HDN-F series Emergency Inverted Power Supply

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This product is suitable in computer and communication systeem,It is a ideal equipment to provide ac power supply for these place where is out of electricity usually as hospital,shop,family and so on。

Main Advantage

Stable output waveform,fast changeover;it can changfe into inverted power supply automatically after the normal power supply is interrupted; full automatic recharge,can connected with battery to
prolong the emergency service time。

Main Technical Parameter
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Q:Everytime I put my radio/reading lamp fuse, it blows instantly. any ideas?
must be water interior the lens yet greater suitable than possibly you have a quick and there's a stripped or chaffed twine making touch with the physique or yet another twine. seem on the wiring harness going to each and each tail lamp as properly as each and each front turn sign. putting a paper clip interior the fuse field would reason a hearth, the fuse is there for a reason.
Q:after adding a new amp for my component speakers my truck keeps dieing help!!?
It may seem obvious to you already, but there's an issue with your American pro amp. It sounds like the amp is staying on all the time. Make sure the REM input only has +12volt power when the key is turned. The remote lead from the HU is supposed to switch the amplifier on, but if you've got a stock radio you might want to tap a fuse in your fuse box to get switched power. If it's turning off like it's supposed to, it has an internal fault making it a constant drain on your battery.
Q:1994 dodge 250 van that won't start. The starter works, but there is no current at the ignition coil.?
Dodges use a common relay that controls power supply to fuel delivery, spark delivery and other primary operational electrical functions. This relay is called the Auto Shutdown Relay (or ASD relay) and can be found in the Power distribution center. (check your owners manual for component location) I recommend checking the fused power supply to this relay and checking the relay itself for proper operation. A trouble code should also be set in the JTEC controller, which is the primary electronic control module for engine operation)pertaining to the circuit causing the problem. Cylce your ignition key from the off position to the run position 3 times within 5 seconds and then leave the key in the run position on the 3rd cycle. This will prompt a flash code from your check engine light on the instrument cluster. Resources can be found online to diagnose the flash code.
Q:Having problems Setting up my sound system?
First, NEVER USE A BIGGER FUSE, WHEN YOU HAVE AN ELECTRICAL ISSUE!!!!!!! It's a very easy way to set a vehicle on fire. I've seen it, and it's not pretty. Can we/I have more details, vehicle, system components, with model numbers, what you have done prior to the installation the only thing I can think of, with the information provided, is you have the power and ground wires backwards like touching your batteries terminals together
Q:What's the fix to my Power locks, in my car, not working?
The owners manual will give you a list of the fuses and what they opperate. It would be unusual to have the fuse to the lock mechanism be different than the un-lock fuse. There must be a universal lock component somewhere that is the culprit. Could be a loose connection , burned wire or a short. I wouldn't know where this component would be on a sonanta. You would need a Haynes or other repair manual to know where this component would be.
Q:Connecting crossover to sub?
For the main power you can use a distribution block that splits the power two ways. just cut the main power wire (with the battery disconnected of course!) and connect them back up again via the d block. then run your 10GA wire from the d block to your crossover. Don't forget to put fuses in between the distribution block and the components though. A 25 amp fuse for the sub and a 3 amp fuse for the crossover. For the remote wire you can simply tap into the one already running to you sub. there are connectors for this that you can buy from any electrics store. Good luck. Ben.
Q:Charging problems on a 96 Beretta Z26 3.1 v6?
Go to a wrecking yard and get a fuse box cover. You can also test your system yourself for a short or parasitic draw. First, shut off all the car's lights and accessories then close all the doors. With the battery in the car, first remove the negative battery terminal. Now, using a multimeter set to the DC volts scale put one probe on the negative terminal of the battery and the other probe to ground. Read the meter. If you read more than about a quarter of a volt, you have a draw somewhere. Troubleshoot the draw by having someone remove fuses one at a time until you see the meter voltage drop. When you see the voltage drop, you’ve found the circuit in which you have a power drain. Thoroughly examine that circuit, area by area, until you locate the reason for the voltage drop. Isolate and repair the problem. If this doesn't fix the problem, take extra care for a few days and see that all the lights are off before you walk away from the car for the evening. It could be something so simple as a door that hasn't closed fully, causing an interior light to remain on overnight or maybe a bad switch on an under hood or trunk light. Any of those are more than enough to do the job. I've done it myself, more than once. Usually, a full battery charge will take care of it. Even a jump start and running the car for an hour or so should build your battery up enough to get you going again as long as your alternator is doing its job.
Q:why does my car amp fuse keep blowing?
This Site Might Help You. RE: why does my car amp fuse keep blowing? I have a 240 watt car amp and every time i put my ground wire in the fuse blows and the only other thing i have hooked up is my power no speakers or remote just the ground and power can someone please help me?
Q:what components is used to turn on a car?
It sounds like your starter is weak. It could also be that you have a weak battery that isn't putting out the right amount of power. A load test need to be done to know if that's the case.
Q:Motorcycle wont turn on.?
Do the ignition lights come on? Will it at least turn over but not start. I think we need more details.

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