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1.Thickness of foil: 7micron,18 micron
4.length:100m/roll ,200m/roll

Adopting advance compounding technology and selecting special adhesive, the product forms densified film after compounding. It has the smooth and plain surface as the compounded aluminum foil and high light reflectivity, great tensile strength in vertical and transverse direction.

Physical Property:

Flame prevention grade: flame extension 0 grade
Flame surface diffusion: 1 grade


1. Used as the export equipment packing materials for moisture barrier, water-proof, fire-retarding and anti-corrosion.

2.  Processed to all kinds of fire-retarding products such as fire-proof packet, fire-proof suit, fire-proof bag, and fire-proof gloves etc.

3.  Used as the thermal insulation material on heat supply pipes or construction materials for the purpose of fire-retarding, anti-corrosion, heat protection and sound aborption.

4.  Packing chemical equipments such as oil and steam transportation pipeline.

Adopting advance compounding technology and selecting special adhesive, the product forms densified film after compounding. It has the smooth and plain surface as the compounded aluminum foil and high light reflectivity, great tensile strength in vertical and transverse

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Q:a drop (0.05 ml) of 12.0 M HCl is spread over a sheet of thin aluminum foil.?
A light-weight polyester will probably not keep you very warmThe fabric looks good for the first year and as it wears, starts to pill (form little balls on the surface)Further, it melts easilyDon't spill any nail polish on it.
Q:How dangerous can a curved bicycle handlebar be?
Once they are bent, aluminum bars should not be straightenedAluminum can break once it has been bent, so you bars should be replacedA broken handlebar is very dangerous, you lose control of your bike and it is very likely you will hit the ground head first
Q:Freaking hell how do you know if someone is sneaking up on you at night, while you're sleeping?!!!!!!!?!?
1Close the door to your room all the way or half way2Lay down a long sheet of aluminum foil in the pathway of the door (in front of the frame) 3Build a Jenga! tower or homemade tower of household items on the far side of the aluminum (so that it is hit by the door when it is opened most of the way) The perpetrator will open the door, step on the aluminum (creating noise), as he opens the door further he will knock over the tower onto the aluminum (creating even more noise) and cause you to wake upIt also can work with plastic shopping bags instead of aluminum foilI used to set traps for the tooth fairy when I was a kid.hehe Good Luck
Q:Kansas Weather, It is very cold!?
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Q:Can i put wrapping foil in the oven? What's the difference between that and normal foil?
bad ideasmoking aluminum is bad for yousmoking anything is bad for you but especially aluminum.
Q:penis cake?
depends on how impressive you want the cake to bePrepare the finished pan as you would any cake pan (grease flour it) then place on a cookie sheet before filling baking the cakeSince you'll want the cake to bake level (so one side will lay flat on the platter) you will have to raise support the business end of your cake with a wad of crumpled foilI have been making my own baking pans for years whenever I have needed a certain shape I don't have or can't findJust remember to support your pan with a cookie sheet.
Q:Adding potatoes to a casserole, for instance?
I cook potatoes and carrots with a roast in the oven and I always cover them in liquid-cream of mushroom soup and french onion soup, or at least enough beef boullion to cover themIf you cook them without liquid they will be dryCover the pot with a cover or aluminum foil too I cook the potatoes, carrots and meat for the same amount of time- 21/2 to 3 hours.
Q:what is the very best all around Diesel 1 ton Pick Up truck available?
Replacement windows are usually relying on just a bead of caulk to hold out the weatherI always try to install windows in the same manner as I would a new home, more work but a longer lasting installationThe only exception to me is a brick exterior, have few choices in that caseI use window flashing at the sills and wrap the sides and top after window is placedJust read instructions on whatever windows you pick out and try to follow the manufacturers instructionsI just worked on a home that a replacement company had recently done the windows, they were out of square and had huge gaps poorly filled with gobs of caulk, just nasty.
Q:How do I get the burnt residue off my stove?
Let them soak then try some steel wool scouring padsIf you still can't get it off go buy some new ones, they're not that expensiveBefore you use the new ones or if you can get your old ones clean, cover them in aluminum foilCut out the places where the holes are and fold it over where it fits snuglyThis should help in the future so you can just change the foil from time to time whenever it gets dirtyAs for the pasta boiling over, take a stick of butter and go around the top inch of the pot smearing a light coating of butterThis will help prevent boil over.
Q:Cheap reliable canoe?
First buy a canoeing magazine and learn about how canoes are designed and why they differI suggest no less than 16 feet long aluminum with a rounded hull and a keelI have many decades of experience and you will find such a canoe very stable you can lean way over and not tip it, the keel and length with help it track straight but turning is easy, aluminum is tough and light, and always buy a used one cheap maybe 100 to 250 depending on conditionMake sure it has thwarts (run from side to side to strengthen it and you can easily make an outrigger and tie on the thwarts to stabilize so you can stand up and you can even put a trolling electric motor on it and it will hold loads of weight and always wear a life jacket and learn a j stroke and how to get back in if you ever tip it over and always take a buddy with you and watch out for snakes in overhanging limbs of treesHave fun! My first canoe trip was from El Paso Texas to the gulf of Mexico in 1954I love canoes.

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