Siemens ILE0001 Series Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Heater &AC blower motor will not work in 2000grandam se? Already replaced blower and resistor.Still nothing?
Check the fan switch, it may be shot.
Q:Wire Placement In An AC Motor/Generator?
pass to the areas shop and get a Chilton's! That way you're turning out to be pictures appropriate in front of you to tournament up your application. They value approximately $15! the superb $15 you will ever spend. appropriate now you may have all your wires back on and not dropping time right here with idiots which will extra advantageous than probably furnish you with the incorrect answer besides!
Q:Why would my AC Blower Motor Capacitor keep going bad? What amperage draw should the motor have?
the control panel which sends power to the motor can short out and double send power take plat off of the control panel there is like 10 wires all wire nutted together in a small area and some times come loose or the control panel its self could be bad
Q:Can I convert a electric motor into a generator suitable for use in wind energy production?
Maybe try Popular Mechanics or another such source. Don't forget that you actually want to construct this thing in a safe and suitable manner. Maybe place some calls to companies that make wind energy windmills for personal usage, such as powering a small house, etc. Say that it us for a small school project. You might be surprised, as they might want to help you out with suggestions and the like.
Q:How can i reduce the single phase AC motor 1440 rpm to 20 rpm speed? Which size gear arrangements are need?
There is no way to do that. This is an induction motor. A VFD (Variable Frequency pressure) won't work as brought up through lunchtime_browser. You will have got to use a gearbox with close to any motor to do that. In case you use an induction motor (squirrel cage or AC motor), it's possible to control a 3 section motor to shrink speeds with the aid of making use of a VFD, that reduces the voltage and alterations the frequency, however handiest within limits. These may also be programmed to a fixed speed, however not so sluggish as a hundred and twenty RPM. The cooling could additionally have got to be addressed (fan too slow). Single segment (cut up segment) motors are extra constrained, whether or not making use of a centrifugal switch or not. You generally want a DC motor if you happen to insist on no gearbox. The variable pace controller to swimsuit this motor is just set to the velocity you want. If you need a particular velocity it desires a velocity controller with pace sensor and feedback. Be aware that the mechanical power is the made from RPM and torque. The torque is kind of the equal, as it is decided through the present ranking. However with 120 RPM from a 1440 RPM motor the velocity is just one/12 so the power is only 1/12. Utilizing a gearbox increases the torque and reduces the pace so the power is more or less the identical. There are gearmotors for a wide variety of output RPM. A bicycle hub motor might suit if the power is to your variety. An additional thought is a stepper motor, which can run at these low speeds, however it does need a controller (driver) and energy provide..
Q:compare the efficiency of a DC motor against an AC motor.?
There are many different types of AC and DC motors and a wide range of power ratings. In addition, some types of motors are used only with electronic speed controllers or have electronic components built in. Some types of motors are suitable for using either AC or DC. They are series-connected, commutator-type DC or universal motors and permanent-magnet, brushless-type DC motors without a built-in electronic commutator. For very small motors, those producing less than 100 watts or 1/8 horsepower of mechanical power, all types of DC motors are probably more efficient than all types of AC motors. For small motors producing more than 100 watts up to about 10000 watts or 15 horsepower, the efficiency advantage shifts to AC motors somewhere in that range depending on the specific motor configuration. Single phase AC motors are less efficient than 3-phase motors. Among single-phase motors, shaded pole motors are less efficient than capacitor motors. Permanent-magnet DC motors with simple electronic commutators probably have the efficiency advantage compared 3-phase induction motors up to a higher power level than any any other comparison of DC vs AC types. If variable speed is a requirement, permanent-magnet motors probably have the advantage over 3-phase induction motors in all power ratings for which permanent-magnet motors are available. That may extend somewhat above 10000 watts. The speed control unit may be essentially the same for either type of motor and the permanent-magnet motor essentially operates on AC.
Q:AC motor control chip
Alternating current machine: a machine used to realize the mutual conversion of mechanical energy and alternating current energy. AC motor has become the most common motor because of the great development of AC power system. Compared to the AC motor and DC motor, because there is no commutator (see DC motor commutation), therefore has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, relatively strong, easy to make high speed motor, high voltage, high current, large capacity. The coverage of AC motor power greatly, from a few watts to several 101000 watts, even millions of kilowatts. In the early 1980s, the largest turbo generator reached 1 million 500 thousand kilowatts. The [1-2] AC motor was invented by Nicola Tesla, an American scientist from Serbia.
Q:I've seen on facebook page of some technical institute that Tesla was NOT the first to build the AC motor, do you know who was first then?
3 PHASE synchronous motor was made first by Friedrich August Haselwander in 1887. 3 PHASE cage induction motor was built first by Michael Dolivo-Dobrowolsky in 1889
Q:What determines voltage usage for electric AC motors?
For the mechanical characteristics you want (torque, RPM) you get a motor to suit the power supply you already have. You could change the voltage with a transformer (but not the frequency) to suit an existing motor designed for another voltage, but this is probably not the best option.
Q:How can I use a filter with an AC motor on a live well?
The *best* way? Not sure. One way is to get a solar panel, a battery, a charging circuit and an invertor. Another way is to buy a gasoline-powered generator. Another way is to build a wind mill with a generator. There are others. Best is going to depend on what *you* consider most important in your power system.

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