LTU750 asphalt paver

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Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: LTU750

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Advanced technologies, imported hydraulic & electric control system;Digital automatic leveling system;high power;

LTU750 Multi-function Paver, a multi-configurative, wide choices range and multifunctional paver, is manufactured by Xi’an Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.,  based on introducing the paving technique of DYNAPAC and absorbing the advanced operative technology of ABG423, VOGELE2500, and DYNAPAC F18/HOSE1500K, and being combined with our experience of design and manufacture of serial product and customers’ actual demands. The machine mainly used to pave the stabilized soil, and also can pave asphalt mixture at peculiar setup. The machine equipped with Rexroth Bosch Group hydraulic system, CUMMINS engine, advance auto leveling system and 7.5m/8.0m screed, which improved the construction reliability and ensured the paving compactness and smoothness. The multifunctional configuration making the machine can get the good construction quality whatever the material you used and whatever the paving width you set which within the stated range. With the reasonable price and practicability, this machine is the preferential choice for all kinds of standard highway construction.

Basic parameters

Model: crawler full hydraulic, self control drive

Paving width: 2.5m-7.5m(8.0m option)

Max. Paving thickness: 300mm

Paving speed: 1.0-14m/min, stepless speed regulation

Max. Traveling speed: 0-2.2km/h, stepless speed regulation

Max. Theoretical capacity: 600t/h

Degree of compaction: ≥85%

Smoothness: ≤5mm/3m(soil bitumen) //≤3mm/3m (bitumen mixture)

Crown adjusting range: 0-4%

Engine: model: 6BT5.9A-C180 (CUMMINS)

Rated power: 132kw

Rated rotary speed: 2500r/min

Gross weight: 23t

Conveyer speed: 18m/min

Helix speed: 0-88 r/min

Screed basic width: 2.5m

Screed widening method: mechanical extension.

Widening section length of screed: 0.25m×20.5m ×2  0.75m ×21.0m×2

Oscillation frequency: 0-41Hz

Vibration frequency: 0-16Hz

Amplitude of main vibrator: 5mm

Amplitude of auxiliary vibrator: 6mm

Noise: ≤90db

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Q:Why do we use crawler paver when there is sticky oil circuit paving asphalt?
large paver and mostly tracked crawler paver attachment ground capability, high traction; tire skidding, therefore, often see the track of oil spilled paver construction.
Q:Municipal paver 2 units, how much material can be laid in a day?
A paver can spread to about 1.5 kilometers a day, and the wider the width will affect the speed, you can press the number multiplied by your width and thickness, you can get the tonnage
Q:What is the hourly fuel consumption of the Volvo8820 paver?
You can calculate your fuel consumption according to your power. If it's 100 kilowatt hours of work, 1 kilograms of 206X100=20.6.
Q:Rules of operation for paver
Five, paver work before and after about leveling personnel contact, to ensure that other personnel are not in the work, can work.Six, in the file shift to the driving gear, must be in the small throttle, the machine completely stopped, the work of parts to stop working.Seven, operators are strictly prohibited drunk operation, operating equipment must be neatly dressed, no slippers, no smoking, eating and other acts that hinder safety operations.Eight. After the paver is in operation, all the protective devices must be installed in the designated position.Nine, the operating room (Taiwan) must be kept clean, cleaning up the oil and dirt in a timely manner, not misplacing tools and other items.Ten. The driver must leave all the operating mechanisms on the "0" position before leaving the operating platform.
Q:Why is the paving speed of asphalt paver somewhat fast and slow?
Each brand model paver is not the same as the engine, electrical component and hydraulic system, so the walking speed will be biased.
Q:Is the small concrete paver easy to use? Thank you
The vibration of the concrete frame type leveling machine beam concrete leveling machine concrete beam vibration slurry equipment frame type leveling machine manufacturer for 9 meters 13 meters leveling machine leveling machine leveling machine 4 meters 6 meters 9 meters semi leveling machine vibration beam 13 meters and 4 meters of vibrating beam vibrating beam 6 meters vibration beam concrete frame type leveling machine for pulp, compaction, leveling concrete floor, is to build a road, workshop, new equipment square.
Q:Request paver (2 units), roller (3 units),
New to your local construction machinery sales department on the line, or you can call brand customer service, telephone sales consulting department. What part of the country are you in? What brand of machine do you want?
Q:What kind of project is it with track paver and what kind of sliding mode is it?
Mainly to see if there is a paver walking position, because the Slipform Paver is cross paver, need a walking position. In addition Slipform Paver paving fast and good quality, and the bid price is not the same, to look at the owner's request.
Q:Which brand of paver is good?
Dana Pike (now known as Atlas), Pomag Vogele, Volvo, etc.. If the laying of water stability, domestic enough. For reference only.
Q:Who can describe the parameters of asphalt paver in detail zy06
Parameters of asphalt paverBasic paving width m:2Maximum paving width m:4.5Maximum paving thickness mm:150The paving speed is m/min:0 to 13Travel speed km/h:0 to 13

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