Class 130 155 Hot sale polyester enameled ALU Aluminum wire

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Product model: 1PEWAL,2PEWEL,QZL-2/130,QZL-1/130,QZ(G)L-2/155,QZ(G)L-1/155,ULcertified

Product gauge: 0.15mm-4.00mm

Product standard: MW24-A GB/T23312.1IEC60317

Product features: high adhesiveness, heatstability, scratch resistance, resistance to solvent but not poor electrical propertiesand resistance to hydrolysis


Polyester  enameled round aluminum wire130

Amideimide  enameled round aluminum wire






Thermal  class






ф 0.12mm-ф 4.00mm

Product applications: various motorsworking at 130℃ and 155℃,electric instruments, coils fortelecommunication equipment, coils for illuminating apparatus, heat-resistingtransformer, degaussing coils.

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You know inside of the little piece you snap it onto, there are springs and a little golden about 5 bar piece for the rechargable? Well yah, you burned out the 5 bar piece on the controller itself, that's all. I'm pretty sure you can get it replaced for $10.
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A fuel cell, and I assume you mean a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, uses Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) molecules to create electricity to run an electric motor in a vehicle, rather than internal combustion engine. In a nutshell, H2 goes in one end, it splits the electron from nucleus (not the splitting an atom) and that electron (negative charge) is lead through a circuit. When there's a flow of electron, you have a current and therefore electricity. The nucleus goes through some 'electrolytes' inside the fuel cell and meets the electron after its gone through the circuit. The hydrogen atom is complete again and is met with O2 to create water. Although this is an efficient process and only produces water and heat, it's still not economically viable YET. Hydrogen is a very rare element but it is possible to produce it using a process called Hydrogen Electrolysis. It basically takes water, H20, and splits the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the molecules. However to do this, you need quite a lot of electricity which is where the downfall of Hydrogen Fuel Cells are at the moment. The energy required to produce Hydrogen, is far greater than the energy you get from using hydrogen as a fuel. When people say 'Why don't we use hydrogen cars blah blah blah?' it's because they haven't done their research and haven't thought about the whole process. Hydrogen WILL be the way in the future once it's possible to produce hydrogen using less energy than it gives. Like petroleum now, although that is only about 3% efficient. You'll also hear idiots saying stupid things like 'Hydrogen is too dangerous to contain on a car'. That argument is stupid and also that person hasn't thought about what he's saying. Cars run on natural gas or lpg (liquid petroleum gas) these days and that gas is just as volatile. Petrol itself is almost as dangerous and we love that stuff. We love it so much kids burn it for fun.
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A team of scientists at the Korea University of Korea outlined a plan for making cheap electricity from the use of carbon atoms in urine. The researchers said they would replace the expensive platinum in fuel cells with carbon that was naturally present in human urine. A fuel cell is a very promising technology that converts chemical energy into electricity by hydrogenation.
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To 600 mAh lithium battery, for example, the first charge from 0 mA to 400 mA, with the N mA; and then filled with 150 mA, and then N mA; and then charge 100 mA , When the last charge to 50 mA when the battery of a charging cycle to the. (400 + 150 + 50 = 600)
Q:Confused about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology?
Hydrogen fuel cells are an open thermodynamic device. Reagents flow in and waste flows out. Regular batteries are closed systems. They store a charge and give back the charge.

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