Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner Household Car Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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40000 unit/month

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Household Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner Household Car Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner Household Car Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Model: 807

* Unit dimension635*120*140mm
* Colorinjection color 
* Input voltage220V 50/60Hz 
* Nominal power600w
* Dust tank capacity0.8L
* Cable lengthNo (A Charger with cable length 1.45m)
* Suction power≥10W
* Noice≤72Db
* Speed controlNo 
* Accessorycrevice tools

Flat brush absorption
* Floor brushPlastic 

* Gift box:650*390*305mm
* Master carton:N/A
* Quantity/GB:1 unit
* Packaging material:Double corrugated cardboard
* loading qty (20'/40'/40H'):2064/4500/5040pcs

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Q5.Does the items allowed to sold overseas?

Of course yes, the design of this vacuum cleaners belongs to the factory,

with patent design,so the item can be sold anywhere freely.

Q6. What payment methods do you accept and are they secure?

L/C, T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment.

Q7.If the item with warranty service?

Of course yes.All our vacuum cleaners with 1year warranty service.

Q8. Are you the trader or manufacturer?

We are the professional manufacturer of variouse of vacuum cleaners, welcome to visit our factory.

Q9.What's your capacity ?

Our producing capacity is 80,000~100,000pcs / month.

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Q:What is the difference between a 2200W and 2000W vacuum cleaner?
The difference may be more -or less- than one consuming 10% more wattage. The trouble is that both may have about the same performance regardless of the differences in their motors and fans. Some ways to determine their differences are: Measure the strength of suction (for vacuum cleaners, this is commonly measured in inches of water column, but can be measured in inches of mercury). Measure the cubic volume of air flowing into the machine per minute. Measure the cubic volume of sand or other particles each machine can pick up in a specific period of time.
Q:Difference between Dyson DC15 Animal and DC 15 Full Kit?
Only difference I see is the Animal comes with dry powder and spot spray cleaners. The technical specs are the exact same. I'd say save the $50 and get the Full Kit.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Lost Suction?
If you have done all the checks to make sure there isn't a blockage then it seems you have a major problem. Most vacuum cleaners have a propeller (fan blade) that directs the air in the proper direction to effect suction. These propellers are usually made from plastic which over time will break especially when struck by a hard object that has entered the vacuum. It may be that yours is broken. If the vacuum is expensive it may be worth your money to have it repaired. If not, then toss it and buy another.
Q:Anyone here ever worked or is working for Kirby Vacuum cleaners?
ha ha ha Are they still going door to door? ha ha ha Seriously, Kirby use to make a darn good vacuum. I don't know about now but when I was a kid....... Interesting question!
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Q:Would you rather buy a Small vacuum cleaners or Used The vacuum cleaners at the Car Wash ?
When they are between detailing i have a small car vacuum of my own.. it seems as though every time i relied on the car wash vacuum they were broken or filthy.
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3...and two additional for outside = 5
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Q:At wallmart or any other store do they sell any steam cleaner vacuums? ?
Just to let you know about steam cleaner vacuums. I do cleaning as my side business while my kids are at school. I have found that if you live in a pristine house then they work very well. But if you live in a house like a normal person then they are serious hard work. Everything has to come off the floor and it can leave a watery marks (not permanent) on lino. I found that they also don't let you get into the corners at all. Just so you know.

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