CKJ5 Series AC Vacuum Contactor

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Applicable Range

CKJ5 series AC Vacuum Contactor (hereinafter called contactor) is designed for long-distance making and breaking in circuit, frequency starting and controlling AC motor in the power system with AC 50Hz~60Hz, rated operating voltage to 1140V. It also can be formed with thermal relay and all kinds of protection apparatus, as electromagnetic starter, especially applies to explosion electromagnetic starter and all sorts of power control equipment .It may apply to the department of mine, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, power, communication transportation, shipping, architecture and so on.

Applicable Standards

National Standards: GB/T 14048.1 GB 14048.4 JB/T 7122
National Standards: IEC 60947-4-1

Normal working and installation conditions

1. Altitude no more than 2000m.
2. Ambient temperature within-5℃~+40℃ .and the average temperature no more than +35℃ in 24hours.
3. Relative humidity no more than 50% at +20℃, and doesn抰 exceed 90% average of month .
4. No fire, explosion, corrosion and serious shake on the site.
5. Class of pollution: Class 3.
6. The inclined angle between the mounting surface and vertical surface no more than 15o
Note: when usage site is beyond the range of above, please show it when ordering, we will try our best to meet your requirement.

Structure features

Vacuum Contactor is composed of vacuum arc extinguishing system, electromagnetism system, lever transmission system, auxiliary contact, setting gear, isolating framework. The main characteristic as following:
1. Contact should be sealed in the vacuum explosion chamber which is isolated .
2. Contact will not be effected due to outside pollution.
3. Contactor takes vacuum as the dielectric of arc extinguishing with high breaking capacity and long life. For instance the electrical life of
AC-4 with 4 ×10 times even more than 6×10 , which is impossible for other contactors.
4. If the electric arc can not spray outwards, so there is no fire and blast.
5. There is no harmful gas and ensure clean operation environment.
6. Small distance and short over-travel make the full contactor compact and light,meanwhile, it provides quality products for selections of
electric apparatus assembled and assembly equipment.
7. The control circuit is composed of DC magnetism system and setting current gear.
8. There is no noise during operating.
9. AC or DC power supply will be right.

Outline and Installation Dimensions

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