Siemens ILG Series Motor

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Q:Heater &AC blower motor will not work in 2000grandam se? Already replaced blower and resistor.Still nothing?
Check the power supply... Check fuse relay Check for power through the on/off switch Check for proper grounding That's all that's left... provided the new motor is good. - Good Luck!
Q:Can current transmitter and VFD be used for the same motor?
What is a current transmitter?
Q:Is there a filter for noise through AM radio caused by EMI of AC motor?
You might try a differrent kind of radio. Like one of those that are made by tool manufacturers for job sites. They have a lot of shielding around the tuning circuits to reduce the amount of EMI from power tools that gets picked up by the tuning circuits. You can't use a filter to reduce the noise. You need better RF shielding.
Q:how is ac used compared to DC?
pretty much all electrical appliances use DC current, its easier to transport AC current through the power lines. When it gets to the appliance its converted, if you need more information you should just google the difference and uses of AC and DC electricity its all there
Q:Is it possible to use a 50 Hz motor to a 60 Hz power supply without using any frequency converter?
There are several common types of AC motors, which behave differently when connected to a source with a different frequency than designed for. A synchronous motor will just run slower. An induction motor will have some coils out of phase and will get hot. If the load is light then it may be OK but as the load approaches the rating it will overheat. So the type of motor and the load must be known for me to give you an exact answer.
Q:I want to make an ac induction motor working model .What should i do?Any site u know?
The basic thing is to create that rotating field in the stator. For this the simplest is you need 4 poles placed like a cross, and 2 phases separated by 90 degrees. Wire the poles so the opposite poles help each other, and the two phases are at right angles. You can get the two phases using counters or shift registers etc with amplifiers, or analogue phase shifters, op-amps, using a sine wave source and followed by power amplifiers. Consider stereo audio amplifier. It is better to work with sine waves than square waves, as the field shifts gradually. The rotor could be a basket of copper shorting bars. I think you could do away with the iron in the rotor for a demo motor. The second link also shows a simplified layout for a three phase motor with three poles. The eddy current motor is a simpler one to make. See the link below for a few ideas.
Q:Where is the ac motor and resister located in my 2001 Jeep Cher. Sport?
Check the fuses first.
Q:Ac motor replacement ?
Replace the bearings. They are phosphor bronze bushing. Takes about 10 minutes per side to remove and replace. Cost about $5 per bushing.
Q:what kind of motor is which when its stoped i cant move the axis with forcing it to move with my hand and...?
An ordinary AC motor with a spring set brake works like that. When no power is applied, a spring presses brake pads against the brake rotor which is attached to the motor shaft. When power is applied, a solenoid overcomes the force of the spring and pulls the brake pads away from the brake rotor so that the motor shaft is free to turn.
Q:what type of motor that we use in car?
dc that is what it is desighned for

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