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Product Description:

wool/acrylic tufted carpet/hand tufted floral carpets for home decoration

Quick Details

Wool, Nylon, Acrylic, Viscose
Cut Pile
Model Style High Quality Hand Made Carpet
Hand Made Carpet Runner
Home,Hotel,Bedroom,Prayer,Outdoor,Decorative,Bathroom,Commercial,Car,Restaurant, Ballroom, Casino, Cinema, Theater
Customized Size
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
High Quality Hand Made Carpet HQ-1001
Customized Modern Rug, Red, Brown, Grey
Using Areas::
House, Room, Hotel, Any Area
Customizd Carpet,
Cotton Cloth or others


Acrylic Carpet
1.Quickly service
2.High quality
3.Reasonable price
4.Quality assurance

Product Description

Style Name:

Hotel Carpet

Hand tufted Carpet

Area Rug

Wall to Wall Carpet

Area of Suitability:

Suite, Room, Corridor, Meeting Room, Casino, Restaurant, Public Areas

Yarn Fiber:



100%NZ Wool


Pile Height:





Total Height:





Pile Weight:






Cotton Cloth

Cotton Cloth

Cotton Cloth

Cotton Cloth







Medium Contract Use

Heavy Contract Use


High Quality Hand Made Carpet in rolls with polybag

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Q:the differences of pure cotton carpets and acrylic fiber carpets
The anti static performance of pure cotton is much better than that of acrylic synthetic fiber material, if carpet has serious electrostatic, it's uncomfortable to step on it. In addition, too much electrostatic is also easy to absorb grey swing Lei seal brown Fu chicken sweep alone preserved dust, which is very dirty. Of course, acrylic fiber carpet is cheaper. The fluffiness and elastic are better than pure cotton, it's soft to step on it.
Q:How do you remove marker stains from a carpet?
cleaning products form the supermarket!!
Q:how to deal with if milk pours on the carpet? And the smell.
Sprinkle flour, wet, dry, lost as soon as rub.
Q:How much does new carpeting generally cost?
?Are you looking for the material sq ft, for labour, or just for the material?
Q:I spilled Iced tea on the carpet?
I'm no carpet expert but this has worked for me: Blot all the tea you can get up with a paper towel. If you don't have carpet stain remover, pour something clear and fizzy on it I have used ginger ale or sprite, but don't do this if you have white carpet. Then blot that up. Then blot the spot with dampish-wet paper towels. Blot again with dry paper towels. Never rub the stain into the carpet, just blot it. Good luck.
Q:Cat scratching carpets?
Move her scratching post onto the area that she's currently scratching to motivate that. Also, make sure her scratching post isn't carpet, itself. Should be sisal. Otherwise, you're technically promoting the idea of scratching the carpet.
Q:how do I get kool ade out fo carpet?
I would try an oxy clean brand see if the carry it in a carpet cleaner i use the spray on my daughters laundry i swear by it. but i would do a little area first just to make sure it's not gonna make it worse.
Q:Rug service deodorizers and protection plans?
I merely offered my daughter a corner shade from Barnes and Noble and have been given the two year prolonged guarantee and it covers each and every little thing..the only concern it does not conceal is that if someones steals it. I propose you flow to Barnes and Noble and get a protracted guarantee on it, i've got self assurance it ws $50 no longer undesirable in case you question me.
Q:how to get mildew smell out of carpet?
The carpet just sat overnight and now smells of mildew? Wow. First you need to kill the mildew. I would spray it with Lysol so that you saturate the wet spot. You need to make sure that the padding underneath the carpet will be clean and dry, so you may even need to lift up the carpet to check the padding. If the water has saturated through to the padding, you need to Lysol that too. Then blot it with a towel to get as much of the moisture out as possible, and turn a fan on that spot and leave it for a couple of days until you are sure it is completely dry. Then work some baking soda into the carpet and vacuum it up.
Q:Buy prayer rugs.....?
They have a lot of non-traditional styles: floral, trees, swirls, as well as some traditional styles. They are good quality, too and have a variety of prices

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