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Q:can avr improve power from dc to ac inverter?
If, I understand your question properly? The most that the AVR chip will do for you? Is smooth out the wave signal of the AC power. As, AC over your home power lines comes in as a sine wave. Most common inverters are not capable of producing true sine wave. Most, at best produce a modified sine. Which means an inverter is just fine for small appliances. Like a coffee pot, small refrigerator, etc. But, create static and white noise for laptop, TV's radios, etc. These require a pure sine wave AC signal. So, yes, it will improve the purity of the power. But, nothing to boost/amplify power.
Q:What are some common machines that run on AC motors, and some that run on DC motors? ?
Actually, the transformer changes the AC voltage to another AC voltage. The part that changes it to DC is called the rectifier, which can either block AC of the wrong polarity, or change the polarity of the AC pulses to all be of the same polarity (a bridge rectifier does this). After rectification, the voltage is no longer AC but pulsing DC. You can then add a filter of some kind, like a large capacitor, to smooth out the pulses into a steady DC output.
Q:how can i power a DC motor using the power generated by another motor?
Power isn't supposed to be generated by motors. Motors are designed to take electric power, and produce mechanical work. Get a generator that is specifically designed to accept mechanical work as an input for electrical power as an output.
Q:Window unit AC motor runs sporadically when unit is off?
if its real old it could be the switch is shorting out. try to turn it off and wiggle the switch to see if it runs. Or if it is running try to wiggle the switch to see if it shuts off. Another possible problem could be that the outlet is wired backward and the unit is hot all the time. U would need a outlet tester to find that out or a Volt meter.
Q:Can an AC motor run off of DC of the same voltage, without modification?
Their working principles are different. If you connect an AC motor to DC supply it will simply burn off. The resistance of an AC motor is very low and if you connect it to DC huge current will flow through it's coils. In AC the coil impedance will reduce the current flow. But certain designs like a home mixer can work in DC also.
Q:is it really possible for a 3 hp motor that runs on 120 ac to turn 36000 rpm?
that is in simple terms no longer the main suitable answer. i believe you have 2 questions here. you have a three/4 hp motor which will draw 13Amp on one hundred fifteen volts at 60 Hearts or Cycles and which may be additionally under pressure out via changing how that is related to entice 6.5 Amps at 230 volts on 60 Cycles. different question is approximately cord length pertaining to to voltage drop over 500 ft of distance. look at Ohm's regulation yet it might no longer be used for everyday a.c. motor and transformer circuits or a circuit containing any e.m.f or voltage different than the inspired voltage. (re all ref. - useful widespread of electricity.) One mile of copper cord 1 / 4 of and inch diameter grants a pair of million ohm resistance. . you would be able to desire to additionally question how many wires you would be able to desire to run on your cable; no remember if that is one white one black and one green protection floor or each and every of the former and a purple besides . be conscious that the smaller the form of the cord, the better the size of the cord; that a quantity six cord is plenty thicker than a quantity sixteen and that the former grants much less resistance. Getting an electrician to place all of those info at the same time and hook up your water pump will shop you in stable stead at the same time with your coverage business enterprise in spite of in case you recognize the thank you to do the job your self besides as shop you from burning out your motor.
Q:furnace ac blower motor won't shut off?
you have a low voltage short your little 3-5 amp fuse is blown the fan limit switch is overiding everthing more than likely contactor shut it off at disconnect at furnace and call a tech
Q:What's the difference between a three-phase AC motor and a two-phase one?
A three-phase induction motor consists of a stator and a rotor. Its stator winding is a three-phase symmetrical winding with symmetrical power supply. A two-phase motor is used to specify a motor with a 2 phase winding. Two-phase motor is divided into two categories: drive and servo. The Dan Xiang asynchronous motor used in most household appliances and small appliances belongs to two phase drive motors. Two phase servo motor for control, the stator's two phase windings are exciting windings and control windings respectively, with a space difference of 90 degrees of electric angle.
Q:How to drive a 32 hp ac generator by a 5 hp ac motor?
Why do you want to do this? Are you attempting to get 32 HP of output from the generator using the 5 HP motor? Won't happen. The most you can get out of this arrangement is 5 HP minus the heat lost by the motor and generator and whatever losses there are in the mechanical connection between the motor and generator. And if you put 32 HP of electrical load on the generator while supplying it with 5 HP of mechanical energy from the motor, you will just stall the motor, it will not be able to overcome the torque from the generator.
Q:AC motor - do they need constant frequency and voltage?
The Voltage and the Frequency are varied to adjust the speed. This method is incorporated in a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). If you want to run at a constant speed it is like any other motor. Variations in voltage, frequency and load cause speed variations, so a control system is required to compensate for these effects. In principle, a tachometer is used to measure actual speed, and the difference between this and the desired speed are used to adjust the speed, using a VFD.

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