CDCK8 AC contactor

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Applicable Range

CDCK8 AC contactor (hereinafter called contactor) is designed for circuit of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated operating voltage 220V,rated operating current 30A, used to make and break the circuit in motor of refrigeration compressor.

Applicable standard

National Standard : GB 14048.4 GB 17885
International Standard: IEC 60947-4-1 IEC 1095

Normal usage and mounting conditions

1. Ambient temperature: it works within -18℃~+50℃, and the average temperature no more than +35℃ in 24hours.
2.Altitude no more than 2000m.
3.Class of pollution: Class 3.
4.Installation condition: Class III.
5.The inclined angle between the mounting surface and the vertical surface no more than ±5℃.
6.Where there is no shake, compact and vibration.
7.Location without rain or snow.

Technical Parameters
Construction Features

1. Contactor is stereo and double breakpoint. Contact adopts silver base alloy, magnetic system adopts E type iron core, armature iron adopts electric and blunt iron.
2. Main circuit of contactor designed for two types: insertion connection and screw connection while coil adopts insertion connection with convenience and reliability.
3. Main circuit has 2NO or 1NO and 1NC.
4. Characteristic is compact, low power consumption, durable, convenient and reliable.

Outline and Installation Dimensions

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