good quality car rims 17 inch black effective energy-saving

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1,auto wheel rim 
2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength 
4, low price 
5, Standard:TS16949/IS2


 BK409 auto wheel rim for a car

1,auto wheel rim

2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength

4, low price

5, Standard:TS16949/IS2002,VIA,.TSE and GMC

13X6.0 +30 100-114.3 4H

  • My company produces and exports alloy wheel s for years with good quality and competitive prices. We offer the quality customize wheel for aftermarket as well replica wheels. We have the size range from 12 inches to 24inches. We can make the wheels as chrome or paint finish. We promise the prompt delivery and reasonable price. We have the capacity of 15,0000pcs per month . So we can meet the quantity you want. Welcome anybody who want to deal these products to contact us.Up to now, we have enjoyed good popularity all over the world.

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Q:i dont understand wheel fitment?
There are different grades of copper. M is strictly for residential use. It has red lettering down the length of the pipie. L has blue lettering and is a little thicker walled and has more durability than M. Commercial grade is K and has green lettering. I do my own plumbing on my house. I always use at least L type. Very little more cost and once it is covered up, there is less worry. A few months ago I paid about $15.00 at H. Depot/Arizona for 10'.
Q:How do you make normal bike wheels function as tricycle wheels?
First, keep in mind that only ONE wheel should have power to it or when you turn the outside wheel will skid around and might make you lose control. If you are planning to use a standard wheel for the drive wheel, take the bearings out then tighten the cones right into the hub body. REALLY tight. Add a locknut on both ends of the axle. The next question is, how are you planning to drive that wheel without a LONG axle that extends to the chainline? Were it me doing this I would use a piece of 3/4 diameter (19mm) heavy gauge tubing and have it welded to the hub, then work out a differential that houses the bearings at both ends. Unless you are very good at this type of thing I am afraid you'll discover that it would be cheaper to buy a ready-made trike. I just thought of something that would be really cool. how about modelling a big bike after a kiddies bike- with pedals on the front wheel? That would solve all your problems- just make crank arms that'll fit the front wheel and also act as the axle.
Q:F1 Formula One Why not use a wheel cover
FIA's biggest requirement is security, the wheel cover from the accident will cause accidents, the provisions of the ban on the use of the
Q:steering wheel shaking?
Most generally steering wheel shake at speed is due to tire balance. On rare occasions it can be due to a tire with a belt that is broken or defective. Any good tire shop should be able to diagnose and correct it.
Q:Do skateboard wheels make much of a difference?
Skateboard Wheel Types
Q:Do wheelchairs have wheels?
NO THEY DO NOT of course they do wheelchair is a wheelchair cos of the wheels on a chair DURGH WHEELS
Q:Mountain wheel group included
The wheel group includes rims, strips, and hubs.
Q:Introduce the wheel galaxy
The Cartwheel Galaxy (ESO 350-40) is a lenticular galaxy located in the feathered seat, 500 million light years away from the Earth, and its diameter is about 150,000 light years.
Q:When the car is hanging back to the right direction is not the left side of the wheel
Reversing the right side of the right to hit the car to the left to go to the left, left to the left to the left to the left to go to the left.
Q:Enjoi skateboard wheels?
Flow Master makes nice sounding exhaust system. They are very popular out here in the country. You will have to ask some auto parts store.

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