Asphalt Mixing Plant 280-320tph

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:J4000

  • construction machinery:asphalt mixing plant

  • asphalt mixer:asphalt plant


The advanced automatic control and supervisory systems are equipped, J4000 asphalt mixing plant can work reliably.

J4000 Container type Asphalt Mixing Plant is the international advanced product manufactured with introducing the technologies of BENNINGHOVEN company by XRMC. It is suitable for the Chinese market and is designed as the containerlike structure according to the international standard. This design ensures the fast and safe transportation, make it be compact and reduce the floorspace. Because the advanced automatic control and supervisory systems are equipped, J4000 can work reliably.

Production capacity(t/h): 280t/h-320t/h

Belt conveyor(mm): 800mm

Burner: Low noise and atomized by high-pressure air

Turndown ratio: 8:1

Dust collection efficiency(mg/Nm3): ≤25

Bag dust collector: Blow-back with air

Temperature control accuracy(.C): ≤±5

Hot aggregate elevator: Double bank plate link chain elevating

Vibrating screen: Sieving with 6 kinds of screens

Number of hot aggregate bin: 6

Capacity of hot aggregate bin: 100 t

Mixer capacity(kg): 4000

Power: 2×55

Aggregate: ±0.3%

Fine material: ±0.3%

Bitumen: ±0.1%

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Q:What's the balance beam for the paver?
Paving confidential from this wave will be passed with wave will go high while lower, while the balance beam is put the shelves in this wave, the balance beam long walk is not like the paver so big ups and downs, balance beam (Mechanical) is generally the first two paver after two, the former two is to filter the unpaved road after the two wave to filter the paved road wave, paver automatic leveling system is the regulation of the two through the height difference between the wave filter to adjust the paving thickness to ensure the smoothness of the road
Q:Is the roller on the road?
4, if the roller running normally, and through the municipal engineering administrative department approval, because the transition needs no violation driving. It is only after the accident scene has been identified that the conclusion can be reached.
Q:How to maintain the roller?
Three, every 100 hours1. replace the transmission oil (then replaced every 600 hours) and clean the oil pan strainer;2. change engine oil (then change every 600 hours);3. check the battery liquid level, the battery wiring head coated with vaseline;4. check the rim and brake disc bolts and Bridge bolts tightening;5. check the fastening bolts.Four, every 200 hours1. check the oil level before and after the bridge;2. clean the air filter (replace the filter when necessary);3. cleaning oil, diesel, transmission oil filter;4. measuring tire pressure is 0.27~0.31Mpa;5. check the work device, front and rear frame weld seam cracking;6. check the tightness of generator, fan and belt.Five, every 600 hours1. replace the front and rear axle gear oil (then change every 1000 hours);2. cleaning oil filter screen of diesel tank;3. remove contaminants from the radiator and radiator surface;4. change engine oil, replace oil and diesel oil filter;5. replace transmission oil and oil filter;6. check the engine valve clearance.
Q:What are the enterprises in the domestic paver? What are the quantities of pavers imported from abroad every year?
.The number of imported pavers accounts for about 30% to 40% of the total production and sales of domestic pavers in the year, about 400 units.
Q:What is the mode of construction of Grader?
The construction unit not only do subgrade grader, and use the grader to do (lime and two ash macadam pavement), can also achieve the technical and quality standards of highway design, but must require engineering and technical personnel in peace operation machine hand closely, meticulous construction.
Q:What is the reason that the ZF gearbox of Tiangong grader does not go?
There are many reasons for this. Are there any stalls or are there no individual stalls? To their own investigation, such as the valve pressure is too low, friction slip, oil enough, and so on
Q:What are the components of a slide model concrete paver and how it works?
Engines, walking, vibrating,Have you seen this job?The stuff is compacted by vibrating it. Next, insert the bar by the way
Q:7.5kW what's the size of the 50L?
Technical parameters: Engine: power 100KW; maximum paving width: 7.5m; paving thickness: maximum 300mm; speed: operation speed 0-16m/min; running speed: 0-3.6Km/H; hopper: capacity of about 13.5T. Paving productivity: 600t/h (Theory) 5, stabilized soil mixing equipment WCQ300 productivity of 300 t/h; the main mixing power 37KW; agitator speed: 54rpm; aggregate machine power 5.5KW; speed 2m/s aggregate machine; belt feeding machine with 1.62m/s power 7.5KW; speed feeding machine; it covers an area of 38.5 m *6.5 M. Ingredients: less than 2%, the accuracy of aggregate lime cement less than 0.5%, less than 0.5%. Aggregate size: less than 60mm. 6, stabilized soil mixing equipment, WCQ500 productivity 500 t/h; whole power 130KW; covers an area of 40m *11m. Ingredients: precision is less than or equal to 1%, aggregate powder < 0.5%, water is less than or equal to 1%. Aggregate size: less than 60mm. 7, the stability of soil mixer (WBZ21) mixing width: 2100mm; maximum mixing depth: 400mm; running speed: 0-24km/h; work speed: 0-3.3km/h; engine power: 258KW. 8, milling and mixing dual-purpose stabilizer (WB400) mixing width: 2100mm; milling rotor used for crushing and mixing with old pavement (width 2000mm, maximum depth of 350 mm of milling and mixing) milling and mixing rotor for the stabilized soil mixing (working width 2100mm, maximum mixing depth 400 mm) milling and mixing for stripping rotor the old asphalt pavement (width 1800mm, maximum milling and mixing depth 100 mm) speed: 0-24km/h; speed: 0-3.3km/h; engine power: 298KW. 9, road milling machine CM2000 maximum milling width: 2000mm; milling depth: 300mm; speed: 0-30m/min; speed: 0-5.4km/h; milling drum diameter: Phi 1060; the volume of the water tank: 4000L; power 448KW.
Q:Will the Volvo ABG6820 paver be all right?
The Setup Manager improves the productivity by selecting preprogrammed functions according to the requirements of the shop floor.The maintenance interval manager prompts the operator to follow the machine maintenance requirements and enhance the reliability of the machine operation.
Q:What are the main parameters to buy imported rollers and pavers?
Roller: BMW, Dana Pike, hummer. Mainly depends on the weight of the steel wheel.Paver: ABG, Vogele, Dynapac (including 02 years of the acquisition of Demag). Mainly to see the width of paving.But buy it, construction of asphalt pavement, road roller is generally double steel wheel 12-13 tons, Paver Construction is 9 meters high configuration mechanical screed (for compactness, smoothness and segregation requirements more stringent), municipal construction according to the construction of the specific circumstances to relax the requirements, 9 meters, 12 meters, stretching, machinery, can.

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