Siemens High Low Voltage Motor 1PQ Series

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:What is the difference between AC current and Dc current?
Q:Hairdryers are being advertised as having a AC motor or DC motor which on is best?
All modern hair dryers use a DC motor, whether the input to the hair dryer is AC or DC. In AC-powered hair dryers, there are a set of diodes that convert to AC voltage to a pulsating DC voltage. I've repaired hair dryers that were made in the 60's and they had DC motors too. Is the DC hair dryer one that will work from a vehicle connection? If so, it will not produce nearly as much heat as an AC-powered unit that plugs into the wall. If these are your choices, then AC powered is definitely the way to go
Q:Why is the rotor of an AC motor neither magnetic nor can it rotate?
The DC motor and AC synchronous motor works as follows: the stator or rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, while the secondary winding forms polarity. Since the two poles of the stator and rotor are attracted or repelled by each other, the rotation is generated.
Q:AC Compressor Fan Motor?
If you wanted to do something, I would order the OEM motor and have it handy should you need it. OEM motors always last longer and if it goes bad a tech will in most cases use a generic motor. But still no reason to do this, if you have a fan motor and the compressor goes then you are stuck with the fan motor, So I would just stick to make sure it is serviced once or twice a year if you want to spend some money.
Q:2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel AC fan motor runs loudly but very little air?
blower motor
Q:How to connect an AC brushless motor to a transformer?
If this really IS an AC motor and has 3 wires, it's 3 phase. If it's an AC motor single phase, 1 of the wires is for another purpose e.g. capacitor connection. So if it is marked brushless, it could be a 3-phase model aircraft type motor, which will require its mating speed controller/ 3- phase (battery or DC fed) controller. The other possibility is you have a 3- wire computer brushless DC fan motor, 2 are for connection to DC, and the 3rd. is a rotation confirmation signal wire. Further. Transformers output AC. A motor running as a generator cannot possibly boost its voltage. I'm glad you haven't mentioned joule thief''' this time. You still have not stated EXACTLY what you are trying to achieve, or maybe this is the start of another brand new misconception re electrics/ electronics?
Q:120v Blender motor fun?
For an insane answer, yes you can do all that. The problem is the operating voltage of 120 VAC. If you don't mind a tether/ extension cord. Some AC motors can run on batteries, but the batteries would be fairly heavy. You will need a gear box to slow down the motor, either to operate a propeller on a boat or to drive wheels or a set of tank tracks on a vehicle. Possibly some remote control stuff off of an old RC toy could be added. This a great idea to give you practical experience modifying something into something else. A great Gadget freak idea, and yes I are one myself. You will have a lot of fun, provided you don't burn out before the completion of the project. I would stay away from the boat idea unless you are using batteries for the power source. 120 VAC with an extension cord and water is a big no no. Edit: Four days after answering. As to how to accomplish that, I can not explain that process here. Without all of the possible pieces in front of me, no real answer can be given. You might ask some of your friends for suggestions. Not knowing your age, maybe some teachers or adult friends could help and/ or give you some idea of where to start. Wingman
Q:slowing down an ac electric motor?
yes , i think that u want to use an AC motor 1/2 hp and 1750 must be 60 Hz and with 2 couples of poles at the maximum load as u say decreasing the voltage will decrease the rotation of motor but also decrease the max load ability of the motor so the first load in the nominal voltage will be overload in the Second voltage and it pulls more current( ac motor's characteristics) that may burn your motor and the resistance will not good (latter problem ) so what we can do to decreasing motor's speed without decreasing its torque?4 ways, 1. decrease the frequency by power-electronic devices or motor-generator systems this is the classical way but not economical for you 2. replacing the motor with another, which has more poles , u can buy a 875 rpm AC motor with 4 couples of poles with same nominal power ( it will be a little larger) 3. u can use a gear box 4. u can replace the motor with a DC motor (with rectifier )and simply control it with input voltage
Q:What is the neutral point of an alternating current motor? How to determine whether the neutral point leads to?
There are mainly two kinds of motor connection, star connection and angle connection two kinds. - star connection is 3 at the end of the three-phase coil motor connected together as a common, common end is neutral.Angle connection -- is to each phase of the three-phase motor through the coil ends are orderly connected with the connection.      Three phase winding motor is completely into the end cover is connected, the end cover has six heads, three heads below together, the above three heads respectively leads to the three line is the star connection; the upper and lower two head vertical connection, respectively leads to the three line is connected with the triangle.
Q:how can I control an AC electrical (one phase) motor by frequency?
The motor speed will follow frequency pretty close- slippage that is related to load You have to vary voltage directly to frequency or it will use too much current at low speeds and won't have torque at higher speeds. Variable frequency drives do this automatically, that is why they cost so much.

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