Asphalt Paver WTD6000

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Product Description:

Product Name: Asphalt Paver WTL6000


1.     Product Feature of Asphalt Paver WTL6000 

Our hydraulic asphalt paver uses imported CUMMINS engine with high power reserve coefficient six sets of hydraulic drive systems and three sets of control systems independently drive and control left and right crawler attachments, material delivery devices and distribution devices.

2.    Specification of Asphalt Paver WTL6000



Main Parameter

Travel model

Wheel Type Rear Drive

Basic Paving Width


Maximum Paving Width


Maximum Paving Thickness


Working Speed


Running Speed


Theoretical Productivity


Hopper Capacity




Leveling Tolerance (Wave)


Transverse Wave Error


Arch degree Adjusting Range




Dongfeng Cummins



Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Power 


Rated Speed 


Electric System


Emission Standard


Mangle System 

Screed Model

Hydraulic Telescopic

Hydraulic Telescopic Range


Compaction Type  

Single Vibration and Single Tamping

Tamping Frequency


Vibrating Frequency 


Heating Type

Diesel Oil Heating

Dimension and Weight 

Overall Length


Overall Width (Basic Segment)


Height (With the Cab)


Transportation Height


Total Mass



3.    Delivery of Asphalt Paver WTL6000

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.


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2) Country of Origin

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13) Small Orders Accepted

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Q:What kind of asphalt concrete paver is divided according to the way of walking?
In accordance with the mode of walking, the asphalt paver is divided into two types, tow and self-propelled, of which the self-propelled type is divided into caterpillar type and tire type(1) towed pavers is receiving, transportation, material and chat ironing work device is installed in a particular frame, paving material transport by truck towing or pushing. It has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacture and use cost, but due to poor quality of paving can small, pavementmaintenance is only suitable for low grade highway.
Q:What is the maximum width of a screed for an asphalt paver?
Designed and manufactured by Zhongda machinery group, the maximum telescopic expansion is 5m.
Q:Paver, roller operation certificate issued by any functional departments, there are no relevant legal documents?
Paver, roller operation certificateSpecial work refers to the kind of special operations personnel post category, refers to the accident prone to casualties, the operation of himself, others and the safety of the surrounding facilities, there is a serious harm to the type of work.
Q:How does the paver adjust the cylinder 30?
Paver Construction start is important, the proper thickness of pad sleeper, leveling ruler to a certain position according to the experience, the computer started leveling a good tune, don't open a floating through a distance (about half a meter) and then open the floating, try the effect. And leveling computers are required to manually adjust the appropriate to open the computer, automatic leveling.
Q:Asphalt paver width of a few meters, width of four meters, you can do the asphalt pavement
Asphalt paver generally paving thickness of 30, width of the widest 12M. Rigid machine basic width 2.5M, retractable seat 3M.
Q:Where is the paver's operation permit?
At present, excavators, loaders and other types of construction machinery has not belong to special equipment, does not involve special operations, therefore, is no longer a special operation certificate..
Q:The recruitment of paver for a driver?
No one here can really introduce you to a job. Or by yourself, see more formal recruitment website, not Ganji, people network and 58 with the way online to find a job where a liar too, to go to the formal recruitment website such as, Zhaopin, 51 Also, you can ask relatives, friends and classmates to help you. In addition, you can visit the local human resources market. I hope you can find a job as soon as possible.
Q:How should the width and height of the stable steel thread of the paver be released?
Water stability is the abbreviation of water stable layer.The structure of the road is generally divided into four layers, from top to bottom:1) two layers of asphalt or three layers of asphalt concrete or concrete pavement;2) basic cement stone stabilized layer;3) cushion, also known as subbase, usually uses graded gravel, gravel, three slag mixing plant;4) subgrade soil compaction.
Q:What kind of machinery does the paver belong to and which department does the operation permit handle?.
Belong to the road construction machinery, operation certificate by the state administrative examination center designated, have special qualification unit organization examination release, general host factory have corresponding qualifications.
Q:31, 95 paver running to the side, what's the matter?
to unilateral deviation, can be on the left and right walk pump solenoid valve plug, judge the fault will transfer, and then determine where the problem is.

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