YTSR(RCS) Woundrotor three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane

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This serial products consist of wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor,centrifugal fan and break-type electromagnetic brake. The
rmistors are embeded in stator winding
The motor brake is connected with shaft by spline. It is equipped with manual release device,which relieves the brake in the case of power
failure, so that it is easy to install and commission the motor or set down the heavy objects in the condition of failure
This type motor rotors are specially designed. Referencing the French technology, the shaft ends are closed by new-type hermetically
sealed construction, and the vriginative electromagnetic brake extends the life of motor airtight. When throwback is activated, the mechanical
and current impacts are smail,and also the vabration and noise are small. The comprehensive performance of this serial motors is greatly
This type motors can be used to substitute those imported from France.

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Q:Brushless AC motor
The brushless AC motor produced by our company is the largest in china. There is not much difference in composition, requirements for maintenance and low maintenance, cooling the stator winding more convenient, small inertia, easy to improve the system of fast corrugated pipe coupling, suitable for high speed and high torque working condition, smaller size and weight under the same power.
Q:AC or DC motors for rolling gate motors?
Door body is relatively small, such as general shops, doors using DC motor is more convenient, because the door is relatively light, and can add reserve power supply, to prevent the city power failure, the coil gate can still be used.
Q:What's the difference between DC motor carbon brush and AC motor carbon brush?
DC motor carbon brush and AC motor carbon brush is the same, so there are AC and DC dual series motor.
Q:Can any 220V AC motors be reversible?
The motor can be reversed, just need to change the wiring, that is, to change the capacitance of the line can be adjusted
Q:Why is an AC motor more popular than a direct current motor? System description, thank you.
The reason of AC motor is common and convenient power supply: power generator and transformer, transmission and distribution in the form of communication, AC power supply, the utility grid can be directly used for AC motor is simple and convenient; DC motor to be alternating to direct before use, trouble.2, AC motor especially the induction motor, has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient installation, reliable use, low cost, high efficiency; and the DC motor is complicated in structure, manufacture and installation of trouble, use is not reliable, high cost, low efficiency.
Q:What is the difference between AC variable frequency speed control and DC variable frequency speed regulation?
AC variable frequency speed regulation, change the number of poles of the motor, characterized by fixed gear, that is, high and lowDC speed regulation is the first to AC shaping into DC, and then through the controllable inverter back to AC, characterized by speed range, but because of plastic, inverter will have a conversion efficiency problem.For example, AC speed range is 100%, 70%, 40% speed, 3 gear,DC speed regulation range of 30%~100% can be stepless speed regulationThen in 100%, 70%, 40% the third near operation, energy efficiency than AC DC, but when the compressor only needs 55% when operation meet the requirements, at this time also with the speed of 70% AC, DC inverter operation, energy consumption will not pay the small flow
Q:What about the capacitance of the AC motor?
In general, the starting capacitor of single-phase AC motor can not be chosen too large, the starting torque angle will deviate from the maximum value, and the secondary winding current consumption will increase. The motor is too long for the motor to run for a long time!
Q:Is the 380V single-phase AC motor the same as that of the 220V AC motor?
First of all, we should understand the meaning of alternating current, that is, the line of fire. There are four lines in the alternating current power supply 380V line, one of which is the zero line. Suppose that A, B, C [phase line], D [zero line], referred to as "three-phase four wire", in the three-phase any one phase line and D line [zero line] combination is referred to as "single-phase second-line"". Three-phase four wire power also referred to as "380V", also referred to as the single-phase two-wire 220V electricity; if it is 380V should be called the motor three-phase AC motor, if 220V motor can be called single-phase AC motor, the motor wiring is of course quite different. If the three-phase AC motor is not in phase (or bad), it can not work. If the single-phase AC motor is wrongly connected to the 380V, the second phase is very dangerous, and the motor will be burned immediately.
Q:Is the single-phase carbon brush motor a direct current motor or an AC motor?
The role of the motor is to change the current direction of the DC motor and AC motor, the DC motor is to change the rotor's conductive coil, thereby changing the rotor magnetic pole. Thereby changing the motion of the motor. The carbon brush is used for motor commutator or slip ring, as sliding contact body import and export current, its thermal conductivity, and good lubrication performance, and has certain mechanical strength and direction of the spark of instinct. Almost all motors use carbon brush, which is an important component of the motor.
Q:Can AC motors use direct current?
DC motor is also on the brush structure changing direction of manufacturing power changing magnetic field, electromagnetic force and drag on the rotor, the AC motor for AC power supply design, no directional structure, once the direct current, stator winding equivalent inductance and resistance, inductance in the DC power supply and the equivalent circuit, the resistance heating to a certain extent possible burn.

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