YTSR(RCS) Woundrotor three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane

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This serial products consist of wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor,centrifugal fan and break-type electromagnetic brake. The
rmistors are embeded in stator winding
The motor brake is connected with shaft by spline. It is equipped with manual release device,which relieves the brake in the case of power
failure, so that it is easy to install and commission the motor or set down the heavy objects in the condition of failure
This type motor rotors are specially designed. Referencing the French technology, the shaft ends are closed by new-type hermetically
sealed construction, and the vriginative electromagnetic brake extends the life of motor airtight. When throwback is activated, the mechanical
and current impacts are smail,and also the vabration and noise are small. The comprehensive performance of this serial motors is greatly
This type motors can be used to substitute those imported from France.

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Q:Why does increasing the number of poles in an AC synchronus motor decrease speed?
basically it is because you only rotate the amount the poles are separated for each cycle. double the poles, you rotate 1/2 has slow. the motor will run smoother, though.
Q:What are the most common specs desired for industrial motors?
PS Note that there are standard no-load RPM ratings, but the full-load ratings on the nameplate are anywhere from 1 to 5% less than the no-load speeds and rarely more than 5% less. For 60 Hz the no-load speeds are 3600, 1800, 1200 and 900 RPM and rarely some values less than that. There are standard horsepower values like 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 5, 7-1/2, 10 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200 and so on.
Q:How do I reverse a single phase ac induction motor?
Q:1) What is the main difference between an AC and DC motors in their construction?
what does 1 of them has that the other does not? usually a simple dc motor has a commutator and an ac motor has slip rings.
Q:how can increase the speed of an ac motor?
Q:do conveyors use induction ac motors?
Yes, with variable frequency drives (VFD) there is a higher level of control of speed, acceleration and torque, so they can be used as well as any motor.
Q:Can a AC motor used as a exhaust fan generate electricity and how.?
Q:My oscillating fan starts up super slow then after a few minutes starts working normally?
Many AC motors have a capacitor that is used to start the motor and then is switched off after it reaches top speed. It is not designed to stay in the circuit for extended time. You should always start a fan on High and after it's up to speed, switch to Med or Low. If you've been starting in on Med or Low and skipped past the High setting, you never switched out the capacitor and it's probably dead now. Your description is very typical for this kind of problem. If you read the directions (who reads them for a fan?!?), you'd probably see that they wanted you to start in High and then switch to a lower speed. It probably isn't worth repairing, but it is worth remembering to always turn it on High before reducing the speed to what you want when you get your next fan.
Q:Whats the difference between a dc motor and an ac motor?
DC motors have brushes, and AC motors do not.
Q:furnace ac blower motor won't shut off?
two are for te fan operation range the third is for high limit. there should be about 30 degrees between the fan pointers the higher one set at about 110. the last should be set at about 145. once the fan switch has engaged it will not shut off untill it gets below the low set point. for the sumer you can set the lower set point right up against the cut in pointer both at about 110. you should have no trouble then. Dont forget to set the cut out back down to about 75 or the furnace will short cycle in the winter.

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