Asphalt Mixing Plant 120-160 tph

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J2000 (120-160 tph)  Asphalt Mixing Plant


Precise dosing mechanism as per prescription

Sensitive controlling system setup

Multi languages and user friendly operating system


Save 15% fuel consumption with sophisticate mechanism

Low installation power and current flow peak

Coal burner and Natural gas burner available for lower operating cost.


Application of High-performance components from Europe and America, designated painting and special materials

Great working duration on various hardship site conditions

Over one million ton production without significant maintenance


Emission refrained to 20mg/Nm3.

Recycling system certificated in Singapore, Russia, US etc.

Easy moving

Economic compact structure design for transferring

Modular assemblies design

Skid mounted and containerized assembling for fast transportation

On-wheel fully-mobile plant to those who needs swiftly transferring time to time  

Quick Details

·         Condition: New

·         Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

·         Brand Name: XRMC

·         Model Number: J2000

·         Voltage: 380V

·         Power(W): 420KW

·         Dimension(L*W*H): 50M 35M 21M

·         Weight: 220T

·         Certification: CE

·         Warranty: 1 YEAR

·         After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas






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Q:What are the preparations for the piling site?
1, the pile position determination: according to the project provided by the construction unit and the pile axis location map of pile location, pile location must be accurate, and in the pile position by a soldering iron drilling, hole depth is 15~20cm, filled with lime, prevent in the process of driving the wrong pile.2. Pile up(1) pile stacking shall be determined by pile driving route and pile driving sequence(2) the site shall be level and level with three passes and one leveling. Remove obstacles in the ground, underground and air in the range of the moving of the pile driver. The wooden posts and the pile rings shall be of the same position, except for the contact between the pile and the pile, and nothing else shall be in contact with the pile so as to prevent cracks in the pile.(3) the strength of reinforced concrete precast piles must be up to 100% before they can be transported and piled3, the selection of pile machineAccording to the design of single pile bearing capacity and pile length, this project intends to use hammer weight 2.5t track type diesel pile driver.
Q:What is the difference between an impact roller and a vibratory roller?
Vibratory roller is the role of the cement becomes more dense and smooth wheel roller is the role of improving smoothness of pavement, so smooth wheel roller replace vibroll.
Q:The grader which is better, in the mountain.
It depends on what you do. My SG18-3, usually used to smooth, trenching, scraping slope, pushing earth, soil, winter snow nothing. Control operations are more flexible. There are several types of Shantui grader, generally quite good.
Q:When the gasoline polishing machine works, the tilting gate will stall. What is the reason?
3., carbon deposition will cause insufficient gasoline combustion, so that the engine will appear jitter problems. The impact of carbon on the car is quite large, first of all, to reduce the power of the engine, that is, to make the power output uneven and gradually attenuated, in other words, more and more lack of force. Two is to increase fuel consumption, increase your financial burden. The three is difficult cold start, is sparking difficult, not easy car, and finally the combustion chamber carbon Yan will cause a heavy cylinder knock, low speed and acceleration noise, causing damage to the piston and crankshaft, causing the engine temperature which can seriously affect the automobile safety. Emission standards exceeded, not only through the annual inspection, but also directly aggravate the pollution of the environment.
Q:What is the cause of the oil leakage in the Tiangong 180 grader engine and gearbox?
But it may not solve the problem, but also hurt the car. It is recommended that the majority of car owners use the "free repair and repair" method to solve the problem of automobile oil leakage.
Q:I opened the Sany when hydraulic grader walking haltingly.
This is what you say in fault judgment method, to have little talent and less learning can help you, not to say, ha ha,,
Q:What are the tonnage of the rubber tyred rollers?
The main part of the river is 26 tons, 30 tons. It's around here
Q:Vibratory roller should follow the principle of "following up,
The base layer must be compacted at low frequency and high amplitude.
Q:Highway design, water stability, paving width of 8 meters, then the paver should be assembled a few meters?
You should look at the width of the edge of the custom, generally speaking, should be 8.25 or 8.5 meters, depending on the circumstances you can determine the highway side.
Q:Why levy piling
Like a chopstick, inserted into the soil is not directly on the ground than in a more stable, the pile is equivalent to the chopsticks into the earth part.

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