• LTU 600 6 meters asphalt paver System 1
LTU 600 6 meters asphalt paver

LTU 600 6 meters asphalt paver

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Quick Details

Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: LTU600

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multi-function and high-performance.

LTU600 asphalt paver, a newly designed multi-purpose and high-performance product aiming the special construction demands, is designed by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co. Ltd based on its 30 plus years of successful experience of developing, designing and manufacturing pavers. This paver walks on pedrails with strong pulling force and drive force. Besides, it is equipped with hydraulic telescopic single-vibration, fuelheating ironing plate and automatic alignment device with both longitude grade and transverse grade, all of which ensures good compactness and flatness during pavement. LTU600 bituminous concrete paver applies for various types of road pavement, and can pave various materials to both bottom and ground surface, and especially for the bituminous concrete roadRCC basic material and stable soil material, hence, it is really an ideal equipment for building up top-grade highway.

Technical Parameters


 Type: NC4110ZG4 water-cooled supercharged diesel engine.

Rated power: 85KW

 Rated rotating speed: 2300r/min

2. Paving width

 Basic paving width: 2.8m

 Max. paving width: 6.0m

3. Paving thickness


4. Productivity:      300t/h

5. Hopper volume:    6.5m3

6. Overall dimension:  L×W×H 6090×2856×2595mm

7. Total weight of machine: 16t

Q:What does the 31 paver mean when the oil pressure is too low?
If the engine oil pressure is normal, the engine runs normally. The oil pressure is low, the oil pump is worn seriously, or the pressure limiting valve is defective. The oil pressure is high, the oil pressure limiting valve is faulty or the oil circuit is blocked. Personal point of view, for reference only, for communication only.
Q:Does the asphalt paver work at high temperatures and toxic work? Are there any authorities missing?
The general situation of asphalt paving is not high toxic, but at present with a lot of modified asphalt, especially rubber asphalt paving, high temperature, high temperature will release some harmful gases, affecting the working environment.
Q:Are there any prospects for an open road roller and asphalt paver?
There is no future, do not look at the industry, look at individuals, every industry has mixed good.
Q:Is the water stable material paver the same as the asphalt concrete paver?
This is a hard question to answer, the paver is laying a mechanical pavement material, water stable paver is laying water stability for machinery, laying asphalt concrete paver is asphalt paver, but many brands of paver the two kinds of materials can be laid. That is, one machine dual-use. The difference is: the former does not press the flat heating system. The latter has. In the former, all the indexes of the machine are not strict (such as ironing board, wear-resisting, heating deformation, flatness and so on). For reference only, for communication only.
Q:31, 95 paver running to the side, what's the matter?
Description of the phenomenon is not very clear, this is a failure before and after forward or backward or; to unilateral deviation, can be on the left and right walk pump solenoid valve plug, judge the fault will transfer, and then determine where the problem is.
Q:Machine parameters of paver ABG423
Volvo ABG asphalt paver engine performance parameters of Volvo D7 r/min SAE J1995 2000 rated output total power of 182 kW (247 metric HP) maximum paving width 13,0 m maximum paving thickness of 300 mm maximum spreading speed of 20,0 m/min 14,0 t (hopper capacity crawler type walking mechanism or wheel type) Tracked weight 17500 kg weight (with screed) 21590 kg
Q:How much is the paver?
The key is a few meters of 9 meters, to about 1500000, 4 meters of about 400000General Xugong relatively common
Q:What kind of method does the leveling system on Paver generally use? Which method is better?
Which kinds of method still need to see you in the paver what is used for engineering, not a comparison standard, and no good general principles: imports than domestic good, than the digital analog, balance beam than the leveling instrument.
Q:XCMG rp953 paving confidential, several people operate
General normal operation of the machine is a driver, if the work time is long, two or several drivers shift, in that is to see the instrument is a field assistant or operator, to see the instrument needs a worker.
Q:A 5.5 meters wide road, paving 3.5cm thick asphalt, paving machine road supply should be how much?
Crown (crown) is a central horizontal section of road than on both sides, a certain slope of the arch shape.

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