Pavement Machine Maintenance Paver ZT600

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:ZT600


ZT600 maintenance paver is an XRMC developed international advanced pavement machine.


ZT600 maintenance paver is an XRMC developed international advanced pavement machine, in which the high performance paving technique and the advanced emulsified asphalt spraying technique are integrated perfectly.The emulsified asphalt spraying system is equipped behind the apron wheel of asphalt paver so as to cover an asphalt layer on the just paved emulsified asphalt in only several seconds. This machine is used in the preventative maintenance engineering while the wearing course of the high-grade road is disabled. The repaved wearing course can prolong the service life of the high-grade road. The spraying operations of emulsified asphalt and asphalt are finished together, so ZT600 can save time, labor and material. The high construction efficiency and compact structure are incomparable for any former familiar machines.


The machine can spray the emulsified asphalt and asphalt thin bed synchronously or respectively.
The CAN bus network control technology is adopted and some advanced and some novel design thinking of transmission of power, fluid pressure control and human engineering are introduced.
The central elements of driving system, hydraulic system and electric appliance are all imported from the famous companies of Germany and the U.S. such as American SAUER, FIELD, MOBA, and German GESSMANN etc. These high grade elements ensure the reliability of ZT600.
The QSB6.7 engine, with ECU control and 164kw/2300rpm, is imported with original packaging from Cummins Company of Germany. The imported air pre-filter prolongs the service life of air filter.
The coordination of the spray speed of emulsified asphalt and the paving speed of asphalt are auto-controlled, so the functions of constant speed driving and stringent control are realized.
The 4m
3 emulsified asphalt bin has the functions of automatic heating and heat preservation. The supply system and recycle system of emulsified asphalt can effectively guarantee the spray operation.
The idiographic design of double screw conveyor has the powerful conveying capability. The electric heater is installed around the trough to prevent the conglutination of asphalt.
The screw conveyer and the screw distributor are driven with hydraulic systems respectively. The feeding of material is auto controlled with the untouched material-level sensor.
The double cooling circuit provides a good working condition for the hydraulic system.
Equipped with the central auto lubrication system, auto lubricated screw conveyer and distributor and the high performance cleaning system of diesel oil, so the cleaning and maintenance is convenient and fast.
Spraying system and screed equipment are telescoped together. The maximum spraying width can reach 6m. The pneumatic nozzle, with the function of self-cleaning, can be remote-controlled and closed independently.
The slip seat can be moved out of machine, so the eyeshot is open and the driving becomes safe enough.
The mobile master console and remote control box make the operation be more flexible, convenient and reliable.
The foldaway ceiling provides a good working environment for operator and facilities the transfer and transport.

Main technical parameters of whole machine:

1.EngineAmerica Cummins Company
Model: Cummins QSB6.7 electro-jet engine with ECU control
Power/speed:   164Kw/2300rpm
2.Theoretical productivity: 360T
3.Paving width: 2.5-6m
4.Paving thickness: max to 150mm with emulsified asphalt spraying, max to 300mm without emulsified asphalt spraying
5.Paving speed: 2-20m/min
6.Running speed: 0-2.5K m/h
7.Capacity of emulsified bitumen bin: 4m
8.Spray width: 2.5-6m
9.Spray quantity: 0.2∝1.2L/ m2
10.Convey speed of Screw conveyer : 0-54rpm/108rpm
11.rotate speed of screw distributor: 0-105rpm
12.Screed device: hydraulic telescoped and mechanical widen
13.Asphalt vibrating device: multiple vibrating, frequency 0-25Hz, amplitude 5mm
14.Vibration device: frequency 0-50 Hz
15.Capacity of bin: 13T
16.Camber adjustment: 14%
17.Paving smoothness: vertical direction≤3mm/3m; horizontal direction≤±0.5
18.Paving compaction degree: ≥90
19.Weight of whole machine: 26T


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Q:The paver stalls and runs a few meters per minute under normal conditions
When paving machines are spreading, the paving speed is required. When the expressway is paved, the speed is uniform and the machine is not stopped. The actual construction can not be strictly observed, and the paving speed is related to the output of the mixing station. Can be uniform, 1.2 meters ---6 meters, but vibrating vibration frequency changes with the speed requirements, the reference data are many, the adjustment is not convenient, so the requirements of uniform speed, simple and easy to operate...... For reference only, for communication only.
Q:What is the domestic brand of road Slipform Paver?
The German Wittgen company's Slipform Paver can be used!
Q:What is the maximum width of a screed for an asphalt paver?
The main market model is 9 meters. Specially customized
Q:What is the elevation angle of paver?
Elevation angle! There is a scale on the column six angle nut for adjusting the elevation.
Q:Why should the paver stop shifting? Can't you change gears as you walk through an ordinary car?
You're using that old paver, the same gearbox as a car.You can stop the gear shift, but the general operator only one person, so in order to safety or other considerations, the car stopped after the shift operation. No one ruled that it would be necessary to stop to change gears!
Q:Is it necessary to operate the roller, paver and operator of asphalt pavement?
The Shell Companies has investigated that people who regularly operate asphalt are not at risk of occupational health, and there are no environmental health problems in the manufacture of bitumen and during exposure to asphalt. In view of the general processing temperature of asphalt more than 100 DEG C, the main risk is in direct contact with the hot asphalt Shuo caused by burn.But what kind of asphalt should asphalt be distinguished from?. Through animal experiments, the pathogenesis of mice exposed to coal tar pitch on the skin epidermis and papillary tumor canceration rate is more than 90%, less than 0.5% and the occurrence of skin cancer exposed to petroleum asphalt, only 2% papilloma.Research by the WHO's International Cancer Institute has shown that bitumen has been used for years, but there is no direct evidence that long-term skin diseases are related to bitumen, but should avoid direct contact with the skin.Therefore, petroleum asphalt is not toxic, but it is a special type of high temperature.
Q:Paver, roller operation certificate issued by any functional departments, there are no relevant legal documents?
Paver, roller operation certificateSpecial work refers to the kind of special operations personnel post category, refers to the accident prone to casualties, the operation of himself, others and the safety of the surrounding facilities, there is a serious harm to the type of work.
Q:What is the difference between the Titan 325 spreader and the ABG423 paver?
There are so many differences. Do you mean the control system or the use? Or the hydraulic system?
Q:What are the enterprises in the domestic paver? What are the quantities of pavers imported from abroad every year?
You ask too much scope, the more well-known domestic, Shaanxi construction, xcmg. Zhonglian. 31. Shaanxi construction is the import of%70, and the rest are made in china. At first, imitate ABG fortune,
Q:What is the power of the 8T asphalt paver?
A complex equipment of high quality, and also an important tool for paving high-grade highway asphalt pavement. Asphalt pavement of high-grade highway must be paved with asphalt mixture paver. This is not only because of its paving speed, but more importantly, it can guarantee the key technical indicators of pavement, that is flatness.

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