Hammer line available hydraulic crawler excavator

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Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: YUGONG

Model Number: WY150

Condition: New

Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight: 14000kg

Bucket capacity: 0.52CBM

Maximum Digging Height: 8800mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 5500mm

Machine Weight: 14000kg

Max Digging Radius: 8400mm

Rated Speed: 2.3/4.2 km/h

Certification: ISO9001:2008

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Engine Model: Yuchai YC6B125Z

Engine Power: 92kw/2200rpm

Overall Dimension: 7890*2800*2760mm

Max unloading height: 6400mm

Rotation speed: 14 r/min

Hydraulic system pressure: 30 Mpa

Track shoe width: 600mm

OEM service: Provided

Crawler excavator color: Clients' favor

Optional engine: Original imported engines


Technical Data for hydraulic crawler excavator 14ton

MODEL:WY150(crawler excavator)





Bucket Width(mm):


Bucket Capacity(mm):


Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm):


Ground Clearance(mm):


Performance Parameters:

Travel Speed(km/h):

(Low)/(High) 2.3/4.2

Swing Speed(rpm):


Grade ability(%):


Max.Track Force(kn):


Operation Range:

Max Digging Height(mm):


Max Digging Depth(mm):


Max Digging Radius(mm):


Max Dumping Height(mm):


Hydraulic System:

Rated Pressure(mpa):


360 degree revolution

The way of drive:




Standard engine:









With big power air-conditioner

· Pump, valve, swing assembly, traveling assembly

Made in Korea

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Q:tank treads?
what about rubber treads, as used on small excavators etc
Q:If I met a woman who ran an excavator at a precious metals open pit mine, would she be a gold digger?
Yes, she is a gold-digger. Can I say yes at least here though? without Feminists hounding me with a million TDs and/or violation reports?
Q:LOL excavator how to play, specific loading and playing? One hundred
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Q:I need complete description of the process by which electricity is produced in a coal based thermal power plan
In boiler, the coal is heated. The coal heats water passing through the boiler, creating high-temperature, high pressure steam. In a turbine, the high-temperature, high pressure steam is further compressed by the turbine nozzle, turning the turbine rotor. The turbine rotor shaft speed is limited to a specific RPM by a valve upstream of the turbine. The turbine shaft has magnets connected to it, which create an electric field, generating 3-phase AC. The steam leaves the turbine, goes through a condenser (using cooling water), the condensate (water) leaves the condenser. A pump adds energy to the water, moving it back to the boiler.
Q:Anyone have any reviews on the Zoomed excavator clay substrate? I would like to use this with a mixture w/sand?
if you have turtles you are not supposed to give them sand. they will mistakenly eat it which can mess up their digestive system, cause them pain, and possibly death
i would just use the clay you have been using since nothing bad has happened
Q:What did Baby Jesus' birth certificate list under father's name and father's occupation?
Father's Name = God (an off-world entity Lunar Excavator) Mother's Name = Mary (1-VERY *hot* Virgin)
Q:hydraulic problem on Cat 325b excavator?
The hydraulic pump supplies the pressurised oil to the control valves, which have solenoids on them that enable oil drift by way of them when vigor is applied, which depending on utility makes a hyd cylinder or hyd power motor operate. The handles on either facet of the operaters chair have micro switches inside them that energy the solenoids on the valves. The valve physique assemblys, or sandwich valves they're known as, are equipped to be pressure ajusted independently to make more or less movement to anything it operates. On the bottom of the valve theres a cover for the valve spool, the allen wrench becoming in the base is the pressure ajuster. However don't attempt to AJUST strain ON ANY a part of THE HYDRAULIC procedure with no TRIPLE pressure REG GAUGE. PRESSURES IN method EXCEED 3000 PSI AND IF INCORRECTLY AJUSTED would motive A strain factor TO FAIL AND damage OR KILL YOUR SELF OR any one ELSE
Q:Can I write-off equipment if it is part of a stock purchase?
You can depreciate them over their remaining useful lives at their market value when purchased.
Q:How long is the normal wait to get an excavator to start digging for a basement?
It depends entirely on the area of the country you are in, the weather, and the excavator you have chosen. There is no average wait time. If you are building your own home, you are at a disadvantage with an excavator, and will be at a disadvantage with every subcontractor you deal with during the construction of your home. You are only building one home, while the builders they normally work for build multiple homes per year. Every subcontractor will put off your job and give priority to the builders who hire them month after month and year after year. Unfortunately, you may be a one shot deal. Good luck with your situation.

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