LTU1200 asphalt paver

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTU1200


XRMC optimally select the advantage of international famous pavers, continuously improve and test the design of LTU1200 asphalt


With the experiment in R&D and manufacturing for scores of years, XRMC optimally select the advantage of international famous pavers, continuously improve and test the design of LTU1200 asphalt pavers. Now LTU1200 asphalt pavers have become one of the mature products of XRMC.
Because the main fittings are all imported with the original packaging, the features of the high reliability, high cost performance, high technologies, high efficiency, excellent smoothness and compactness etc can be ensured. The available materials of LTU1200 are asphalt and soil cement, so these machines can work in the extreme operating condition. They are the unfrequent machines with high performance and low price in China.
The main design indexes have reached the international advanced level. The main functions of LTU1200, including the constant speed control, ultrasonic material control, central lubrication, automatic control with microcomputer, automatic fault diagnosis, purifier of diesel oil, double vibrating and plating devices etc. make them the ideal machines for constructing the high grade highway.


1.The technologies are advanced. The imported hydraulic and electric control systems make the performance perfect.
The hydraulic and electric control systems are all imported with the original packaging. The traveling, screw and vibrating system are all closed hydraulic circuit which ensures some key functions such as the constant speed control, material level control and intelligent fault diagnosis etc. The independently driven double-bump and double-motor are adopted in driving system to ensure the stability.
2.Digital automatic leveling system: The electric crossover type leveling system or the ultrasonic contact-less leveling system can be selected.
The automatic leveling system is imported with the original packaging. Operation system is in Chinese whose precision is high and smoothness is good enough. At the same time, the crossover type leveling system can be added to 18 meters and various imported ultrasonic contact-less leveling systems such as MBA or TOPCON can be chosen to satisfy the requirement of construction.
3.Multifunctional configuration: can pave many kinds of pavement materials including bituminous mixture, cement concrete and so on.
Maximal paving thick is 300mm which can meet the paving requirements of various materials and every layers of high-grade highway. Paving thick can be adjusted with electric control system and driven by hydraulic system, which make it very reliable.
4.Fully hydraulic driving system: can steplessly adjust the paving speed, running speed, screw speed and tamping frequency etc.
5.Vibrating tampers can ensure the good tamping effect.
Screed is equipped with double vibrating tampers and vibrating equipments, with which the suitable tamping frequency can be selected to obtain the ideal tamping degree according to the different materials. Tamping, vibrating and traveling can be automatically controlled together.
6.Operation is convenient: View field of the sliding-type centralized control console is wide. Human engineering is applied thoroughly and the two-seat sliding-type centralized control console make operation be convenient and view field be wide.
7.The power reserve is large and the complete machine is reliable.
The BF6M1013C motor is imported with the original packaging. The main hydraulic elements and speed reducer are imported. The system is designed rationally. The power reserve is large enough to ensure the reliability of complete machine.

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Q:How much can an asphalt paver cost?
Do you want to buy equipment, you can leave a contact, introduced.
Q:What are the types and prices of domestic asphalt pavers with width of 8m and 12 meters?
Jiangsu Huatong SPS75 to SPS125 series, the highest configuration of no more than 1 million 500 thousand.The 951 is Jiangsu Xugong Xugong's pillar, 1 million 250 thousand, the actual use of a cheating does not explain.
Q:SANY Sany DTU95C paver manual
The machine is mainly used for paving various stability layers, and is also suitable for paving the asphalt pavement of first grade roads and municipal roads;Equipped with SYMC dedicated controller and SYLD LCD display;
Q:Paver pricePaver price
Different manufacturers, different brands, models, different configurations, prices will vary. See what you need, and if convenient, you can leave contact information, we can further communicate with you.
Q:How much money Volvo paver
About 3 million 500 thousandVolvo acquired the ABG brand pavers have two kinds, respectively is 88206820, domestic ABG has two, a Shandong Linyi Volvo, another building ABG 86207620, their technological content is the same, but the operating platform is a touch type, the other is a button type, the price difference about 300000 or so, but the price is concerned, the 8620 building is also good.
Q:Where is the Volvo paver in Germany?
In 1965, the company launched its first TITAN spreader to the market. The change of history and the accumulation of experience have made the paver of ABG company the best brand to lead the trend of paver in the world.
Q:Can the water stable paver be paved 800 meters a day?
In general, water stable paving 10 hours a day by 30 cm thick 6 meters wide, 500 meters above the normal even laying asphalt; well, it's hard to say, up to 2--3 kilometers a day, everything is normal at least laying 1 kilometers, feeding to normal
Q:Request paver (2 units), roller (3 units),
New to your local construction machinery sales department on the line, or you can call brand customer service, telephone sales consulting department. What part of the country are you in? What brand of machine do you want?
Q:How does the paver do routine maintenance?
(1) clean paver: remove the paver surface accumulation of mud sand and asphalt; remove the engine, hydraulic components and other components on the surface of dust and grease. Be careful not to pour dirt into the gas inlet and air filter. (2) inspect the nozzle, connecting pipe, air tank and switch of the heating system. (3) check the paver parts connecting and fastening, especially around the track beam and frame, screed, feeding device and the scraper conveyor device the connecting bolts are loose or broken, when necessary to tighten or replacement. (4) check and exclude the leakage of various parts. (5) check the engine oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic oil quantity, and add new oil to the oil mark according to the regulation. (6) check whether the grease in the centralized lubrication unit is right or not. (7) check whether the blade of the screw distributor is cracked, if it should be replaced. (8) check whether the electrical plug is loose or not.
Q:What kind of machinery does the paver belong to and which department does the operation permit handle?.
Belong to the road construction machinery, operation certificate by the state administrative examination center designated, have special qualification unit organization examination release, general host factory have corresponding qualifications.

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