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Asphalt Paver 7501

Asphalt Paver 7501

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Product Name: Asphalt Paver WTD7501


1.     Product Feature of Asphalt Paver WTD7501

The leveling system is characterized by fast response speed and high leveling precision

Left and right crawler belts are independently hydraulic driven to help maintain a constant paving speed and ensure good straight-ahead travel function of our road paver. Non-slip steering and spot turning can also be achieved

2.    Specification of Asphalt Paver WTD7501



Main Parameter

Travel model


Basic Paving Width


Maximum Paving Width


Maximum Paving Thickness


Working Speed


Running Speed


Theoretical Productivity


Hopper Capacity




Leveling Tolerance (Wave)


Transverse Wave Error


Arch degree Adjusting Range







Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Power 


Rated Speed 


Electric System


Emission Standard


Mangle System 

Screed Model

Mechanical Lengthening

Hydraulic Telescopic Range


Compaction Type  

Single Vibration and Double Tamping

Tamping Frequency


Vibrating Frequency 


Heating Type

Propane Gas Heating

Dimension and Weight 

Overall Length


Overall Width (Basic Segment)


Height (With the Cab)


Transportation Height


Total Mass



3.    Delivery of Asphalt Paver WTD7501

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.



4.    Primary Competitive Advantages

1) Brand-name Parts

2) Country of Origin

3) Competitive Price

4) Good Product Performance

5) Prompt Delivery

6) Quality Approvals

7) Good Reputation

8) Expedite Communication

9) Good Packaging

10) Distributorships Offered

11) One Step Service

12) Good Quality Service

13) Small Orders Accepted

14) Overseas Service Branches


Q:The construction steps of the synovial paver are briefly described 2, what are the construction methods of bored piles?
The slide type paver needs a template track paver and needs a template
Q:What is the salary of the paver driver?
Employee salary standard is decided by unit of choose and employ persons and worker.According to the "labor law" article forty-sixth, article forty-seven, the provisions of article forty-eight, the employer wage distribution follow the principle of distribution according to work and equal pay for equal work and the minimum wage protection system, the employer according to the characteristics of its production and business units, independently determine the distribution of wages and wage level according to law.The wages of employees shall be determined by consultation between the employing units and workers in accordance with the standards of the salaries of the local staff.
Q:Who knows the difference between Slipform Paver and track paver, it is better to have a picture as evidence
2. Paver is a kind of construction equipment which is mainly used for paving material on the base and surface of expressway. It is composed of various systems to cooperate with each other, including walking system, hydraulic system, transportation and distribution system, and so on.Oil 3, paver hydraulic system is too high to reduce oil viscosity, increase of leakage, oil film lubrication failure, the parts wear; at the same time, the high temperature will make the rubber materials gasket premature aging and damage. Therefore, it is very important to control the proper oil temperature.
Q:What will happen when the data of the starting current of the paver is lost?
Is it walking? If it does, it can lead to abnormal walking
Q:What kind of project is it with track paver and what kind of sliding mode is it?
Sliding mode for large cylindrical engineering such as chimney and silo.
Q:When the construction material of asphalt mixture, lorry and paver work, lorry is behind you
In Asphalt Pavement Mechanization Construction, supporting the use of asphalt mixture transfer car (also called transport machine) to joint paving operation, it can effectively solve the problem of affecting the construction quality of aggregate segregation and temperature segregation.
Q:SANY Sany DTU95C paver manual
The machine is mainly used for paving various stability layers, and is also suitable for paving the asphalt pavement of first grade roads and municipal roads;Equipped with SYMC dedicated controller and SYLD LCD display;
Q:How much can an asphalt paver cost?
Do you want to buy equipment, you can leave a contact, introduced.
Q:Where is the extrusion floor of the Slipform Paver?
Extrusion bottom plate? Is that the screed for the paver?Paver ironing plate is close to the location of the road, usually made of wear-resistant steel plate, such as JFE-C400, JFE-C500, DILLIDUR, 400V and so on.In addition, ironing plate production is also very important, it is best to find professional wear-resistant steel processing enterprises, such as steel, high-quality cutting, processing, can greatly increase the service life and efficiency of the ironing board!
Q:Paver deviation of the law, how to solve?
From the analysis of the electronic control system, there are mainly 3 reasons for the deviation of the paver to one side:First, the steering potentiometer assembly is not good or medium drift. With the testing device of steering potentiometer and turn trimmer potentiometer, if it were in place, but the side turn signal, and the other side without turning signal, by resetting the steering potentiometer and turn trimmer potentiometer, can solve the problem.Two is the speed sensor damage. A speed sensor is detected by a detecting device. If the speed signal on one side is zero, the side speed sensor is damaged. Replace the side speed sensor at this time.Three is proportional solenoid valve, solenoid problems. If the electromagnetic valve solenoid individual differences exist, even if the starting current is the same, the walking pump output will be different, resulting in different speed of the walking motor. At this point, the starting current can be corrected by adjusting the starting current.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Year Established
Annual Output Value
Main Markets
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range

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