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LTU750 asphalt paver

LTU750 asphalt paver

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Quick Details

Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XRMC

Model Number: LTU750

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Advanced technologies, imported hydraulic & electric control system;Digital automatic leveling system;high power;

LTU750 Multi-function Paver, a multi-configurative, wide choices range and multifunctional paver, is manufactured by Xi’an Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.,  based on introducing the paving technique of DYNAPAC and absorbing the advanced operative technology of ABG423, VOGELE2500, and DYNAPAC F18/HOSE1500K, and being combined with our experience of design and manufacture of serial product and customers’ actual demands. The machine mainly used to pave the stabilized soil, and also can pave asphalt mixture at peculiar setup. The machine equipped with Rexroth Bosch Group hydraulic system, CUMMINS engine, advance auto leveling system and 7.5m/8.0m screed, which improved the construction reliability and ensured the paving compactness and smoothness. The multifunctional configuration making the machine can get the good construction quality whatever the material you used and whatever the paving width you set which within the stated range. With the reasonable price and practicability, this machine is the preferential choice for all kinds of standard highway construction.

Basic parameters

Model: crawler full hydraulic, self control drive

Paving width: 2.5m-7.5m(8.0m option)

Max. Paving thickness: 300mm

Paving speed: 1.0-14m/min, stepless speed regulation

Max. Traveling speed: 0-2.2km/h, stepless speed regulation

Max. Theoretical capacity: 600t/h

Degree of compaction: ≥85%

Smoothness: ≤5mm/3m(soil bitumen) //≤3mm/3m (bitumen mixture)

Crown adjusting range: 0-4%

Engine: model: 6BT5.9A-C180 (CUMMINS)

Rated power: 132kw

Rated rotary speed: 2500r/min

Gross weight: 23t

Conveyer speed: 18m/min

Helix speed: 0-88 r/min

Screed basic width: 2.5m

Screed widening method: mechanical extension.

Widening section length of screed: 0.25m×20.5m ×2  0.75m ×21.0m×2

Oscillation frequency: 0-41Hz

Vibration frequency: 0-16Hz

Amplitude of main vibrator: 5mm

Amplitude of auxiliary vibrator: 6mm

Noise: ≤90db

Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the track type and synovial cement concrete paver?
Slide type paver does not need template, it uses its own protruding formwork for laying, construction speed, quality is good;Rail type spreading machine, first laying the template, and then spreading, and now generally use the sliding model paver mainly.For the concrete pavement and severe heavy traffic levels, transverse expansion and contraction joints will be dowels, because the general case is not a contraction joint dowel bar basting.
Q:Paver pricePaver price
Different manufacturers, different brands, models, different configurations, prices will vary. See what you need, and if convenient, you can leave contact information, we can further communicate with you.
Q:What will happen when the data of the starting current of the paver is lost?
Is it walking? If it does, it can lead to abnormal walking
Q:What are the differences between rail paver and Slipform Paver?
Mainly to see if there is no sliding type paver location, because the sliding type paver is in the middle of the road, the need for walking position. In addition, the speed of paving speed of Slipform Paver is of good quality, and the tender price is not the sameMainly to see if there is a paver walking position, because the Slipform Paver is cross paver, need a walking position. In addition Slipform Paver paving fast and good quality, and the bid price is not the same, to look at the owner's request.
Q:Xugong 451 paver how to adjust hydraulic oil pressure?
Construction machine capable of spreading gravel evenly on subgrade. It is mainly composed of hopper, support roller, skid, V scraper, widened side plate and running wheel, etc. [1].aggregate spreader(two) asphalt concrete:Evenly spread the asphalt mixture on the base of the road and carry out preliminary vibration and leveling of the machine. There are two kinds of sub tracks and tyres.
Q:31 paver screw pump pressure in which tune?
Engine oil, that is, engine oil, is known as the "blood" of automobiles. It can lubricate, clean, cool, seal, reduce wear, prevent rust and protect the engine. The engine is the heart of the car, the engine has many friction movement of the metal surface, these components moving speed, the environment is bad, the working temperature can reach 400 degrees C to 600 degrees C. Under such bad conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear and tear of engine parts and prolong the service life.The oil pressure is supplied by the oil pump.
Q:What is the paver for comment
Paver leveling system is divided into horizontal slope leveling instrument, and longitudinal slope leveling instrument, is the machine in paver, automatic control instrument paving pavement thickness control, the former is cross slope, the latter control is (longitudinal slope pavement design height, that is, this is the height) the machine comes with the leveling instrument. There are also additional leveling instruments: balance beam.
Q:What is the maximum width of the paver?
The minimum paving width has been 1.2 meters, the previous minimum is 1.5 meters.In addition, the paver has been developed to adjust the width according to the use of the environment.
Q:Paver learning summary
Summary considerations:1., we must seek truth from facts, basic achievements are not exaggerated, the basic shortcomings are not reduced. This is the basis for analyzing and drawing lessons.2. organize clearly. Sentences are clear and easy to understand.3., should be detailed and slightly appropriate. There are important, secondary, should focus on writing. The problems in the summing up should be divided into primary and secondary, detailed and minor.Summary of the basic format:1 title2, textAt the beginning: the general overview of the evaluation, highlights, summary.Main body: analysis of achievements, shortcomings, lessons learned.Conclusion: analyze the problem and make clear the direction.3, inscribeSignature and date
Q:Why is the asphalt paver so simple?
The paver you saw refers to a few hands, and the surrounding environment at the time of construction is not simple!

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