Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cyclonic Car Industrial 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

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Household Industrial Car 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cyclonic Car Industrial 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cyclonic Car Industrial 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic Stick Handheld 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner Model: 001

*Motor Wattage:400W 230V/50HZ
*Power cord4.0M length VDE approved power cord & plug
*Colorinjection color
*Tubes:metal tube
*Filter  :Fabric cloth bag filter
*Dust capacity:0.8 L 
*Brush1pc plastic bottom floor brush
*Speed controlfixed
*AccessoryNozzle and small Tool Suite

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2.4 international patents, 131 domestic patents, 10 software copyrights.


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A.25 pcs 


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Q:Vacuum Cleaners...please tell me the BEST one out there?!?!?!?
Most okorder.com/... It's been my experience that the more expensive vacuums don't last any longer than the cheap ones (about 2 years) so these are the ones I buy.
Q:When did the following items become common in American homes?
This isn't a History question. It's a homework question. All you have to do is look up each on Wikipedia and check the dates ... its just time consuming. I'll help you out with the first one because it's a little convoluted. Washing Machines invented in 1691. Available in Europe by the 1750's. Available in the US by 1843. NON-ELECTRIC washing machines were fairly common 1870's to 1900 Electric washing machines were available 1904. US electric washing machine became common in households by 1928.
Q:thinking of buying an LG compressor vaccum cleaner, does anyone have reveiws of this product?
Vacuum cleaners are very cheap at the moment and L G have a very good name in lots of products. We have always stuck to Hoover and use one called The One,good for picking animal hairs up.
Q:Fuse rating of vacuum cleaner, hitachi CV-2900?
My okorder.com good luck
Q:Dog owners, what's something that annoys your dog?
Annoys, as opposed to fearful of? If an undisciplined and uncontrolled dog is allowed by its thoughtless and inconsiderate owner to run over and is “in his face” assertive throwing its weight around, that will be stopped by “telling” the other dog not to mess with him by his confident posture and vocalization. By nature he is a confident, sound, even tempered and mellow dog that does not look for trouble or instigate a fracas but neither will be back down and run/cower if a dog is shows aggression. The ***** is reactive to a couple of sounds, and either stands by my side, knowing that I will handle her problems or checks back at me and if she sees I am calm and confident, will think there is no reason to be anxious and forget about it quickly.
Q:I need a new vacuum cleaner, what should I buy?
I prefer the canister cleaners. It's best all-around. You can use it for your car, too. You can't find them everywhere anymore. We have stairs in our house. Canisters are more flexible and they are not as heavy as the carpet vacuum cleaner (we have a Hoover also). We buy ours from Sears Roebuck. We pick the best one we can afford and the last one we replaced lasted us almost 20 yrs. of regular usage and then we gave it away to my husband's boss and bought a new one because I noticed that although it still worked, it had lost some suction strength. We also have a small shop vac. which I like because I needed it to pick up some rubble when work was done in our home and we also can use it to sweep our car and it's Very light. It's not a good carpet sweeper, though. No vibrating brush and we had to get an adapter to fit a smaller hose and extension tubes, plus the nozzle I didn't have already in order to sweep floor..
Q:I want to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. I want to go bagless. What are some good brands?
I bought a bagless one and it was a huge mistake. The damned thing overheats and gets plugged up with dog hair and I hate it. However, my used cheap kenmore I bought at the local thrift store just powers on and on forever. But out of the brands you mentioned, Hoover is probably the best...at least my mom's Hoovers over the years lasted a long time. But again, if you have heavy stuff like dog hair to clean, be careful with the bagless...in my experience, anyway, it just didn't do the job. Oh, yeah, my bagless is a Eureka boss. Looks great, works like crap.
Q:If earth atmosphere was twice as dense, by how much % power consumption of vacuum cleaners would change?
Sasha, Are you up to you tricks again? Lets assume the airflow is incompressible. Let power of the vacuum be equal to the kinetic energy added to air over a certain time t P=[ .5 m v^2]/t m=Vp m - mass of air v- velocity of air (related to the RPM of the motor) p - density of air So what is P1/P2? P2 - normal density of air and P1 is twice the normal density. We have P1/P2=[ .5 m1 v1^2]/t1 / [ .5 m2 v2^2]/t2 since t1=t 2 and v1=v2 P1/P2=m1/m2 P1/P2=V1p1/V2p2 since V1=V2 P1/P2=p1/p2=2 So the power will be doubled for doubling the density... ********** But wait! ********** If vacuum cleaner works by creating an air flow and it is air molecules that whip the dust particles out of their hiding places then we may drop the rpm of the motor by half and therefore the power will be the same. P1=P2
Q:interstate compact electra vacuum cleaner?
Try looking on OKorder under vintage vacuum cleaners
Q:Why are our pets so afraid of vacuum cleaners?
Cats listen at a larger scale then people benefit this he probably hears stuff that you may't (like, nerve wrecking stuff). My cats have adjusted to having issues vaccumed considering they have been residing with it for 12 years now--they basically upward push up on some thing severe (the position we do not vacuum) or a minimum of off the floor like a chair or mattress and sit down up there truly comfortable. We under no circumstances tease them with the vaccum, we basically get the flooring performed as rapidly as a chance. you've basically had your guy for 2 weeks so that is possibly some thing truly new (and noisy) for him. he receives used to it yet do not tease him with the vacuum ever, and basically reassure him quietly as you vacuum. Even our skiddish male has grown so blase about the vacuum.

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