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Product Description:


1.Thickness of foil: 7micron,18 micron
4.length:100m/roll ,200m/roll

Adopting advance compounding technology and selecting special adhesive, the product forms densified film after compounding. It has the smooth and plain surface as the compounded aluminum foil and high light reflectivity, great tensile strength in vertical and transverse direction.

Physical Property:

Flame prevention grade: flame extension 0 grade
Flame surface diffusion: 1 grade


1. Used as the export equipment packing materials for moisture barrier, water-proof, fire-retarding and anti-corrosion.

2.  Processed to all kinds of fire-retarding products such as fire-proof packet, fire-proof suit, fire-proof bag, and fire-proof gloves etc.

3.  Used as the thermal insulation material on heat supply pipes or construction materials for the purpose of fire-retarding, anti-corrosion, heat protection and sound aborption.

4.  Packing chemical equipments such as oil and steam transportation pipeline.

Adopting advance compounding technology and selecting special adhesive, the product forms densified film after compounding. It has the smooth and plain surface as the compounded aluminum foil and high light reflectivity, great tensile strength in vertical and transverse

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