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Quick Details

  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTD600


LTD600 tyre paver

LTD600 asphalt  wheel paver, a newly product with independent intellectual property rights is

Manufactured by Xian Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., It based on summarizing the experience of development, technical promotion, and manufacture of paver in last 30 years and combining the construction characteristics of China road and customs actual demands, as well as via the optimization design and construction test and inspection. The paver is mainly used to pave asphalt mixture and with the features of high reliability, high price performance ratio, high efficiency and high smoothness, and it can stably work under the environmental extremes. LTD600 asphalt paver is most popular with our customers since it came onto the market.

2. Technical Parameters

Overall dimension (running status): L×W×H:5630mm×2856mm×2630mm

Gross weight: 12800kg

Hopper capacity: 5m3 (6000kg)

Paving width: 2800mm-6000mm

Paving thickness: 10mm-150mm


Engine:  Model: X4110 water-cooling diesel

       Rated power: 62.5kw

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Q:How to determine the number of paver?
This is determined by the width of your paving and the efficiency of your constructionIn general, the spreader width is about 4~7m, then according to a working face of your paving width quantity of a working surface spreading your machine shop, then each working face numbers is the total number.
Q:How much oil consumption per hour is the asphalt paver for construction equipment?
Different paver fuel consumption is not the same. Depending on the engine or load.
Q:What are the ABG423 vulnerable parts of paver?
I was doing the paver balance beam, Xi'an Guangwei Gu Xianggao
Q:Road laying oil, how to build a paver?
In general, the skip turns to pull the material, paver except for car outside the non-stop, continuous work.And, oh, what do you mean by "laying oil"? Do you spread asphalt on the road? The asphalt truck
Q:What are the national standards for the helical blade diameter of paver?
The diameter of the screw blade has a lot to do with the spreading width of your paver. There is a national standard of paver technology. According to the paving width designed by the paver, the screw blade is specified. Not very clear, but you can refer to the reference.
Q:Asphalt concrete paving function adjustment width?
A paver, screed, with an oil cylinder, can be automatically telescopic, you can adjust the width at any time. The ironing plate without the cylinder can only be assembled in advance according to the required width, and shall be reassembled if the width is to be changed.
Q:How does the paver start?
You have to look at the specific use of paver brands, models, and the specific circumstances and requirements of construction site construction technology, mostly rely on experience to judge, for example, paving thickness, plate thickness, paving material, elevation height, different conditions of different adjustment etc.. For reference only.
Q:What are the components of a slide model concrete paver and how it works?
Engines, walking, vibrating,Have you seen this job?The stuff is compacted by vibrating it. Next, insert the bar by the way
Q:Who can describe the parameters of asphalt paver in detail zy06
Capacity of diesel tank L:130Overall weight t:10.5Outline size mm:5690X2070X3590The material speed is r/min:0 to 73The feeding speed is m/min:0 to 30Vibration frequency Hz:3 ~ 42Ironing plate heating method: air heating
Q:Is it necessary to operate the roller, paver and operator of asphalt pavement?
The Shell Companies has investigated that people who regularly operate asphalt are not at risk of occupational health, and there are no environmental health problems in the manufacture of bitumen and during exposure to asphalt. In view of the general processing temperature of asphalt more than 100 DEG C, the main risk is in direct contact with the hot asphalt Shuo caused by burn.But what kind of asphalt should asphalt be distinguished from?. Through animal experiments, the pathogenesis of mice exposed to coal tar pitch on the skin epidermis and papillary tumor canceration rate is more than 90%, less than 0.5% and the occurrence of skin cancer exposed to petroleum asphalt, only 2% papilloma.Research by the WHO's International Cancer Institute has shown that bitumen has been used for years, but there is no direct evidence that long-term skin diseases are related to bitumen, but should avoid direct contact with the skin.Therefore, petroleum asphalt is not toxic, but it is a special type of high temperature.

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