Graphite Crucible For Galloni/VCM

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Graphite casting crucible made of high pure graphite material, could be used with Galloni / VCM casting machine.

Graphite crucible for Galloni/VCM


Graphite crucible: OD 78 * H 120 MM,

Graphite stopper: OD 19* L200 MM


High purity, fine grain, good performance of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, high density, good corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, thermal stability, high mechanical strength, low permeability, and good oxidation resistance. The raw material is capable of producing various semiconductor molds and radio tube.

Graphite Materials index:

Content: 99.99% graphite

Density: 1.87g/cm3

Compressive strength: 65mPa

Shore hardness: 55

Porosity: 15%

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Q:When decomposing iron ore, why should it be carried out at low temperature?
The commonly used acid decomposition method is as follows:(1) hydrochloric acid decomposition of iron ore can generally be heated by hydrochloric acid decomposition, iron silicate soluble in hydrochloric acid, can add a little hydrofluoric acid or ammonium fluoride, the sample is completely decomposed. The dissolution rate of magnetite is very slow, add a few drops of stannous chloride solution, the decomposition speed is.(2) sulfuric acid hydrofluoric acid decomposition sample, in the platinum crucible and the plastic crucible, adds 1:1 sulfuric acid 10 drops, hydrofluoric acid 4-5ml, the low temperature heats up, when will emit three oxidation two sulfur white smoke, extracts with hydrochloric acid.(3) when sulfuric acid or sulfur phosphorus mixed acid (1:2) dissolves, the ore needs to be heated until the water is completely evaporated, and the white smoke of three sulfur trioxide is added, and then heated for several minutes. But the heating time should not be too long to prevent the formation of pyrophosphate.
Q:What are the carbon elements? What are their structures? What are their properties and uses?
At the vertex of the carbon atom and the carbon atom adjacent vertices by SP hybrid orbital overlap to form a bond, three sigma bonds each carbon atom was a pentagonal edges and two hexagonal edges. Three sigma bond of carbon atoms is not coplanar, the bond angle is about 108 degrees or 120 degrees therefore, the whole molecule is spherical. A p orbital of each carbon atom with the rest of the overlap each other to form a containing 60 pi electron closed shell electronic structure, so in the spherical cage and the cage around the pi electron cloud. Molecular orbital calculations show that footballene delocalized can greatly. In recent years, scientists have found that in addition to diamond, graphite, and some new existence in the form of element carbon. The earlier found and has made important progress in the study of the C60 molecule.
Q:How long does the graphite crucible extend its service life?
Must grasp the correct way to use, do not cause unnecessary losses, such as not take good, did not put, broken, and this is a great pity.
Q:Graphite used in graphite in the glass industry?
Graphite used in the glass industry, some graphite crucible furnace, because graphite temperature resistance is good, but the graphite products must be anti oxidation treatment.
Q:How long can a graphite crucible last for a long time?
High temperature resistance, graphite melting point is very high, in the vacuum of 3850 degrees, sublimation at low pressure, sublimation temperature of 2200 degrees, and the general material is different
Q:What magnetic material is sintered with large corundum crucible?
But the chemical stability is good, not in vacuum. Corundum, by contrast, is much cheaper.
Q:Melting the iron in the graphite crucible. Does the graphite in the crucible turn into carbon and it melts into the steel?
Graphite is a very pure substance, and graphite is a transition crystal. The carbon atoms in each layer of graphite are bonded by non-polar covalent bonds, and the molecular layers of graphite are joined by intermolecular forces. The melting point of the graphite crucible is 3652 to 3697 degrees (sublimation), so the graphite crucible is high temperature resistant.
Q:Why is the crucible burned and then black, oxidized, chemically?
The burning of incomplete carbon is attached, I think. Candles, for example, often do.
Q:Aluminum graphite crucible for iron crucible which is good
The graphite crucible can be heated by coke, and now the graphite crucible is faster than the iron crucible and higher than the iron crucible. If it is graphite crucible used in electric furnace, some manufacturers use it for about one year.
Q:What are the advantages of a smelting furnace using induction heating, and will it reduce costs?
On the surface of the electromagnetic oven if made of metal material, the use of the electromagnetic oven, the upper surface of the material to the loss of power electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic oven on the surface to be made from insulating material, the heating part is at the bottom of the pot, right A;
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