Miniature Diaphragm Pump12V and 24V

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Perfect for caravans, boats, motorbikes, trucks and camping. Use it with fresh or salt water with your deck wash or to run your toilet or shower. These pumps automatically turn themselves on and off when you turn the tap on and off. Comes with filter and fittings. These pump are for intermittent use only.

A great pump for those country folk, with a small family, on tank water who only need to boost the pressure from a tank next to the house.

We have tested these pumps and found they will operate to a 2 metre suction lift and 5 metre head with no problems.

1.Maximum torque and operating efficiency/higher operating pressure and/or lower amperage than competitive pumps

2.Long life, no leaks, strong corrosion resistant

3.12/24 VDC and 115/220 VAC motors standard (consult factory for other voltages)

4.Quality components for extreme performance

5.Numerous fitting options for greater mounting flexibility

6.Voltage:12V/24V DC Diaphragm Pump,115V/230V AC Diaphragm pump

7. Expecially suitable for marine and recreation vehicle, such as boat and ship.Also suitable for Agriculture sprayer



Lightweight and made from non corroding materials

Self priming

Run dry Protection

Easy to install

No maintenance

Simple to operate

Low power consumption

12 months warranty

Automatically turns on and off

Comes with filter and fittings

How a Pump Works

The pump is driven by an AC or DC motor

In front of the motor is a valve assembly containing two to five valve pump chambers. Each valve chamber has a diaphragm behind it in the lower pump housing. As the motor shaft turns, an internal cam positioned behind the diaphragms causes the  diaphragms to be pushed forward, then back in a continuous sequence creating a suction. As this suction builds, fluid is pulled  hrough the inlet, through the various valve chamber check valves to the outlet he volume of flow is determined by several factors including: the number and size of the pump chambers,cam offset, operating pressure, fluid viscosity.

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Q:Stand up jet ski have a water pump? Not working?
Jet Ski Pump
Q:97 Dodge Stratus Timing belt & Water pump?
yes its probably worth fixing ,you shouldn't have no engine damage to it because that one doesn't run an interference engine ,all that should have to be done is new pulleys and a water pump,and new timing belt kit put on it,all of this will cost around 3-400 bucks though for everything,but its probably worth repairing,you cant buy a good car for 400 bucks,and if it ran well before then it should be alright once you get it repaired,good luck with it i own on of those and their good cars.
Q:Why can't vertical water pump use spring shock absorber?
Building water supply and drainage and heating engineering construction quality acceptance specification (GB50242-2002) on the 4.4 water supply equipment installation 4.4.6 regulations. Because the spring damper is not conducive to the stability of the vertical pump running, therefore, the vertical water pump damping device should not use spring shock absorber.
Q:Suzuki 1982 DT8 Exhaust in barrel affect water pump?
Sorry, I thought I was answering this question there 2 questions. Ok, the water is exhausted out the fin just above and behind the prop. The exhaust and water are both in the leg area where the shift rod is, so when you take the access plate off, you'll get some water and exhaust. You can't see the water coming out the exhaust port with the motor in a barrel. It's below the water line. And no the exhaust isn't being sucked back in the water pump, at least not enough to matter. There is a flush attachment that will feed water from a hose into the water pump. With the engine on a rack, or the boat out of the water, you can see where the exhaust and water come out. Running in a barrel isn't the best way to see anything. If you take the prop off it's easy to over rev. the motor. My advise is to put the motor on the boat in the water and start it. Check the engine block every couple min. for overheating. A little water dribbled on the head will sizzle, if it's getting to hot...if so shut it down, and recheck the water pump job. There is a tube that sticks in to the water pump housing. make sure it's in position.
Q:What does diving pump 80JYWQ40-15-1600-4 stand for?
3, sewage pump flow per hour 40 square water head 15 meters, 1600 rpm, with power 4KW
Q:how to repaira water pump?
If you have to ask the question you don't have the skills to do it. You could see if there's anyone in your area who rebuilds motors and ask them to look at it, but if it smoked it's probably dead. If you want to try some simple things, take it apart, dry it out and put it back together and see if it works. If does, see if you can see where the water was leaking from and see if you can seal it back up.
Q:About how much would it cost to replace a water pump for a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo LS including labor?
Don't go blowing cash on a water pump just yet; It may be just a leaking radiator or heater hose. It would be wise to change the thermostat and check the condition of the coolant. (right here before summer) Perhaps pressure test the cooling system...that will tell you right away if the impeller seal is bad in the water pump. Check the radiator hoses at that time... replace as necessary. if your (assumed) coolant leak is right around the passenger front wheel the pressure test could possibly reveal a freeze plug leak. (replacement required to fix that) The labor will cost around $150 plus/minus $20.-and thats not even a good guess. I tell you this: if you were in my circle of friends, I would do it for nothing: Thats what people do for each other. Anybody that knows you that has the tools and ability should do the same... Try this: if you have your oil changed at a quick lube, ask the manager which one of his guys would be qualified for such a sidejob... any gearhead will jump at he chance to help a lady out make sure the job is done right instead of some greasemonkey f*cking it up. It will cost you much less than standard labor rate and the extra coinage in his pocket doesn't hurt. I'm not bagging repair shops, they deserve to make a living too, but every nickle counts nowdays... Let him diagnose the problem(s), take him to Oreilleys to make sure you get the right parts, and buy him lunch..... Enjoy your overheated car and related repairs will turn it sour in a hurry. (edit) wow,... if you have the dexcool, then yes thats orange. There's not anything on that side of the vehicle that would be that color. short of discolored and moldy a/c condensation (highly unlikely) if its brake fluid you would know it by now. power steering is red or clear, Even though I consider myself highly experienced, I'm stumped.
Q:Is a 3000 watt generator sufficient to power a 3/4 horsepower water pump?
1 hp is 746 watts; however start up and power factors need to be considered. A 0.75 hp motor at steady state draws 560 watts at steady state; to overcome start up assume you will need about 1,100 watts (1.1 KW). Your generator is 3 KW so it should do well.
Q:New water pump leaking from bolt hole?
Remove the new pump and gasket. Reclean the steel surface and remove any pieces of the old gasket that might still be attached. That surface needs to be perfect. Apply the recommended sealer after this is done . Either a sealer or anti-sieze compound should be added to the threads. Recheck surface of new pump for any flaws and reinstall. Bolt in a criss -cross pattern and tighten equally , partially tight first and then all of them fully tight.
Q:Well Water Pump Problems?
you do not usually have to dig up a well there could be several causes Some pressure switches are low pressure cutoff type if you lost pressure the switch needs to be reset the little silver handle on the side of the pressure switch needs to be lifted until pressure builds up Lightening might have hit the casing and burned a wire or even fried the pump although with breakers and safety switches that is unlikely. If your pump has a control box either in the pump house or the basement remove the screw and take the cover off if you smell or see something burnt go to lowes and buy a new box $45 max. If the wire is burned it is most likely right at the well cap itself turn the breaker off and remove the cap carefully pull the slack wire up and check a plumber should fix for no more than $100. If the pump is gone it will require the pump to be pulled if it is a submersible this may cost you up to$1000 . If you have an above ground jet pump that lost the prime just remove the fill cap and fill with water to restart the prime Sorry for the long answer just wanted to touch all bases

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