Fiber Cement Board Without Asbestos Green China

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Technical Data







Water contain



Water absorption




Grade A1 incombustible

Bending strength

Oven dry



M pa



M pa

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China

Brand Name: CMAX

Density: More than 1.2g/cm3

Application: Ceiling ,Wall panel, Floor, partition

Specification: 2440*1220mm(Length*Width)

Thickness: 6/7/8/9/10/12/18/25 mm

Advantage: Easy-installing, Eco friendly

In-combustibility: GB8624-1997 Grade A1

Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board


Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment.


Sound and Weather Resistant:

Karmeen fiber cement boards deliver optimal sound and weather insulation. Noise as well as changing weather conditions such as freeze / thaw, heat and water pose no threat to fiber cement board. The boards retain their shape at all times.


Low Maintenance:

The ability of the boards to resist mold and algae attacks is equally impressive. The result is a long-lived façade that saves you time and effort on inconvenient and costly repairs and repaints. 



The boards are non-combustible, which is your guarantee for a safe building.


Easy Handling:

Karmeen fiber cement boards are flexible and easy to handle. They can be delivered cut to size, ready for installation. All this makes for lower construction costs, shorter construction times, and lower installed costs. 

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Q:The roof of the cement board everywhere cracked, how to do
At present, the better choice is the polymer waterproofing membrane: waterproof concrete and waterproof mortar two, this waterproof method is simple, easy construction, ordinary masons according to the general plaster construction method can achieve good quality requirements, and low cost , The same waterproof method under the premise of technical level, the overall cost is much lower than the flexible waterproof material for other waterproof materials 1 / 2-1 / 3, the most important thing is safe non-toxic environmental protection, but if the construction process is not good, Cement mortar is likely to crack, repair will be more trouble.
Q:breaking cement blocks?
condition the edge of the hand on an anvil for at least a year, then start with patio blocks. Blocks must be dry, new, and not painted.
Q:How thick concrete boards are used in the room walls
According to consumption standards, the general external wall plastering three layers, the bottom, middle, surface layer, the total thickness of the three layers in the 15 - 20MM, the thickest not over 25MM. Generally about 5MM bottom, the middle 5 - 12MM or so, the surface layer 2 --- 5MM.
Q:is taping cement board necessary?
its a waste of time to tape the joints. once the substrate is combed with cement its bonded together taped or not.
Q:What is the material cut off both the fire and cheap
Now there are a lot of white iron keel plus gypsum board partition, both convenient construction and cheap also fire.
Q:Is GAF TOPCOAT Membrane a good idea to use on my wetroom bathroom walls as a waterproofer over cement board?
bad idea. you are writing about a roofing material and your cement board already is the right material to use. topcoat means just that. is the GAF product to be the finish of your bath? course not!
Q:applying 6x6 Porcelain tile over hardibacker cement board?
Custom Building products, sold at Home Depot is what I ve used for years.. You can use the white or grey, just that the grey is just a bit cheaper too. For porcelains you ll want the Flexbond line in the Custom thin set. It s the one recommended for porcelains. Also in the past I ve used H B Fuller s Tec lines of thin sets. love that line, it mixes to a nice creamy consistancy. But its not as available to the public and more expensive. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:I use the card light steel keel to do the wall and ceiling, do not want to be fooled, seeking the experience of the people advise
Card keel is used to do the ceiling, do less wall First of all you want to do with what? What is the effect of the design effect? Home improvement or tooling. Home improvement, then you should use a small aluminum ceiling, a small area of ordinary wood keel can, with the keel, simple. Tooling with the words, is the consideration, the specific effect and the use of the main material.
Q:how do i attach cement backerboard to an existing drywall that's textured?
find the studs to screw into and use liquid nails
Q:What is the difference between building curtain wall and architectural facade decoration?
Curtain wall is the type of plate hanging in the main structure of the external walls, like a hanging screen named. Note: is the external wall. Exterior decoration is to meet the use of external walls and the image of the installation and modification. This is two different concepts. The exterior wall can be divided into light curtain wall and heavy curtain wall. Lightweight, such as glass curtain wall, metal sheet curtain wall, fiber cement curtain wall, composite sheet curtain wall. Heavy curtain wall such as reinforced concrete wall hanging plate. Exterior decoration is more

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