Concrete AR Glass Fiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete GRC

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Shanghai Port
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TT or L/C
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1000Kgs m.t.
Supply Capability:
100000 Tons Per Year m.t./month

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Product Description:

Ar Fiber Glass Chopped Strand  


Products Application and Introduction

Ar fiber glass chopped strand  are in the line chopped, it’s suitable for reinforcing thermoplastics. Typical products include automobile fittings, electronic and electrical parts, mechanical products etc. In the meantime, it can widly used as raw material in waterproofing for construction, base material for plastic flooring, thermal insulation material, FRP surfacing tissue, insulating panel for storage battery, air filter-pad material and reinforced gypsum.



Products Feature and Advantages

1Modest water content.

2Good flowability, even distribution in finished products.

3Quickly wet-out, high mechanical strength of finished products.

4Best cost performance.


Key Technical Data  




Tech Data



Fiber Glass Type


Chopped Length


Compatible Resin














Packing Style

Ar fiber glass chopped strand are packaged in bags that made in paper & plastic binding 

materials, about 25kgs per bag, 4 bags per layer, 8 layers per pallet and 32 bags per pallet. 

Each 32 bags of products are packed by multilayer shrink film fixed and firmly fixed on the pallet.

If requested, this product could also be packed in big plastic bags, about 800kgs per bag and one bag per 




Ar fiber glass chopped strand should be stocked in dry and cool places. The best 

condition is with temperature between 10°C and 35C,with a relative humidity between 30% and 70%. 

Please keep the product in its original packaging before use,avoiding moisture.




Shipping alternative by: Air, Sea, Railway.




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Q:How long does plastic roofing cement take to dry?
It's supposed to stay liquid/flexible and self sealing. It;s not designed for large gaps the way you used it. If you're stuck for a patch, try a few layers of aluminum foil coated and fixed in place with that cement to close the gap. Not as good as replacing the flashing, but better than what you've got.
Q:Cement Floors?
No... don't rip up the carpet until you know for sure what (and when) you are getting it's repalcement. You don't know for sure what you'll be uncovering either... it's it's painted, or stained badly by something in places. Live with the green you don't like awhile longer and try to bear it. (There are worse fates.) Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't.
Q:why should have to spray the water in vertical roller mills while grinding in the cement industries?
Although I am not first hand in the cement/concrete industry, water extends the tooling's life and most important, it keeps the dust down so you have a lesser chance of getting lung disease from the dust. I forget what it's called right now. We do a lot of core drilling in our line of work those are the reasons for the water.
Q:what means by special cement ? Example ? website ?
*Special Cements: It is used for a special application and are having special additives like some minerals. Example: 1.Rapid-setting High-strength Sulphoaluminate Cement, 2.Aluminate Cement, 3.White Cement 4.Special Inorganic Cements. 5.Anti acid cement (acid resistant cement) *** Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), has been used to reconstruct bone during surgery for at least 20 years.
First: Next to the letter A key on your keyboard, there's a key called Caps lock. Tap it once so that the light called Caps Lock goes off. 98% of the people on the entire internet do not like when you type with all capital letters. Now, on to the trash can issue. If it was me I would take these steps: 1. Revisit whether or not to actually remove the can. Weigh benefits and costs of keeping it there. Since I don't know your main plan, I can't help here. 2. You'll need these tools: Chisel (cold?coal?), sledge hammer, lots of energy, and a bad attitude. 3. Use the sledge hammer to knock the snot of the concrete. Haul away the chips. Repeat.
Q:how do i get spray paint off cement?
try a spray on oven cleaner. i don't know if it will work on cement, but i know it takes paint off of metal and other things. i know brake fluid will take the paint off of your car, but i think that would stain the cement. sorry i couldn't be more help. or maybe just plain old paint thinner, or acetone (fingernail polish remover).
Q:how much does cement cost?
I think you mean concrete. Cement is used to bond things together, like mortar, and is also used to make concrete. In our part of the country, concrete is going for about $110 per cubic yard delivered. You need to know the thickness of your concrete, as well as the area. Example: 20' x 20' x 4thick slab......equals 20 x 20 x .33 [or one third of a foot]. This equals 132 cubic feet. A cubic yard of concrete has 27 cubic feet in it. You need to divide your total volume [132] by 27. This = 4.88 cubic yards of concrete needed for that size slab. Concrete is sold by the 1/3 yard, so this would round up to 5 cubic yards 5 x $110= $550
Q:How to make cement weights?
You'll need; 1 1/2 black iron pipe x 4 ft L., 40 lb bag Quik-Krete, (2) one gallon milk jugs Cut a hole in the side of each milk jug to fit the pipe Insert the pipe in the holes and at least half way through the empty jugs Mix the cement and pour half in to each jug and let set over night Cut the plastic jugs off You now have a dumb-bell to use, but, you'll have to weigh it to see what you are lifting
Q:Will PVC cement work on CPVC?
Well it's not recommended for pipes under pressure. CPVC has a special cement and primer to use when cementing it together. Oatey has a multi-purpose cement that works with PVC, CPVC, and ABS Royalex. Use CPVC Primer it is clear and doesn't give a glossy coating to the pipe on application.
Q:Compressive strength of cement is expressed as the strength of it's mortar cube instead of cement cube. Why?
Because cement is only an ingredient of mortar. What they put between bricks is mortar, not cement. It would be like assessing the value of chocolate milk by only assessing the value of the chocolate.
Confiber, a well-known enterprise specializes in the manufacturer of Alkaline-resistant glass fiber. Our business scope mainly includes: Alkali-resistant spray Roving, Alkali-resistant chopped strand, Alkali-resistant glass fiber scrim, etc. Our company takes "quality first, credit supreme, to be No.1" as quality principle and welcome to cooperate with parnters all over the world.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanxi, China
Year Established 1982
Annual Output Value Above US$ 30 Million
Main Markets 20.00% North America
20.00% South America
10.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Northern Europe
10.00% South Asia
10.00% Western Europe
5.00% Africa
5.00% Mid East
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai Port, China
Export Percentage 41-50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20-30 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average