1200W vacuum cleaner/INJECTION COLOUR /PLASTIC TUBE/PLASTIC BRUSH/high suction power

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FJ153 vacuum cleaner


Body material: PP,ABS

Vacuum: ≥20Kpa

Power wire length:5m

Collection bin capacity:2.6L

with speed control, with cord rewinder



1200W vacuum cleaner/INJECTION COLOUR /PLASTIC TUBE/PLASTIC BRUSH/high suction power

1200W vacuum cleaner/INJECTION COLOUR /PLASTIC TUBE/PLASTIC BRUSH/high suction power

1200W vacuum cleaner/INJECTION COLOUR /PLASTIC TUBE/PLASTIC BRUSH/high suction power

1200W vacuum cleaner/INJECTION COLOUR /PLASTIC TUBE/PLASTIC BRUSH/high suction power

About price of FJ133 Vacuum Cleaner

The basic price is for MOQ of 1X40'GP per model.

The final price depends on your requirements choosed from above



Horizontal vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because of its "head" is equipped with an electric fan. The rotating shaft of the fan impeller, electricity, ventilation opportunity to 500 times per second speed generate strong suction and pressure, under the effect of suction and pressure, high speed air discharge, and air blower front suction part constantly supplement fan in the air, resulting in cleaner internal instantaneous vacuum is produced, and the outside atmospheric pressure forming negative pressure brush, took over the long, bent pipes, hoses, hose connectors into the bag dust filter, the retention of dust and debris in the dust filter bag, air through the filter after purification, from the tail of the body discharge.

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Q:What sound always annoys the crap out of you?
Loud Rap music
Q:I think I've got myself involved with an incompetent employer. How long should I stay?
Look for a new job but dont quit, its easier to find a job with a job
Q:What is your vacuum cleaners worst enemy besides neglect? Want to NEVER buy another vacuum filter again?
Thanks, my dog's hair ALWAYS clogs my vacuum
Q:Can you connect a pool vacuum to a sump pump instead of the pool pump?
WOW I am impressed by the ingenuity McGuyver but I am not going to guess, If you try it post back and let me know how it worked out the new pool pump was a wise choice
Q:why do dogs hate vacuum cleaners so much?
that is a great question....probably cuz they have no smell make a big noise so the dogs can't figure it out....I have 2 labs, they run when the vacuum comes out....ha!
Q:does anyone own a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner? do they work well or break down within months?
Hi, okorder.com Many thanks Darran Dyson Customer Service
Q:What's a better choice? Upright or canister vacuum cleaner?
It relies upon on how lots you're keen to spend. I actually have a Rainbow and it incredibly is the terrific vacuum cleanser i've got ever owned. that's bagless, the airborne dirt and mud from the flooring is going right into a container you place water in and have faith me, it pulls issues out of my carpet that i did no longer understand have been there. An further bonus is you may upload air freshners to the water and it makes your place scent so solid after vacuuming. that's of the cannister variety comes with popular attachments. I, such as you have pets interior the living house to me, it incredibly is the only thank you to flow. Rainbow's are costly although yet you're able to good fortune up and %. up a used one. solid good fortune on your quest!
Q:Has anyone used one of those robotic vacuum cleaners (they vacuum floor by themselves). How effective was it?
They work great just as long as you dont have rugs that might get stuck in it. Tile floors with quite a bit of open room is perfect. They also sell little sensors that dter the vac from certain areas that you might consider. The scheduler can be programmed to venture out at a certain time then return for charging after completion of its rounds. Great product!
Q:Which one is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?
Are you cleaning carpet or hard surface floors? Based on my experience an up right cleaner is best for carpet, and a canister for hard surface floors. And, in either case to manage pet hair consider a bag-less cleaner. This allows you to clean the receptacle frequently and maintain good suction. Another pointer, to clean on the first pass, push slowly. This seems to be a big help with pet hair on carpet. My hoover windtunnel has stood up well to the challenge of multiple, hair-manufacturing pets. I also use and love the iRobot as a supplement cleaner. I have a programmable version and it runs every night through the main living areas of my home, both carpet and hard surfaces. This has been a god send and improved my relationships with my dog and cats. And, by the way, the best prices for both of these are likely through Costco, on line or in-store.
Q:I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner - is the Dyson really as good they say?
Not really. I've decided I hate bag-less vacuums and will never buy another. I loved my Rainbow (broken) vacuum and will get one of those or one with a bag.

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