Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner Household Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaner

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40000 unit/month

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Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner Household Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaner

Model: 803

* Unit dimension635*120*140mm
* Colorinjection color 
* Input voltage220V 50/60Hz 
* Nominal power400w
* Dust tank capacity0.8L
* Cable lengthNo (A Charger with cable length 1.45m)
* Suction power≥10W
* Noice≤72Db
* Speed controlNo 
* Accessorycrevice tools

Flat brush absorption
* Floor brushPlastic 

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Our strong R&D workshop can support us to produce goods 100% according to our customers' requirements.

We offer full-color logo imprint, laser engrave, heat-stamp and other logo imprint method.


Q1. Which certification do you have for the products ?

CE,CB,GS,RoHS,3C is available if you need.

Q2. Do you have existing robot dust cleaner samples?

Yes, we have. 

Q3. Do you custom logo? What is logo method?

Yes, we can custom any logo of robot vacuum cleaner you need. Our logo method is silkscreen and gold stamping. 

Q4.Does the company allow customized new item?

Yes. as we have professional R&D team, so we can help to work out new items.

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Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
the dyson seems to be a great vacume, but it is no where close to your budget, and when you go shopping, you will find the 700 dollar price tag on the one you want is unacceptable...yes there is a difference. instead, I suggest a eureka bagless vacume. I got mine for 85 dollars at Lowes. it comes with a dusting wand that is cleaned by the vacume. And it has incredible suction, and all filters are washable in your sink. since you have a 300 dollar budget, they sell a great attatchment for this vacume for pet hair on furniture ...I use it to vacume my another great option is a shop vac for pre vacuming around pet beds. Any small shop vac works great for this. Have fun shopping.
Q:where can i buy electrolux vacuum cleaner filter bag here in the manila Philippines...?
We have a bagless vacume. We shake the filter off every time when empty the tank and change at the recomended times. We have never had the trouble you have described. I think your vacume is messed up. I really like the bagless.
Q:Can you recommend a good vacuum cleaner that uses HEPA filters to filter the exhaust air?
either the miele brand cannister vacuum or the sebo brand upright vacuums are pretty much the best machines out there. Both machines use hepa our s-class filtration which in vacuum terms is very close to each other. The miele cannister is the best in my oponion, mainly because the machine is sealed better, thus all the exhaust air has to pass through the filter, and only the filter. I've sold the miele's for eleven years and in my sixteen years of repairing vacuum cleaners are the best in the market
Q:Can any of the iRobot Roomba work on normal carpet?
Roomba Carpet
Q:Vacuum Question?
They are expensive but I would get a Dyson if I were you. I bought one a few months ago and it is AWESOME! It has a canister that holds the dust and junk the vacuum sucks up. You hold it over the garbage, hit a button and it all falls out. You never have to touch the crap inside ever. It is easy and super clean. I have had every type of vacuum out there including bagless. I hated it cause it made a freaking mess when you went to empty it. There were also a bunch of different filters...I think 3 or 4 that you had to clean and buy all the time. With the Dyson it has a lifetime guarantee (equal to 100 years) and you never have to buy another filter or bag again! They really are worth the $$$!
Q:How can a vacuum cleaner take out the dust?
This pressure difference is that the vacuum cleaner uses the high speed rotation of the motor to drive the fan blades to rotate so that a partial vacuum is generated inside the vacuum cleaner.
Q:What is a good, inexpensive hand-held vacuum cleaner?
I quite have a airborne dirt and dirt devil hand held vacuum i like it. i take advantage of it in my motor vehicle different places i'm very extremely joyful by potential of this is suction overall performance. take a seem on the hand held vacuums at Sears additionally. I did yet nevertheless went with the DD. the baggage, upload-ons are constantly uncomplicated to discover interior the shops.
Q:which vacuum is best in 2010?
the bagged vacuum cleaners work ok but it is trying to finding the bags when they stop making that model. a good vacuum last at least 5 to 7 years. i personally went for the Eureka pet fresh. 1 for the pet attachment. 2.) the cost because i have family members that don't respect the tools needed for cleaning the house. and 3.) the biggest on of all more suction power it is still 12 amps but when you put the pet adapter on it is turbo...people think i am odd but it works. i am a female male i want my power tools to work and kick butt. i don't have time to clean with half as tools. 4.) finally it has no bags it does have filters, I find having a bag less vacuum i can clean it monthly and it does not have any issues and i do empty the container after every vacuum use. the Dyson is my goal. and oh yes the Eureka is heavy
Q:Miele Vacuum Cleaner?
we have a Miele Blue Moon. We also had a very hairy dog. But we bought it because of allergies. it picks up and keeps dust mite droppings which no other vacuum does. but you have to change the HEPA once a year for it to do that. The bags and hepa are rather costly but we have had it 9 years and it works great. The only other tip I'd give is keep the height setting one setting higher if you find it is overheating when you vacuum. we have shag carpet so it was overheating the powerhead set at 1. We love it and it definitely works better than the less expensive models.
Q:Are black holes really cosmic vacuum cleaners?
No for two reasons 1) Vacuum cleaners do not work in a vacuum. 2) There are no 13A sockets in space

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