LTU 600 6 meters asphalt paver

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Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: LTU600

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multi-function and high-performance.

LTU600 asphalt paver, a newly designed multi-purpose and high-performance product aiming the special construction demands, is designed by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co. Ltd based on its 30 plus years of successful experience of developing, designing and manufacturing pavers. This paver walks on pedrails with strong pulling force and drive force. Besides, it is equipped with hydraulic telescopic single-vibration, fuelheating ironing plate and automatic alignment device with both longitude grade and transverse grade, all of which ensures good compactness and flatness during pavement. LTU600 bituminous concrete paver applies for various types of road pavement, and can pave various materials to both bottom and ground surface, and especially for the bituminous concrete roadRCC basic material and stable soil material, hence, it is really an ideal equipment for building up top-grade highway.

Technical Parameters


 Type: NC4110ZG4 water-cooled supercharged diesel engine.

Rated power: 85KW

 Rated rotating speed: 2300r/min

2. Paving width

 Basic paving width: 2.8m

 Max. paving width: 6.0m

3. Paving thickness


4. Productivity:      300t/h

5. Hopper volume:    6.5m3

6. Overall dimension:  L×W×H 6090×2856×2595mm

7. Total weight of machine: 16t

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Q:How to determine the number of paver?
This is determined by the width of your paving and the efficiency of your constructionIn general, the spreader width is about 4~7m, then according to a working face of your paving width quantity of a working surface spreading your machine shop, then each working face numbers is the total number.
Q:The difference between three roller shafts, sliding formwork and track machinery paving cement concrete pavement
The difference is that the unused method applies to different traffic conditions.Paving of track paverThe paving method of track paver has obvious trend that is replaced by slipform paver. Rail paver has the advantage of reversing the road surface, the disadvantage is that rail template overweight, rail template installation labor intensity.
Q:What's the balance beam for the paver?
Paving confidential from this wave will be passed with wave will go high while lower, while the balance beam is put the shelves in this wave, the balance beam long walk is not like the paver so big ups and downs, balance beam (Mechanical) is generally the first two paver after two, the former two is to filter the unpaved road after the two wave to filter the paved road wave, paver automatic leveling system is the regulation of the two through the height difference between the wave filter to adjust the paving thickness to ensure the smoothness of the road
Q:What is a multi-functional paver?
actual paving advice: 0 is a very important feature of the engine in the normal work of the engine speed must reach the rated value difference between the use of construction machinery in other vehicles is 0 different speed characteristics In order to ensure all the paver system can be the best value% of the work we must first ensure that the speed of the engine reaches the rated value of 0 paver at the factory before the engine speed is% after accurate measurement and calibrated% are generally idle and most high-speed limit% but it should be noted that there is no load in% when the engine speed tachometer display% should be higher than the rated value when the output power is actually% less than the rated power of 0 when the paver at full load under the condition when the engine speed down in accordance with the normal characteristics of%% output power to the rated speed maximum% this point for stable material paving requires a lot of power is% a key figure is a $0 paver;
Q:Which is good to open asphalt paver and mixing building? 10
It must be the asphalt mixing plant. Because:1, asphalt mixing building operating room is closed, which is equipped with air conditioning, relatively comfortable. The asphalt paver is a field operation, exposed to the weather.2, asphalt mixing building is relatively fixed, shorter working hours. Asphalt paver relatively longer hours.
Q:Does the asphalt paver work at high temperatures and toxic work? Are there any authorities missing?
The general situation of asphalt paving is not high toxic, but at present with a lot of modified asphalt, especially rubber asphalt paving, high temperature, high temperature will release some harmful gases, affecting the working environment. As long as you do not contact such special asphalt, there is no risk of poisoning.
Q:How to obtain the qualification certificate of Fujian paver?
The paver also certificate, you say is the paver driver's licence, then going to training after the manufacturers, the manufacturers are at the end of three thousand or four thousand, on the line, I make the balance beam, Gu Xianggao Xi'an Guangwei
Q:How does the paver start?
How do you start? First of all: whether you are domestic or imported! Starting, you need to fix the machine, that is, to correct the parameters. This is the most important. The parameter is incorrect, you are not correct! Second, you should know the unit data! How many digits or laps do you dial on the 1cm chart?! Third to see whether you are water stable or oil layer?! Don't be afraid if the water is steady! Tune 4-5cm, walk on 2-3m and watch! Re tune! If the error is large or 4-5cm tune, if the error is not big, 1cm tune! Finally, the 5mm tune! General machine 3mm or so, no response! If the reservoir is 1cm, the unit begins to adjust! Finally, don't be afraid! Be bold! The shop broke down and gave the peasant workers a pack of cigarettes! Let them shovel it! We re shop!
Q:Paver rent how much money one day
Four meters wide and five of the 20. big thick concrete paver, one day can spread much, how much is it
Q:How can I tell whether the paver is hydraulic or mechanical?
Hydraulic drive refers to the source (engine or motor) to drive the oil pump to produce pressure oil, pressure oil and then drive the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor generates the power needed by the machine.

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