Diesel Generator Volvo 300kw/380kva

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Product Description:

Product Description

A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electrical energy. This is a specific case of engine-generator. A diesel compression-ignition engine often is designed to run on fuel oil, but some types are adapted for other liquid fuels or natural gas.

Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to a power grid, or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails, as well as for more complex applications such as peak-lopping, grid support and export to the power grid.


Main Product Features:

General Features: EngineVOLVO TAD1343GE    

Radiator 55`C max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard 

24V charge alternator

Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H 


Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, pre-filter, coolant filter  

Main line circuit breaker

Standard control panel

Oil drain pump

Two12V batteries, rack and cable 

Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon, flange, muffler 

User manual


Product Specifications:

1. Manufacturer / Model: VOLVO TAD1343GE, 4-cycle

2. Air Intake System: Turbo, Air/Air Cooling

3. Fuel System: Elec. Injection, Common Rail    

4. Cylinder Arrangement: 6 in line

5. Displacement: 12.78L

6. Bore and Stroke: 131*158mm

7. Compression Ratio: 18.1

8. Rated RPM: 1500rpm

9. Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM: 356KW/484HP (with fan)

10. Governor Type: EMS2



Q1: What is Prime Power and Standby Power Rating?

A1: Prime Power (PRP): Prime power is available for an unlimited number of annual hours in variable load application, in accordance with GB/T2820-97eqv ISO8528; A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within a 12-hour period of operation. Standby Power Rating (ESP): The standby power rating is applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of a utility power interruption. No overload, utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capability is available at this rating


Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. 


Q3: How soon can we receive the product after purchase?

A3: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 30 to 40 workdays.


Q4: What is your after sales service?

A4: CNBM provides a full line of brand new and high quality products. Each and every unit is strictly factory tested. Warranty is according to our standard conditions: a, 15 months, counted on the day CNBM sold to the first buyer; b, One year after installation; c, 1000 running hours (accumulated); subject to the earlier one. Service and parts are available from CNBM or distributors in your location.  


