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Special Shaped Graphite products are used in various industrails,including graphite crucible and graphite seal

Special Shaped Graphite products are used in various industries.it can be used as sealing in machinery as carbon graphite material, such as the quiet ring or the moving ring, doctorblade, piston-ring, sealing expansionring and the raw materias.

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Q:How to improve the service life of graphite crucible
1. Adopt isostatic graphite material;2. Use in a vacuum or inert atmosphere;3, prevent cold, hot;4. Avoid melting material with crucible reaction;5, the structural design rationalization.
Q:How long is the service life of the cast iron crucible?
Depends on the use of the user. The graphite crucible has the advantages of high cost and easy cracking; the service life of the cast iron crucible is lower, but the utility model has the advantages of energy saving and low cost compared with the graphite crucible, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Q:What is graphite?
Graphite is a carbon crystal, is a non-metallic materials, color silver gray, soft, with a metallic luster. Mohs hardness is 1~2, specific gravity 2.2~2.3, and its bulk density is generally 1.5~1.8.The high melting point of graphite, trend began to soften under vacuum to 3000 DEG C when the melting state, up to 3600 degrees Celsius began when the evaporation of graphite sublimation, the general strength of materials under high temperature gradually decreased, while the graphite in the heating to 2000 DEG C, rather than the room temperature strength is doubled, but the oxidation resistance of graphite poor performance with temperature increased oxidation rate increased.Graphite has a fairly high thermal conductivity and conductivity, its conductivity is 4 times higher than stainless steel, 2 times higher than carbon steel, 100 times higher than ordinary non-metallic. Its thermal conductivity is not only more than steel, iron, lead and other metal materials, and with the rise in temperature, thermal conductivity decreases, which is different from the general metal materials, at very high temperatures, graphite and even tend to adiabatic state. Therefore, the heat insulation properties of graphite are very reliable under ultra high temperature.
Q:Intermediate frequency induction furnace melting copper with what dry pot?
Select the appropriate size of the crucible, the size placed in the middle of the furnace ring, the gap has one point, just fine, and then wrapped inside the coil insulation cloth
Q:Does the graphite pan need preheating?
The matters should be paid attention to in the graphite crucible is used: 1. handling should be light light, breaking the surface coating, avoid rolling.2. should be stored in a dry environment, must not damp.3. for coke furnace, the bottom should use crucible seat, seat diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the bottom of the crucible bottom, to fully support not to tilt the.4. into the furnace, is not higher than the mouth. Between the crucible and the furnace wall is supporting such as the use of brick, brick should be higher than the export. The crucible furnace cover bearing in furnace wall.
Q:What graphite crucible is used to smelt aluminium by electromagnetic induction heating?
You buy that is very cheap graphite crucible, graphite crucible is magnetic good, Wuxi branch cast professional supply excellent magnetic crucible, graphite crucible, we can according to the customer, provide excellent technology of graphite crucible,
Q:Graphite electrode, high temperature resistant oxidation coating, formulation technology
Graphite materials synthetic materials under high temperature including graphite electrode, graphite mold and graphite crucible three, these three kinds of materials of graphite under high temperature, the graphite is prone to oxidation combustion reaction, cause the rubber surface material of carbon layer porosity increase and loose structure, influence the service life. Taking the conventional baking process of the ladle as an example, the surface of the carbon containing (graphite) refractory material is produced more than 15mm after being roasted, and the decarburization layer is eroded rapidly after being filled. The majority of graphite crucible using ZS-1021 high temperature resistant sealing coating, the coating with high temperature resistance, Sheng Chi Wei Hua special high temperature solution, temperature can reach 1800 DEG C, can long time open flame barbecue, coating materials with nano scale lamellar structure, good compactness, effectively prevent the diffusion of oxygen at high temperature, the hardness can reach 7-8H and the hardness is higher than the hardness of metals. Zhi Sheng Wei Hua ZS-1021 high temperature resistant coating paint closed dense coating formed on the graphite crucible, with strong anti corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation, anti discoloration effect, resistant properties. High temperature resistant sealing coating is applied to kiln, graphite, metal and so on. At the high temperature, the oxidation rate can reach more than 80%, and the energy saving efficiency of graphite crucible material can reach more than 95%.
Q:What material of graphite is used in arc furnace production?
First of all, what is your electric furnace product, smelting steel using high-power, ultra high power graphite electrode?.
Q:The use of earthy graphite?
As refractory material: graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength. They are mainly used in the metallurgical industry to make graphite crucibles. In the process of steelmaking, graphite is often used as a protective agent for steel ingots and lining of metallurgical furnaces.
Q:The difference between atomic absorption pyrolytic graphite tube and common graphite tube
The accuracy of flame atomic absorption spectrometry can be measured to 10-9g/ml orders of magnitude. 10-13g/ml order of magnitude can be measured by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry.
Our products are sold all over the country, and exported to America, Germany, Spain, India, Japan and Korea. Besides, we have strict management and advanced production technology. We promise we will win more clients and a larger market with honest commercial credit, high quality of products, competitive price and good service.

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Location Inner Mongolia,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
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Main Markets 7.14% North America
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