Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:wat vil happen if ac supply is given to dc shunt motor?
At first think how a D.C. motor works. When the coil inside the magnetic field rotates you get the mechanical energy from electric energy. In the case of DC motor the rotation in one direction is kept continuous by slip ring and brush so that we get mechanical energy continuously. But if you pass ac current through the DC motor, as a result of changing direction of current the rotation of the coil will change with respect to time. So the coil will not rotate totally rather it will vibrate. Frequency of the vibration will be equal to the frequency of the AC current. So the motor will not run in the way it generally runs. Shunt wound DC motors are not suitable for AC operation because the difference in inductance between the armature and the field causes a relative phase shift between the armature current and the field current. For a DC motor to operate with AC current, the armature and field currents must reverse at exactly the same time, as they do when the windings are connected in series. For reasonably good performance, the cores need to be laminated and the brush position needs to be set to 90°.
Q:need help on AC speed controller?
Yes, it is possible.
Q:How do you decrease the rpm of a AC motor that has a heavy load?.?
Could I put a dimmer switch in series with the motor until it puts out 60VAC? it depends on the exact type of motor. universal or ac/dc motors can be speed controlled, but synchronous motors spin at a rate determined by the supply FREQUENCY so changing the voltage would do no good. Could I put a dimmer switch in series with the motor? no, dimmer switches produce spikes which would do your motor lots of no good, and produce catastrophic interference. And since its an inductive load you would also blow the dimmer.
Q:details on AC motors?
Not interested in auto synchronous then?
Q:How to change a single phase AC motor to a three phase AC motor?
You have to rewind the motor for 3-phase connection. First, get the no. of poles. Then get the no. of slots. Arrange the no. of coils per pole per phase. Then decide on the correct wire size needed.
Q:What are the speed regulating methods of AC motors? Detailed point
(1) rotor circuit series resistance: used in AC winding asynchronous motors. The range of speed regulation is small, the resistance consumes power, and the motor efficiency is low. Used of cranes.(2) change the speed of power supply voltage, the speed range is small, the torque decreases greatly with the voltage drop, and the three-phase motor is usually not used. Used for single-phase motor speed regulation, such as fan.(3) cascade speed regulation, in essence, is the introduction of additional rotor electromotive force, change its size to speed. It is also only used in wound motors, but the efficiency is improved.(4) electromagnetic speed regulation. Used only for slip motors. By changing the exciting coil current, stepless smooth speed regulation, the mechanism is simple, but the control power is smaller. Not suitable for long term low speed operation.
Q:Could anyone one please explain how the available torque for an AC motor varies with speed?
Electrical Motor Torque Equation Torque can be calculated in Imperial units like T = Php 63025 / n where T = torque (in lbf) Php = horsepower n = revolution per minute (rpm) Alternatively Tft = Php 5252 / n (1b) where Tft = torque (ft lbf) Torque can be calculated in SI units like T = PW 9.554 / n where T = torque (Nm) PW = power (watts) n = revolution per minute (rpm)
Q:differentiate DC motors to that of AC motos.?
DC is direct current and AC is a alternating current.
Q:How do single AC phrase motors work Please answer !?
will answer it better than anyone here most likely
Q:can you run a european ac electric motor on usa power?
A 380 volt, 50 Hz motor will run quite well on 480 volts at 60 Hz. To operate a motor on a different voltage or frequency, the ratio of voltage to frequency (V/Hz) should be the same for the new power supply as it was for the original power supply. A motor rated 380V/50Hz is designed for 380/50 = 7.6 V/Hz. At 60 Hz, the voltage should be 7.6 X 60 = 456 volts. That is only 5% below the nominal 480 volt supply. That is within the normal range of expected supply voltage variation. The speed at 60 Hz will be 20% higher than the speed at 50 Hz if the load is a fan or centrifugal pump, the 20% speed increase will result in a 44% load torque increase. That could cause a problem with the load or the motor depending on the original load requirement. If the load torque does not increase, the increased speed could still cause problems with the load. The voltage tolerance of the motor insulation can be expected to withtand the voltage increase without any problem. Re Additional Details If your frequency drive is properly adjusted, there will be no extra voltage in the circuit. The drive regulates the output voltage so that it remains proportional to the output frequency. Excess voltage would be any voltage that exceeds the rated V/Hz of the motor. Excess voltage causes saturation. That is the magnetizing current increases above the current that magnetizes the magnetic core to the maximum extent possible. Low voltage is any voltage that is below the rated V/Hz. Low voltage results in the magnetic field not being strong enough for the motor to produce rated torque. That is a simplified explanation, but I think that it presents the basic idea.

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