Diesel Generator Volvo 300kw/380kva

Diesel Generator Volvo 300kw/380kva

Diesel Generator Volvo 300kw/380kva

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Q:If diesel engine generator stopped for long time, what the maintenance it needs?
First make sure the fuel is fresh periodically. Old fuel deteriorates makes it hard it start and run. Second check the oil see if it is clean, check the oil filter too. Third check the fuel filter, change once a year if not used because of bad / old fuel. Forth Check the out put of the engine / voltage / oil pressure / amperage / operating temperature / current fuses / transfer switches are working properly. Listen and make sure the engine is running smooth, no misses. Should be good to go then.
Q:How much would electric cost me per month on Oahu?
Hey kesha, welcome to Hawaii, ok? So, lectricity very spensive hea Hawaii, main reason gonna be that we generate with Diesel Generator, which cost lot, ok? Now some wind generator hea, but sad thing is, it MORE SPENSIVE than Diesel, hard to believe, but true, ok? Also, few months ago supplier of diesel for generators try to get state to allow import of Palm Oil, for use inna generators, but all greenie/whale hugger/sierra club idiots stop that cause they say palm oil production cause rainforest to go away, ok? Stupid people, I say, it would have cut cost of diesel in HALF, but would require replacement and modification of some of the diesel engine, but still cost less for people, but not gonna happen now, ok? Most of residential property hea, like studio apartment, gonna have they own meter, and cost per Kilowatt hour round $.35, ok? Now that not sound like too much, cept that if you compare to otha place, like for instance LA, they pay bout $.15, for same amount, ok? Or, place like Las Vegas, they pay bout $.08 per KWhour, ok? So, you can see gonna add up inna hurry, specially if you use lectric to heat water, cook, clean, a/c, which gonna be normal for lotta place hea, specially on Oahu, yeah? So, lotta people I talk to pay 100 to 120/ month for lectric, but you can save some money too, by not leave no lite on, take cool/warm and very short shower, ( if you use lectric water heater), not use A/C, eva cept onna really hot day, use sweeper rather than vacuum, keep fridge on higher setting, you can maybe get it down to 50, 60 buck a month, ok? Hope this help, peace and aloha to you!
Q:Does a nuclear power plant get it electricity from its own reactor or an outside source?
Credible? How's this I carry a Q point secure practices clearance from the U. S. NRC. I worked in nuclear vegetation for 2 years. the main section of the sequence to generate ability type nuclear capability is the reactor center. in the middle, a self-conserving nuclear fission reaction is going on. The splitting of the Uranium 235 nucleus via a neutron motives the ejection of two neutrons which in turn, splits 2 extra nucleus'. alongside with the neutron ejection is the releases of a extensive volume of capability in the variety of warmth. A coolant, regularly water is circulated below severe tension to this center. The tension facilitates the water to learn warmth capability yet stay a liquid. After the coolant leaves the reactor containment section, the tension is suddenly decreased. This kinds steam, that's used to coach extensive turbines related to the two superb turbines. those create the electrical powered ability. The expended decrease tension steam is condensed and then returns to the middle to do the cycle lower back.
Q:Pros and cons of Air cooled Engine Vs Liquid cooled Engine in Diesel Generators of Higher Capacity?
Air cooled: bigger, noisier, hotter, dirtier, simpler to maintain, more expensive, no freezing risk, burn more engine oil. Liquid-cooled: all the opposite than above.
Q:building a small electric generator for storm outages?
Since you are nor an engineer, I think you'd better bought that generator. From you need, I guess something with capacity of 1000-2000 watts is enough. Things you need to consider: Quiet or noisy one (of course the quiet one is more expensive) Fuel (gasoline, diesel, or LPG)
Q:What are some basic things or advice you can tell me about buying a portable generator?
Living on the coast and surviving hurricane Ike I did learn a thing or two about generators. The cheap ones are just that. Cheap. If you want one that will last a while go with a name you recognize like Coleman or Honda. (both great, but Honda is the king) And only buy one with just the power that you need. For some reason, a big generator- say 6000 watts will go through twice as much gas as two 3000 watt generators! No idea why. Look it up if ya want. Totally true. So you are talking about 3000 watts that you need. If all you are using is lights you wont need to worry about start-up surge. You know how they say it's a 3000 watt gen with like 3250 peak? That is because if you are running a motor like a fridge or air conditioner they will need extra oomph to get the ball rolling. Those appliances will surge higher than the amount of watts they need just to run, then they come back down. Lights don't so much do this. I know, it's confusing. Just get a good 3000 watter or just a little more in case they exaggerate a bit about the output. It happens. But probably not with a good one. P.S. I have studied long and hard to find the best way to reduce the noise. If the volume is a concern, the most effective and cheapest thing you can do is to just dig a hole 2ft deep and put the generator in it. Or in your case you could put hay bales around it, or both. OH! And you can get one that requires a gas /oil mix which is a pain in the butt, but they don't require adding oil. If you go with a gas one you must watch your oil level or risk burning up the engine. I went with gas/oil mix because if I'm using a generator I am in a crisis and might forget to check the oil.
Q:Where does the water pressure that causes the sink to flow come from?
In most cases for a city, the pressure comes from gravity. A water tank is filled by an electric pump and gravity carries the water to your home. The water is not usually pumped directly unless you have your own well.
Q:What is the conversion equation for machinery that is in Work Hours to Mileage is it Hours*2 miles?
Conversion? They are calculating two different things. The reason something would be measured in work hours instead of mileage is for the fact the equipment does not in fact travel under its own load or it spends more time at a stand still. Work hours tend to be used on a lot of construction equipment and other things that stay stationary for long amounts of time thus creating wear on the unit though it is not moving and adding miles so they use hours to calculate how old the unit is or when it needs to be serviced next. You can never get an actual equality from these two different units as one measures time usage/fuel and one measures distance/fuel if you were calculating to find a run time for example. ***additional*** There would be no equation for MPG that you are looking for if converting from hours. Are you looking for how much fuel is consumed over a length of time? That's the only way to calculate fuel consumption would be over time vs. over a distance as MPG is.
Q:Can you convert a non diesel vehicle to a diesel vehicle and how?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can you convert a non diesel vehicle to a diesel vehicle and how? I'd like to convert some old cars and have them run like gangbusters.
Q:Underground storage tank design?
The tank shall be a steel tank, for a generator set usually it is very simple, use steel galvanized sheets of 3 to 4 mm thick and must be welded joints

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