Deep Well Pump 4ST(m) 4"

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Q:how much to replace water pump and timing belt on a PT Cruiser?
Pt Cruiser Water Pump
Q:Do you need to replace the water pump on your car when replacing the water pump gasket?
Since we don't know what kind of car/engine you have, there are really too many variables for anyone to give you a good answer. You would want to take into account things like; How hard is it to replace the water pump, labor/time wise? How much does a new water pump cost, for the part itself? Is the water pump driven by the timing belt, and is it an interference-fit engine? If the water pump were very expensive, but easy to replace, and isn't driven by the belt on an interference-fit engine, then there would be very little risk in not replacing it for the now vs later cost savings. But if the water pump were very cheap, hard to replace, and is driven by the belt on an interference-fit engine, then it would not only be cheaper to do it now, but you wouldn't have to worry about a bad pump snapping the timing belt, and wrecking your engine from the valves hitting the pistons, warping or even cracking the cylinder head, and so forth. In the end, the decision is up to you, but these are the kinds of factors you would want to take into account when making this decision.
Q:I am wanting a water pump for the basement for when the electricity is off. What do you recommend?
What you need is a generator to run the pump when your hydro is off. Check walmart.
Q:how much does it cost to change a timing belt and water pump on my a car?
Not knowing the car and the market you live in... $3-500 is a good guess... Call the dealer and price them,sometimes they are so experienced doing a job they will quote less then an independent repair shop... Usually not though. As your friends for a referral. Bob
Q:water well pumps?
it is very easy to do just email me. I'll send direction . I would say you have a small under ground stream of water . as you use the water from the well, it will take time to fill the well pipe again
Q:How do you replace a water pump in a 1995 Toyota Camry?
get it fixed at a mechanic shop and make sure ur getting a deal ; professional work is done by pros and you get what u pay for less time and less worry and less mistakes that can cost money by guessing buying wrong parts and gaskets
Q:How to remove a 1983 Chevy Silverado water pump?
ok, this is every little step you could imagine, in detail, with reasons for doing it as said, in the order ive put it down....negligence on my dads part has caused 2 waterpumps to crack in the winter due to lack of antifreeze, because we just put straight water in it, because the radiator is cracked for the same reason as the waterpumps.(but the block luckily hasnt cracked) remove the fan belt, and lower radiator hose, to drain the radiator, and get the belt outta the way. if its a smallblock, you remove the fan shroud, remove the fan and fan clutch, then remove the 3 bolts on the left, and 2 bolts on the right, after youve drained the radiator. once youve removed the 5 bolts, pull it out. wrap a cloth around 1 of the 4 studs on the waterpump, and take a pair of pliers to break it free, repeat untill all 4 are loose. remove the studs, and take the pump with you to autozone so you can get a core charge. scrape the mounting surface clean(dont get anything in the block). install the studs, and have a cloth around any stud your working with when you use the pliers to tighten it down(to avoid damaging the the threads.).apply silicon gasket sealer to both sides of the gasket, and put the gaskets on the block. quickly put the pump back on, and put the top bolts in for support. put the other bolts on, and tighten to about 10ftlbs minimum. slide the fan pulley onto the studs, and put the fan back on. put the nuts back on, and tighten as tight as you can get them, itd be terrible for the fan to go through the radiator. put the fan belt back on, put the lower radiator hose back on, and put the fan shroud back on, in that order. wait an hour for the silicon to dry, and fill the radiator with the motor running, and go for a testdrive
Q:can a water pump pumping out air instead of water?
It depends on the type of pump.Some pumps can others will burn out. Carpet cleaner type suction will happily cope with both air and water,old fashioned hand operated lift pumps do as well. Bilge pumps etc do not like running dry and will have to be reprimed to suck water if the get an air lock.
Q:The diving pump in the aquarium stops and stops on the goldfish
Submersible pump is used as if you push the pump filtration should be open for 24 hours, so the water circulation process, continuously into the fresh air to increase the oxygen content of water bodies two, filter on the filter of the continuous cleaning system to maintain water make nitrification safe and clean, the water can be fully introduced the content of nitrification ammonia water, let the fish live healthy and strong resistance, good activity, three appropriate water flow on the long time to keep fish, turn off and the formation of water to fish is always in a state of tension and decreased immunity antifeedant or death. Four, frequently start the pump, easy to cause damage to the motor coil, reduce pump life, so according to the above, if you are using submersible pump as a filter to promote, I suggest you open 24 hours.
Q:whats the route of coolant through the cooling system?
this question is stupid. GOOGLE IT LOL

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