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  • Condition:New

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTUB900


Imported hydraulic and electric control system.
reliable, flexible parameter setting, internal and external fault diagnosis.

The core system of LTUB900 Paver is hydraulic system, with elaborate design, all the hydraulic pressure in the machine is of high safety. Good pipe accessory, filtering system and radiator system enable people to work under awful condition without worry. LTUB900 electric control system facilitates people to deal with various accidents because it absorbs advantages of digital control technology, entirely reliable work, flexible parameter setting, internal and external fault diagnosing function. With elaborate machining and special longer caterpillar, this system ensures huge tractive force and reasonable gravity, even paving 9m road and displacing at short distance, it is unnecessary to dismount Screed or add more counterweight into scraper.

LTUB900 Paver is a kind of automatic engineering machine with many uses such as paving bituminous admixture, stable soil, RCC, etc. It possesses advanced technology in combination with the mode of electric control and hydraulic drive; the characters of its chief function are as follows:

Parameter of Paver

Model:           Crawler-type hydraulic paver

Paving width:       2.5m

Max. paving width:12m

Max. theoretical capacity: 800t/h

Engine              Type: BF6M1013C water-cooling diesel engine

Power: 156KW

Total weight:         22t

Screed width:              2.5m

Screed widen method: mechanical widen

Fuel consumption:   221g/Kwh

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Q:Is the water stable material paver the same as the asphalt concrete paver?
That is, one machine dual-use. The difference is: the former does not press the flat heating system. The latter has. In the former, all the indexes of the machine are not strict (such as ironing board, wear-resisting, heating deformation, flatness and so on). For reference only, for communication only.
Q:The difference between three roller shafts, sliding formwork and track machinery paving cement concrete pavement
Slipform mechanical pavingSlipform paving technology has become the highest quality, the fastest construction speed, the most modern high-tech equipment mature technology.Laying of three roller shaft unitsThe construction of the three roller shaft machine is more suitable for the construction of cement concrete pavement of highway two or three and four highway and county road.roller compacted concreteThe roller compacted concrete pavement is a kind of concrete pavement which is made of the main construction machinery of asphalt pavement, and the dry concrete with less water consumption is laid and rolled.
Q:Is the water stable material paver and asphalt paver a thing?
Water stability requirements are not high, as long as the paved on the line, the asphalt is not the same, the flatness, ironing board have higher requirements, otherwise the paved road is not good!
Q:Municipal Road, the width of the oil surface 12 meters,
Safety requirements can not be, 1, prone to segregation. 2, a car material shop is not a few meters, change back and forth, speed is not fast. 3, mechanical overload work, damage to machinery. 4, if the amount of work is relatively large, it is recommended to use two units. 5. normal, then open the baffle, one side of the multi shop 25cm no problem, the problem is that the water stable paver generally the widest 9m. 12. 5 meters only with asphalt paver (recommended less use, a year down, asphalt paver running board on the uneven)
Q:The health hazard of the operator of asphalt paver
First, asphalt is poisonous and is the greatest hazard. Summer is hot and winter is cold.
Q:What is the domestic brand of road Slipform Paver?
The German Wittgen company's Slipform Paver can be used!
Q:A 5.5 meters wide road, paving 3.5cm thick asphalt, paving machine road supply should be how much?
The surface of the road is made of straight line or parabola, and its function is to use the transverse drainage of the road surface.
Q:Consult the paver operatorIs the paver easy to learn?
Someone handed in a day to learn, to be skilled in a construction site like, you just want to be afraid of dirty, tired, good school, paving machine is dirty, tired, I installed 3 times a day, you know the basic principles, ask me if you have any questions
Q:Why should the crawler paver be used in the paving of modified asphalt mixture?
In the construction of high grade highway, the crawler paver is required.
Q:How does the paver do routine maintenance?
(1) clean paver: remove the paver surface accumulation of mud sand and asphalt; remove the engine, hydraulic components and other components on the surface of dust and grease. Be careful not to pour dirt into the gas inlet and air filter. (2) inspect the nozzle, connecting pipe, air tank and switch of the heating system. (3) check the paver parts connecting and fastening, especially around the track beam and frame, screed, feeding device and the scraper conveyor device the connecting bolts are loose or broken, when necessary to tighten or replacement. (4) check and exclude the leakage of various parts. (5) check the engine oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic oil quantity, and add new oil to the oil mark according to the regulation. (6) check whether the grease in the centralized lubrication unit is right or not. (7) check whether the blade of the screw distributor is cracked, if it should be replaced. (8) check whether the electrical plug is loose or not.

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