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Quick Details

  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTD600


LTD600 tyre paver

LTD600 asphalt  wheel paver, a newly product with independent intellectual property rights is

Manufactured by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., It based on summarizing the experience of development, technical promotion, and manufacture of paver in last 30 years and combining the construction characteristics of China road and customs actual demands, as well as via the optimization design and construction test and inspection. The paver is mainly used to pave asphalt mixture and with the features of high reliability, high price performance ratio, high efficiency and high smoothness, and it can stably work under the environmental extremes. LTD600 asphalt paver is most popular with our customers since it came onto the market.

2. Technical Parameters

Overall dimension (running status): L×W×H:5630mm×2856mm×2630mm

Gross weight: 12800kg

Hopper capacity: 5m3 (6000kg)

Paving width: 2800mm-6000mm

Paving thickness: 10mm-150mm


Engine:  Model: X4110 water-cooling diesel

       Rated power: 62.5kw

Q:Jiangsu asphalt paver entrance fees should not be considered?
See what you do with it, as the foundation can rent almost, and that price will be 5-6.
Q:Please explain the classification of these two machines, such as asphalt concrete paver and cement concrete paver, and how to use them in construction
Classification is a paved asphalt, a water mixing ahTwo types of machines are available in actual ChineseIt's a waste of money to get asphalt paverThe water mixed paver can also be paved with asphalt on the construction of some low grade asphalt roads
Q:How to judge the malfunction of 423 paver traveling sensor?
The characteristics of sensors include micromation, digitalization, intelligentization, multifunction, systematization and networking. It is the first step of automatic detection and automatic control.
Q:What dangers exist in the construction of road pavers?
Open traffic trouble, road construction and traffic road not best not to cross (construction road walk, do not exceed its scope, for example, the excess stone still cannot pave the way to the other side, traffic is not good, the stone will hit from the car.) Parking at night, both before and after the obvious signs of construction, must be, and sometimes more careful, there are people hit the construction vehicle.
Q:The construction process of Slipform Paver and the technical control of key process are briefly described
Control of the key process is mainly: 1, paver speed should be controlled in 1m/s, not much material quickly, no material stop wait; 2, truck unloading meters height not more than 1.5 meters, with anti segregation of aggregates; 3, duringpacking shall not throw throw.
Q:What is the maximum width of the paver?
Paver, the most important ironing plate and other parts, are generally made from wear-resistant steel plate, such as jfe-c400 and so on. Specific operations, processing and maintenance can be found in professional enterprises, such as Jiading iron and steel.
Q:What are the enterprises in the domestic paver? What are the quantities of pavers imported from abroad every year?
You ask too much scope, the more well-known domestic, Shaanxi construction, xcmg. Zhonglian. 31. Shaanxi construction is the import of%70, and the rest are made in china. At first, imitate ABG fortune,
Q:Vogele paver parameters
Material handling and paving system:Scraper conveyor: 2, the scraper can be replacedDrive: independent drive and control on both sidesSpeed: stepless speed change (manual or automatic)Stir the Dragon: 2, the blade can be replaced, the dragon can be reversedDiameter: 400mmHeight: stepless regulation, with a range of 10cmDrive: independent on both sidesDriving and controlling speed: double direction stepless speed change (manual or automatic)Central lubrication system:Electrically driven grease pump, scraper and auger bearings are lubricated automaticallyWeight:Prepare AB500 hydraulic telescopic screedPaving width 5m: 18.1tPaving width 8m: 20.1tScreed:Maximum paving thickness: 30cmPaving width: depending on the ironing plate and generator
Q:What's the influence on the base? FifteenOur paver is out of doors, and when we found the rammer on the paver, we didn't use it. I asked the driver why he didn't open it. The paver driver said it was useless.What effect does the rammer have on the construction of the base?
There is not much consolidation in the early stage will be completed well
Q:Municipal paver 2 units, how much material can be laid in a day?
A paver can spread to about 1.5 kilometers a day, and the wider the width will affect the speed, you can press the number multiplied by your width and thickness, you can get the tonnage

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