• LTU900 asphalt paver DYNAPAC System 1
LTU900 asphalt paver DYNAPAC

LTU900 asphalt paver DYNAPAC

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:CCCC XRMC

  • Model Number:LTU900


LTU900 multifunctional paver is developed on the base of the advanced technologies of DYNAPAC Company of Germany.

LTU900 multifunctional paver is developed on the base of the advanced technologies of DYNAPAC Company of Germany and also absorbed the advanced applied technologies of ABG423, DYNAPACF18C/HOSE1500K etc. Based on the experiments of innovating and developing pavers for many years, XRMC deeply analyzed the demands of clients and then developed this type of paver, whose available materials includes asphalt and soil cement. The international famous hydraulic and electric system, driving system with CUMMINS engine, advanced automatic selfleveling, advanced screeding device with the width of 9 m etc. ensure the compactness and the smoothness of this prouct. This machine has the high reliability, rational price and multiple functions which ensure the good construction quality, so this product can be used to build and maintain the first-class highways, roads of city or countryside, airports and dams etc.


Model: crawler full hydraulic, self control drive

Paving width: 2.5m-9m

Max. Paving thickness: 350mm

Paving speed: 1.0-14m/min, stepless speed regulation

Max. Traveling speed: 0-2.2km/h, stepless speed regulation

Max. Theoretical capacity: 600t/h

Degree of compaction: ≥85%

Smoothness: ≤5mm/3m //≤3mm/3m (enhanced configuration)

Crown adjusting range: 0-4%

Engine: model: 6BT5.9A-C132 (CUMMINS)

Rated power: 132kw

Rated rotary speed: 2500r/min

Gross weight: 23t

Conveyer speed:18m/min

Helix speed: 0-88 r/min

Screed basic width: 2.5m

Screed widening method: mechanical extension.

Widening section length of screed: 0.25m×4  0.5m ×4  0.75m ×2  1.0m×2

Oscillation frequency: 0-41Hz

Vibration frequency: 0-21Hz

Amplitude of main vibrator: 5mm

Amplitude of auxiliary vibrator: 6mm

Noise: ≤90db

Q:As shown in the picture, I've just started working in this field. I'd like to ask you about the paving machines for paving asphaltHow does the paver automatically level up when the asphalt is laid? Thank youAs shown in the graph, I have just engaged in this industry, I would like to ask you paver in paving asphalt is how to automatically leveling, what is the principle? For example, the paving layer should be paved 4cm, when paving, how to ensure that it is just 4cm? Sometimes the leveling device directly on the asphalt surface, to control the 4cm how to adjust? I don't understand what the wire line is how to determine the height, to find how high the shop is 4cm? Just pull it high? If not why directly on the asphalt surface on the line, put on the wire line? The height is different. Are they all 4cm? Compare the question of Doha, I hope to know in detail, do not copy paste, thank you for your help, thank you very much ~ ~!
The use of automatic leveling instrument is to ensure the longitudinal elevation, for example it is to ensure the wire paving surface from the wire has a fixed distance, so you wire a little higher, a little lower does not matter, as long as the wire frame after calculating Chutan pavement should be from the wire distance on it. When the longitudinal joint is used, the longitudinal shoe of the longitudinal wave instrument is directly placed on the paved pavement, which is the same principle. It guarantees the smoothness of the new paving and the paved pavement. The use of longitudinal instrument cannot use a screwdriver or steel to tie the thickness, this is actually wrong.
Q:Where is the Volvo paver in Germany?
They believe that growth comes from valuable innovations and innovative companies that push companies forward by creating opportunities for users. In the field of roads, airports and other infrastructure, ABG has become a distinct advantage.
Q:What will happen when the data of the starting current of the paver is lost?
Is it walking? If it does, it can lead to abnormal walking
Q:What are the slip type paver and track paver?
Slide type paver does not need template, it uses its own protruding formwork for laying, construction speed, quality is goodRail type spreading machine, first laying the template, and then spreading, and now generally use the sliding model paver mainly.For the concrete pavement and severe heavy traffic levels, transverse expansion and contraction joints will be dowels, because the general case is not a contraction joint dowel bar basting.
Q:What's the difference between the screed and the slipper in the asphalt paver? Is it one in front or one at the back?
The asphalt paver evenly spreads the asphalt mixture on the road base, and carries out the preliminary vibration and the leveling machinery. There are two kinds of sub tracks and tyres. It consists of two parts: traction, spreading and vibrating and ironing. The former includes rack, power unit, walking device, hopper, material door, scraper conveyor, screw spreader and cab. The latter includes traction arm, vibrating mechanism and ironing device (composed of ironing plate, thickness regulator, camber adjuster and heating device).
Q:SANY Sany DTU95C paver manual
The ironing board has good rigidity, high strength and good resistance to deformation;By the example of SC8D190G2 six cylinder, water-cooled turbocharged engine, optional Dalian DEUTZ engine.
Q:What dangers exist in the construction of road pavers?
Open traffic trouble, road construction and traffic road not best not to cross (construction road walk, do not exceed its scope, for example, the excess stone still cannot pave the way to the other side, traffic is not good, the stone will hit from the car.) Parking at night, both before and after the obvious signs of construction, must be, and sometimes more careful, there are people hit the construction vehicle.
Q:Who can describe the parameters of asphalt paver in detail zy06
Theoretical productivity t/h:240Hopper capacity t:12Climbing ability%:20Flatness mm/3m:3Cross slope error%: 0.03The range of camber adjustment is%:0 to +3Diesel model: 4JR3G1Diesel engine power kw:70Diesel engine speed r/min:2200
Q:Can the asphalt cold patching material be paved with spreader?
The common asphalt cold patching material can only be used in the repair of small areas of asphalt pavement pits.
Q:A paver shall be equipped with several water stable pavement
(4) the health of cement stabilized layer of rolling forming, should pay attention to early maintenance, strength of normal development, especially in the 1 week after construction, lime soil surface should be kept moist, the covering sacks of wet smelting curing method, at least water 2 times a day, not to send lime soil surface. All vehicles are prohibited during the period of health. (5) quality control measures: flatness can be guaranteed by both sides of the vertical mold, and in the middle of the road, each 5m hit a Gao Chengzhuang, set a cube mesh, in order to detect and detect deviations in a timely manner. The initial pressure of each layer with 3M Aluminum Alloy ruler check flatness, timely chipping, leveling, concave should be turned loose after finishing, revision depth shall not be less than 10 cm. The seam roadway with half construction, using ladder miter joints. The seams on the upper and lower floors should be staggered. Transverse joints also adopts vertical joints, non mitered vertical joint production must be strictly in accordance with the regulations. Shrinkage and cracking and construction joints in the construction and maintenance of lime soil during the processing by 400g/m2 geotextile, prevent crack reflection to the asphalt surface layer.

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