ZT150 asphalt pavers

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:ZT150


ZT150 narrow asphalt pavers is the new type paver for paving the asphalt facing layer.

ZT150 narrow asphalt paver is the new type paver for paving the asphalt facinglayer. Its paving width is from 1.5m to 4.5m. When paving, the width of wheel track is only 1.95m. Its traffic ability is the best in the Chinese narrow pavers. ZT150 is very suitable for paving the rural road, altiplano road, montane road, narrow non-motorized vehicle lane and for maintain the milled pavement. ZT150 is the wheel type paver, so it can easily move and maintained. Its width can be adjusted from 1.5m to 4.5m so as to suit the different market demand.

To fit for different users’ demand, ZT150 has some optional fittings as follows:

  1. Vibrating device of screed unit

  2. Heating system of screed unit

  3. Auto leveling system

4. Remote controller (screw scraper, screed telescoping, manual thickness adjustment, alarm)

5. Width reducing device for paving the road of 1.5m.

6. Supercharger engine used in altiplano

7. Height adjustable front-baffle of the telescopic screed unit.

1. ZT150 is the particular narrow paver, whose basic width is 2m, the minimum width is 1.5m and the maximum width is 4.5m. The wheel width is only 1.95m, so its traffic ability is the best in China. ZT150 is very suitable for paving the rural road, altiplano road, montane road, narrow non-motorized vehicle lane and for maintain the milled pavement.

2.  The screed unit of ZT150 has the devices of vibrating and propane heating

3. The main screed is 300mm wide and telescoping screed is extended to 320mm wide. The vibrating frequency of sub screed is a little higher than that of main screed, so the compactness of sub-screed is strengthened so as to increase the proportionality of the compactness between main screed and sub screed and the whole paving quality is increased.

4.  In the screed unit the particular outside device for adjusting the height difference, which does not occupy the space of heating cavity, can be used easily.

5.  The screed unit of ZT150 is equipped with a remote controller which can control the screw scraper, telescopic screed, thickness adjustment and alarm etc.

6.  The supercharger engine provides the enough power to suit for working in altiplano.

7. The turnover pushing device can be turn over together with the hopper, which increase the traffic performance of ZT150.

8. The height adjustable front-baffle is equipped on the telescopic screed can effectively reduce the load of the screed and increase the screw frequency of distributing material.

9. There equipped air pressure regulator in the pneumatic system. When the pressure of air reservoir reaches the rated pressure, the air pump will relieve the pressure to save the power and prolong the service life of air pump.

Basic paving width: 1.5 m

Max paving width:4.5 m

Paving thickness: 10-200 mm

Weight for transportation: 9500Kg

Rated power of engine: 53 kw

Theoretical paving capability: ≥200 t/h  

Hopper capacity: 4.5 m3

Type of screed: hydraulic telescoping+vibrating+ propane heating

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Q:What kind of paver of construction machinery?
Fixed width and variable width can be divided into fixed width machine and telescopic machine.Other parts according to power, brand, paving width and so on.
Q:What kind of asphalt concrete paver is divided according to the way of walking?
(2) the crawler paver is generally large or ultra large paver, the utility model has the advantages of small ground pressure, good adhesion, paving operations run smoothly, no skid phenomenon. Its disadvantages are poor mobility, the subgrade bulge absorption ability, bend when working layer edge is not smooth enough, and the complicated structure, high manufacturing cost, for the construction of large pavement engineering.
Q:Application method of paver balance beam
There are many kinds of paver Balancing beams, each with an instruction manual, but very similar.
Q:Paver looking for square
Paver for square type, using longitudinal instrument automatic leveling which is elevation, for example it is to ensure the wire paving surface from the wire has a fixed distance, so you wire a little higher, a little lower does not matter, as long as the wire frame after calculating Chutan pavement should be from the wire the distance can be. When the longitudinal joint is used, the longitudinal shoe of the longitudinal wave instrument is directly placed on the paved pavement, which is the same principle. It guarantees the smoothness of the new paving and the paved pavement. The use of longitudinal instrument cannot use a screwdriver or steel to tie the thickness, this is actually wrong.
Q:Is the water stable material paver and asphalt paver a thing?
A steady water doesn't always stretch asphalt mixture. Asphalt mixture can stand water stable, however, have put fine timber to petty use.
Q:31 paver 4 cm asphalt elevation angle is how much?
Remember, when debugging, do not blindly look at the scale, you should measure the center of the distance between the two sides of the screw adjustment, the left and right center distance must be consistent.
Q:I have a roller, a paver, a project outside there, how do I know?
The search for a paving machineOr send your own post, say where the project needs to pave the machine, just wait for someone to ask on the line
Q:Who has the information of Xugong 751 spreader machine, can you pass it on?
I have 751 for 06 years, 230 thousand for me, 281702360 for me
Q:How does the paver start?
Adjustment procedure of paver starting:Starting, you need to fix the machine, that is, to correct the parameters.You should know the number of units, that is, how many digits should be transferred on the 1cm table or how many turns should be transferred.Water stable or oil layer, water stable, then tune 4-5cm, go to 2-3m, and then observe the next tune. If the reservoir is adjusted in 1cm units.Most of them depend on experience, such as paving thickness, pad thickness, paving materials, elevation angle, different working conditions, adjustment and so on.
Q:7.5kW what's the size of the 50L?
Technical parameters: Engine: power 100KW; maximum paving width: 7.5m; paving thickness: maximum 300mm; speed: operation speed 0-16m/min; running speed: 0-3.6Km/H; hopper: capacity of about 13.5T. Paving productivity: 600t/h (Theory) 5, stabilized soil mixing equipment WCQ300 productivity of 300 t/h; the main mixing power 37KW; agitator speed: 54rpm; aggregate machine power 5.5KW; speed 2m/s aggregate machine; belt feeding machine with 1.62m/s power 7.5KW; speed feeding machine; it covers an area of 38.5 m *6.5 M. Ingredients: less than 2%, the accuracy of aggregate lime cement less than 0.5%, less than 0.5%. Aggregate size: less than 60mm. 6, stabilized soil mixing equipment, WCQ500 productivity 500 t/h; whole power 130KW; covers an area of 40m *11m. Ingredients: precision is less than or equal to 1%, aggregate powder < 0.5%, water is less than or equal to 1%. Aggregate size: less than 60mm. 7, the stability of soil mixer (WBZ21) mixing width: 2100mm; maximum mixing depth: 400mm; running speed: 0-24km/h; work speed: 0-3.3km/h; engine power: 258KW. 8, milling and mixing dual-purpose stabilizer (WB400) mixing width: 2100mm; milling rotor used for crushing and mixing with old pavement (width 2000mm, maximum depth of 350 mm of milling and mixing) milling and mixing rotor for the stabilized soil mixing (working width 2100mm, maximum mixing depth 400 mm) milling and mixing for stripping rotor the old asphalt pavement (width 1800mm, maximum milling and mixing depth 100 mm) speed: 0-24km/h; speed: 0-3.3km/h; engine power: 298KW. 9, road milling machine CM2000 maximum milling width: 2000mm; milling depth: 300mm; speed: 0-30m/min; speed: 0-5.4km/h; milling drum diameter: Phi 1060; the volume of the water tank: 4000L; power 448KW.

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