Asphalt Mixing Plant 90-120tph

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· Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: XRMC

· Model Number: J1500

· asphalt mixing plant: construction machinery

Packaging & Delivery

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suitable for sea delivery, in container

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40 days after contract signing


J1500, designed with the mature techniques of BENNINGHOVEN to satisfy the market.
Can be tansported in container.

Production capacity(t/h): 90-120

Mixer capacity(kg): 1500

Aggregate(4 kinds of materials are accumulated): ±0.3%

Fine material(2 kinds of materials are accumulated): ±0.3%

Bitumen: ±0.1%

Temperature control accuracy(.C): ≤±5

Dust collection efficiency(mg/Nm3): ≤50

Total Power(kW): 325

Batch hopper: Length×Width(m): 3.2×2.5

Hopper capacity(m3): 7.3

Belt conveyor: Width(mm): 500

            Power(kW): 5.5

Drier: Diameter×Length(m): 1.5×6.5

            Power(kW): 30

Vibrating screen: Length×Width(m): 4×1.56

            Power(kW): 2×5.5

Scale: Aggregate(kg): 1500

            Fine material(kg): 300

            Bitumen(kg): 225

Mixer: Capacity(kg): 1500

            Power(kW): 45

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