out how many panels I need.?
I just checked my last SMECO bill: We (two adults, one dog, 4 computers) used 1073 kWh last month. (We're in southern Maryland. Everything in our townhome is electric.) IF I were trying to design a solar system for us I would probably look at a 2000 - 2400 kWh/month system: (You HAVE to have some reserve.) That being said: the reserve is in the batteries - and I believe you should have all you need- and a VERY good inverter, and a back-up inverter as soon as you can buy one. And, unless you live in Phoenix, I think it's a very costly solution. BUT I'M NOT UP TO DATE! In 1998 I moved to an island without power. At that time solar panels were too expensive 'though most attractive. Wind power was a real alternative - but it, too, was too expensive. I bought a 5kw diesel generator - and put-up with the starting and stopping, the broken fan belts, the oil changes all the crap associated with having an engine on your back but it served us well: We ran that offensive sucker about two hours a day, it fed our batteries (we had 12) and we lived operating table saws, microwaves, lights, from them. Well: Your supplier can tell you the daily production-per-panel for your latitude you can build-in your own safety factor (need 1600? plan on 2000?2400?) Maybe go a bit on the cheap right now and have a fairly inexpensive gas generator as cloudy day back-up? (Actually, the back-up generator is not a bad idea wherever you live. If you're building, wire it in!) Man! Talk about a lecture!
Q:domestic KiloWattHour Meter?
are you sure u dont have a diesel generator that sells el. energy back to the grid? jk Is this first time you look at the meter? If so take a look again, should be ok.
Q:question on electrical in flat?
This electrical specification describes some aspects of the electrical distribution system for a block of flats (apartment building in USA terms). A 3 phase power supply is 3 live wires and a neutral with 400 volts or so between any two live wires and 230 volts or so between any live wire and the neutral. Each flat would be connected to one live wire and neutral. A change over switch is a switch that can switch the load from one power source to another. It could switch between two mains connections from the power company or it could switch between the power company mains and a standby diesel generator set. An RMU transformer is a ring main unit transformer. The transformer would be the step down or substation transformer from the transmission line voltage to the 400 volt level. There would probably be one transformer for all of the flats, possibly two if there are two mains connections from the power company. The RMU designation indicates that the transformer includes additional components such as the change over switch and main circuit breaker as a single piece of equipment. Advanced features might include such things as transformer temperature monitoring, load monitoring, and remote indication provisions. Unless the features are enumerated, it isn't a particularly useful description. It may or may not include features in addition to the minimum required by government regulations. If you are purchasing only an individual flat, this might offer some assurance that the electrical system is modern and reliable, but it is a very poor description to offer prospective purchasers of individual flats.
Q:What will be the effect of ambient temperature on diesel generators
Fully automatic diesel generator sets are more expensive than conventional diesel engines with the same brand, configuration and power as the unit is equipped with a fully automated system.
Q:How do the Maldives get electricity?
They have various diesel generator power houses set up around the islands.
Q:What are the main parts of a diesel generator?
I think you mean diesel-electric generator. Properly, a diesel generator is a factory that makes diesel fuel. And the parts (at a high level, as there are thousands of parts total) are a diesel engine, plus fuel tank. an electric generator or alternator and electronic and mechanical controls to adjust the engine and generator so that it outputs the required voltage and frequency as the load changes.

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