CUMMINS generator with soundpfoof from Shanghai Ruiying 100kva

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Product Description:

Low-noise 100kva Cummins Diesel Generator 50/60hz

Briefe performance of silent diesel generator set

1)High quality, steady and reliable performance
2)Blow 71dB at 7 meter 

3) Perfect Maneuverability

4) Wide Application 

Cummins Engine







Control system




Fuel tank    600L

Breaker     TIANZHENG

Start battery 100Ah×2

Engine Specifications






Cylinder and cycle type

6 cylinders in line, 4 strokes

Aspiration and cooling

Turbocharged and after cooled


5.9 L


102×120 mm

Compression ratio


Rated speed

1500 rpm



Oil capacity

16.4 L

Prime power


Standby power


Fuel consumption

22L/H (100% Load)

17L/H (75% Load)

Coolant capacity

9.1 L

Start system

DC 24V


Alternator Specifications







Single bearing4-poleAC   brushless and self-exciting


50 Hz

Power Factor





400/230 V



Insulation class


Protection class




Control System(DSE from UK)

 HGM6120KC Control System is mainly used in generating supervising and control of land type diesel generator set and the switching between diesel generator set and city electricity supply. It is combined with digitalization, intelligence and network and capable of generator start and stop, generator data supervising and testing, protection alarm, city electricity supply quality supervising and starting generator automatically when  power failure happens or city electricity supply is beside the set point.

Silent/Low noise generator

Light Tower with Trailer Generator Set

Trailer and low-noise generator


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Q:How can we test servo motor ? Is the testing of a servo motor is different from other types of AC & DC motors?
Any motor with a positioning system is a servo motor. Having said that there are motors specially designed with high torque to function as servos, for which different testing procedures must be applied. DC motors are best to work as servos. .
Q:what size of dc/ac electrical motor would i need to match a 715hpm diesel engine?
this must be a big boat. 715 HP converts to 533 kW by my calculator. Usually an electric motor can be smaller than an equivalent gasoline engine as it has a wider torque range. and now you see why electric cars are so difficult to make. If you used a 100 kW motor, 150HP, you would need hundreds of pounds of batteries to run it for an hour. 1 large battery has 1kw-hr of power. 100 of these would give you 100kW-hrs, enough to supply a 100kW motor for 1 hours. At a weight of maybe 2000 pounds.
Q:How to connect the AC motor?
There are two kinds of three-phase AC motorStar: the three connecting terminals are connected with three phase lines of the three-phase power supply, and the three terminals are shorted together with wires or metal pieces.
Q:A/C motor or Induction motor?
AC motors are of two types synchronous and asynchronous similar is the case for generators. Induction motor is infact an AC asynchronous motor and is very popular as you have already said. So AC motors are every where .Single pole AC induction motors occur in fans,mixer grinder and other home appliances. Induction motors are very robust so are preferred instead of synchronous motors which require complicated control mechanisms. So don't get confused by terminology.
Q:Motor with variable speed control?
You state that you have a motor already. So I'll put my reply into a couple of different parts. 1) If your motor is an AC motor, the only way to properly vary the speed of an AC motor is with a variable speed motor drive. Toshiba makes some small ones (under 1 HP). But you have to manually set them and control them. They are digital. 2) If your motor is a DC motor, a variable DC voltage source is what you require.
Q:If a motor had the specs as below, would it be AC volt or DC volt?
It is an AC motor and it is a 3 phase motor. Have an electrician, wire it up for you if it does not have wire with plug, since you have to ask this it is best that, you get a professional to hook it up. You can destroy the motor or worst you can kill yourself. It also should say single phase, dual phase or 3 phase, some place on the motor. If not, on inspection a good knowledgeable person can figure it out.
Q:What are AC motors used for?
Making things move. Washing machine dryer fans refrigerator Fan in PC or TV elevators and more .
Q:How much does it cost to replace a AC motor and capacitor?
Just a motor and you're getting shafted. But by the description you got not a new motor but a new compressor, in which case that's not out of line, depending on how large your system is, how hard it was to get to, etc. Depending on size and brand, you can pay over $1000 just for the compressor, and that's before you get around to installing it. I don't think what you got charged is too much if it was the compressor.
Q:AC compressor Vs. Window motor for blowing a fuse on 1991 Volvo 240?
I don't think it's your AC compressor on the same circuit, there isn't much electrical about the compressor except the high and low pressure switches. I think he meant the blower motor and the window motors are on the same fuse. Try using you heater and putting down the window, the heater and the AC use the same blower motor.
Q:i BOUGHT A . VOLT AC POWER TRANSFORMER,1.5-3.0 volt dc motor and a 6amps 250volts brifge rectifier wat now???
What now? Now you own a power transformer, a dc motor and a bridge rectifier. Since none of the three things you currently own would be compatible with the others, I have absolutely no idea how you would go about making them into a small boy boat.

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