Siemens ILE0001 Series Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Can the welding line of AC welding machine be dead?
Electric welder no-load voltage in 50V ~ 90V, and the highest level of safety voltage 42V, no-load voltage is higher than the safe voltage, this is not the main safety factors of two lines; in addition, the general electric welding arc ignition, working voltage 16V ~ 35V needed to maintain the arc, although in a safe voltage range but, in the bad environment such as welding on metal structures, metal containers, pipes or under water and wet locations for welding, welding if the poor body condition, body resistance is very low, may cause electric shock, safe voltage is not absolutely safe.
Q:AC speed regulation motor + turbo reducer instead of cam cutter + AC motor?
The main error in cam dividers is that:1, because of the impact of inertia, resulting in errors caused by elastic deformation2., because of inertia lead to overshoot error3, cam gap caused by machining gap error
Q:Speed control method of AC motor
The characteristics of various speed regulating devices:(1) change pole speed regulation;Advantage:No additional slip loss, high efficiency;Control circuit is simple, easy maintenance, low price;The smooth speed regulation with higher efficiency can be obtained by matching with the stator voltage regulating or electromagnetic slip clutch.Shortcoming:Stepless speed regulation without stepless speed regulation. Due to the limitation of the motor structure and manufacturing process, only 2~3 kinds of pole to rail speed regulation are usually achieved, and the speed range is quite limited.
Q:What does the D axis and the Q axis mean for AC induction motors?
The D axis and the Q axis represent the direct axis and communicate. By decomposing the stator current into the direct axis component and the quadrature axis component, the armature responses are calculated respectively so as to better control the stator currents.In permanent magnet synchronous motor control, in order to obtain similar control characteristics of DC motor,
Q:Can AC motors be converted into generators?
AC motors can be converted into generators.The rotor can be removed, carefully removing the aluminum bars in the rotor and the aluminum shorting rings at both ends, and adding the winding around the excitation. Connect the slip ring and carbon brush with the excitation circuit. This method is difficult to operate, but can adjust the output voltage by adjusting the magnetic field.
Q:How much does 15kw power AC power consume per hour?
15kw power AC motor depends on the specific load rateIf the load rate is 100%, with the load of 15KW, 1 hours is 15kW.h, 15 degree electricity,If the load rate is 80%, with the load of 12KW, 1 hours is 12kW.h, 12 degree electricity,If there is no load, 20% to 30%, 1 hours is about 4kW.h, about 4 degrees of electricity,
Q:Alternating current motor commutation
When the AC input is turned back, it is equivalent to the original voltage +180, just to make the original super front late and late lead, because the 360 is a cycle, so when the AC input turns back, the motor reversesYou should know that the motors will stay at the 0 torque in only 1 groups. The other set of 90 degrees difference is just at the maximum torque. This torque causes him to start
Q:Why is DC motor wider than AC motor? High speed regulation accuracy? How do you know?
The DC motor has the ability to keep the rated torque from the zero speed to the nominal speed, so it can perform stepless speed regulation from zero speed to rated speed (constant torque).
Q:Can AC motors use direct current?
DC motor is also on the brush structure changing direction of manufacturing power changing magnetic field, electromagnetic force and drag on the rotor, the AC motor for AC power supply design, no directional structure, once the direct current, stator winding equivalent inductance and resistance, inductance in the DC power supply and the equivalent circuit, the resistance heating to a certain extent possible burn.
Q:Why does high-speed rail use AC traction motors in China?
Synchronous excitation motor, more devices, more annoying, generally used in firepower, water power plants. It can be said that the world's larger power motors (1MW or more), basically all communication. The power generation is basically synchronous, and the motor is basically asynchronous. In addition, I give you a data, the world about 70% of the power consumption of the motor, there are 70% of which is asynchronous motor.

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