Conch Shape Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Mobile Phone

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Product Description:

USB Charge Portable Mini Music Player Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specifications

Product type:Bluetooth wireless speaker
Material/plastic type:plastic housing
1.Portable Bluetooth speakers with FM radio
 2.Built-in TF-smart decoder plays MP3 format files in TF-card
 3.With handsfree calls,
 4.With voice prompt

5.Bluetooth V3.0, 3.5mm AUX audio input,contact PC,iPhone, MP3,MP4,mobile        phones,etc.
  6.The outer eight G-flash
  7.Dual-channel 16 bit DAC audio output
Conch shape, touch design
  9.WIth indicator light
  10. Supports MP3,WMA,WAV format of music
  •   11.Intelligent voice bluetooth speakers

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Conch Shape Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Mobile Phone

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Q:What is the different between satellite speaker,subwoofer and center speaker.?
setellite speaker is wireless speaker sub woofer is the woofer that is comes with the speakers centrat speaker is the point from which other speakers are attached normally this is a woofer
Q:do dead speakers shut of radio?
If the speakers shut off when you use the doors, you may have an intermittent open in the speakers or speaker wire circuit. Check the connections to the speakers. Check the resistance of the speakers with an ohmmeter. Check the wiring in the door, especially if someone has worked on the doors before. Good luck.
Q:Plugging speaker cable into phones jack, possible?
The 'phones output can't possibly deliver enough power to test 'speakers. Yes, connect the 'speakers to the 'speaker outputs.
Q:Speaker wire sparks when they touch?
The speaker coils can be checked simply by momentarily connecting a 1.5 volt flash light battery across the terminals - the speaker will emit a low volume thud each time the speaker is quickly connected across the battery if it's functioning. The amp, unfortunately, is not so easy to check - if the speakers test OK and the amp doesn't work, it more than likely is defective and needs to be repaired or replaced.
Q:Installing aftermarket speakers?
make a baffle out of some mdf wood. You can screw the baffle into the metal to secure it and the wood will give you an extra .75 inch of clearance, and hopefully that would be enough. You might have to cut the plastic off the door over the speaker for this and put a separate grill over the speakers to make this work though
Q:Speakers and Stereo Receiver?
It REALLY would have helped had you told us the make and model of your speakers. Without that, I cannot help you, as many companies use grossly inflated rating for the wattage that their speakers can take. So, it's quite possible that what you have are really 50 or 60 watt max speakers.
Q:I have big speakers and I need help?
Pioneer and Onkyo are the top brand for receivers. You will also need an ipod dock. Stand alone power amplifier are mainly left to the higher end of the audio are are very expensive. Most consumers go with receivers as the main source. You can look for a stereo receiver or one that can support 5.1 to 7.1 audio for the home theater. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Pioneer Speakers?
Not the best. Each way is an addition of a another speaker. Most people want definition and will place seperate speakers/tweeters about the front of the cabin. The speakers you chose are ideal for space limitations, that's all.
Q:What size speakers are in my car?
12 inch
Q:How do I make my rear speakers work?
First thing is to properly set the speaker settings in the receiver to the size of speakers you have. Then set the speaker levels on the speaker setup menu on the receiver so that all speakers play at the same volume at your sitting position. Select the receivers surround mode to the appropriate setting as the output of the cd or dvd. You will also have to select the surround sound setting in the DVD's menu as well. There are many sources that only in stereo which means it will only play through the front speakers. Not all TV channels are surround and all music cd's are only stereo. If you want all speakers to work when the sound is only in stereo, many receivers have a all speaker mode, or simulated surround mode, this will make all the speakers play with stereo information. Kevin 35 years hi-end audio video specialist

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