FJ138T vacuum cleaner wet &dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200W high suction power

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Item specifice:

collection bin capacity: 5L vacuum: >17kpa noise: <75dB
input voltage: 220v-240V input frequency: 50/60Hz brush material: metal/plastic
power: 1200W

Product Description:

FJ122L vacuum cleaner


Body material: PP,ABS

Collection bin capacity:5L

Wet&Dry Vacuum cleaner

Muiti-Directional canister for easy moving

High suction power



without speed control, with cord rewinder

FJ138T vacuum cleaner wet &dry Vacuum Cleaner  1200W high suction power

FJ138T vacuum cleaner wet &dry Vacuum Cleaner  1200W high suction power

FJ138T vacuum cleaner wet &dry Vacuum Cleaner  1200W high suction power

FJ138T vacuum cleaner wet &dry Vacuum Cleaner  1200W high suction power

PRICE ABOUT FJ122L vacuum cleaner

metal tube   (+)USD0.8

metal brush  (+)USD0.35

Copper motor (+)USD0.5

1. The basic price is for MOQ of 1X40'GP per model.

2. The final price depends on your requirements choosed from above.




Horizontal vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because of its "head" is equipped with an electric fan. 

The rotating shaft of the fan impeller, electricity, ventilation opportunity to 500 times per second speed generate strong suction and pressure, under the effect of suction and pressure, high speed air discharge, and air blower front suction part constantly supplement fan in the air, resulting in cleaner internal instantaneous vacuum is produced, and the outside atmospheric pressure forming negative pressure brush, took over the long, bent pipes, hoses, hose connectors into the bag dust filter, the retention of dust and debris in the dust filter bag, air through the filter after purification, from the tail of the body discharge. Horizontal vacuum cleaner with different parts. It can accomplish different cleaning tasks, such as with the upper brush can clean the ground, with a flat brush can be sofa cleaning, bed sheets, curtains, etc., with small suction nozzle can remove the dirt in the small corner of the dust, and household appliances.

Horizontal vacuum cleaner application areas: carpet, car cleaning, electrical appliances, home, etc

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Q:Why vacuum cleaners? Why not suction cleaners?
It's a name, it's not that important. You can call them suction cleaners if you want. .
Q:Is avoiding cars and vacuum cleaners good for your heart? Does fish oil help?
That's ridiculous.
Q:whats the difference between vacuum cleaners in 1901 and vacuum now?
there beter
Q:Are tornadoes God's vacuum cleaners?
What brand vacuum cleaner do you use? I'll put it on a list.
Q:Professional House Cleaners only please suggest a vacuum?
I have found the best hoover to use is a Henry you can clean all floors with ease. it has an extra long power cord and hose and is extremely robust and easy to clean out. Especially useful for wet spills as well!! Many office buildings and hotels use a Henry and its not that expensive to buy. I have had a Henry forever and knock on wood it has not failed me yet. I hope this helps and you and Henry will have many happy years together.
Q:Certified air purifier/vacuum?
When you only run the vacuum for 30 mins a week it doesn't make too much of a difference if you want cleaner air you must purchase an air purifier. IQair is said to be a very good brand though spendy.
Q:What is a great vacuum for small spaces?
Hi, Hope this helps.
Q:Vacuum cleaner went ka-put?
Kirby's are very good vaccums and if you go to a Kirby store you can trade in your broken one for a new one and it will only cost a small amount. Then when that one craps out you trade it again. It's really cool actually. Hope this helps! Nick
Q:Poll: Sitting here with only a towel on. Sexy or not?
Don't you have a vacuum cleaner u can abuse, loser?
Q:Cost to get vacuum fixed?
This may sound silly, but it happened to me. Our vacuum brush roller stopped working, too. Turned out that the sliding switch that gave the bare floor/carpet option wasn't fully engaged. If you have a switch like that, check it. Also, if you still have the manual for it you may want to check under the troubleshooting section or look on their website. At any rate, I take my vacuum cleaners to Sears for repairs. It usually runs me $60.00 - $80.00, depending on the problem. You may want to shop around. Ask people in your area who they go to. Sears is more expensive, but they're reputable and stand behind their work. Hope this helps!

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